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This is a list of names being researched. This is not a listing of Materials in our library. Please contact us if you are interested in researching that name as well.

6,023 entries.

Last Name First Name Location Time Period Reference
Last Name First Name Location Time Period Reference
Abbott William Whitewater, Walworth County, WI 1863-1867 Abbott_20117
Abel Alma Bertha Abel_68154
Abel Alvin John Abel_68154
Abel Arthur Abel_68154
Abel Arthur H.E. Abel_68154
Abel Arthur Jr. Abel_68154
Abel Carl Abel_68154
Abel Charles Abel_68154
Abel Edgar Abel_68154
Abel Elsie Mathilda Abel_68154
Abel Emil Richard Abel_68154
Abel Gerhard Abel_68154
Abel Gordon A. Abel_68154
Abel Grace Abel_68154
Abel Harvey Jr. Abel_68154
Abel Harvey Sr. Abel_68154
Abel Herbert R. Abel_68154
Abel Herman Abel_68154
Abel Joan F. Abel_68154
Abel Raymond Abel_68154
Abel Reinhardt Abel_68154
Abel Theopholis Abel_68154
Abel Viola Abel_68154
Abitz Florence Aird_52002
Abitz John (Carpenter), Mrs. Aird_52002
Abitz Lorraine Aird_52002
Abraham Johanna (wife of August) Parker_55902
Abraham Johanna Sophie Dorothea Schoechke Jefferson Co, WI 1834 - ? Parker_55902
Abraham Mary Milford, Jeff Co, WI 1860-? Parker_55902
Abraham Mary (dtr August & Johanna) Parker_55902
Achterberg Eva May Westford 1898-1942 Achterberg_83605
Achterberg Frederick 1875 Achterberg_92345
Achterberg Mary A. (McMullen) 1875 Achterberg_92345
Ackerman Abraham Ackerman_83328
Ackerman Abram Ackerman_83328
Ackerman Archie Ackerman_83328
Ackerman Cornelia B. nee Van Brunt Ackerman_83328
Ackerman Ella Ackerman_83328
Ackerman J.E. Ackerman_83328
Ackerman J.O., (Townsend), Dr., Mrs. Ackerman_83328
Ackerman J.O., Dr. Ackerman_83328
Ackerman James Ackerman_83328
Ackerman Jennie Ackerman_83328
Ackerman Jessie Ackerman_83328
Ackerman John N., Mrs. Ackerman_83328
Ackerman Karl Ackerman_83328
Ackerman Lucille Ackerman_83328
Ackerman Martha J. Preston Ackerman_83328
Ackerman Mary A. Ackerman_83328
Ackerman Mr., 1853 Ackerman_83328
Adams Lyn nee Wegner Swatek_53589
Adams Marion R. Swatek_53589
Adams R.W. Swatek_53589
Adams Steve Swatek_53589
Adelsecl Craft_95355
Adrian Frederick Wilhelm Thompson_55954
Adsit Evaline Watertown, WI, 1820-1900 Samuelson_53546
Affeldt Albertine Augusta Wilhemine Marlow Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Arno Affeldt_53511
Affeldt August Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Carl Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Carl Watertown, Wis 1895-? Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Carl Bogislaw Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Carl Fred Wilhelm Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Charlott Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Christine Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Clara Anna Wilhelmine Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Emily Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Ernst August Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Ernst Julius Wilhelm Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Ernst Rudolph Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Evelyn Roberts Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Ferdinand Albert Heinrich Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Frederiche Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Hattie Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Heinrich Ludwig Ferdinand Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Henriette Erdmann Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Herman Fred Wilhelm Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Johann Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Johann August Gottlieb Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Johanna Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Julius Ernest Fred Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Louise Zellne Scheer Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Luise Marie Bugern Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Minnie Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Wilhelm Frederich Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Wilhelmine Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Wilhelmine Ernestine Caroline Affeldt_53511
Affeldt Wilhelmine Frederiche Louise Wendt Affeldt_53511
Ahlgrim Margaret M. Graw Ahlgrim_72227
Ahrens Friedrich Johann Watertown, Wisconsin 1854 Ahrens_21076
Albert August Iron Ridge, Dodge Co, WI 1853-1901 Wolk_54941
Albert August Tn.Hubbard, Dodge Co, WI 1831-1905 Wolk_54941
Albert Blandine G. Swatek_53589
Albert Chas & Justine Horicon & Mayville, Dodge Co 1840s-1905 Glassel_53714
Albert Chas./Carl; Geo Horicon/Mayville, Dodge Co, Glassel_53714
Albert Edna nee Drummer Smith_22182
Albert Ernst E. Karlstad_55376
Albert Ernst E. Smith_22182
Albert George Smith_22182
Albert Martha E. nee Mueller Smith_22182
Albert Minnie nee Krahn Karlstad_55376
Albert Minnie nee Krahn Smith_22182
Albert Raymond Smith_22182
Albert Sophia E. nee Eckert Smith_22182
Albertz Christian Friedrich Radtke_53098
Albewrtz Ernst Ludwig Anson 1826-1907 Lenius_53098
Albrecht Hoover_53204
Albrecht 3 families Stolzenhagen, Kreis Saatzig, Prov Pomerania Florey_53716
Albrecht Frederick, Frank, Berthea Watertown and Portland, WI 1856c Albrecht_54001
Albrecht Michael Dane, WI 1857 Florey_23716
Albrecht, Johan Florey_53716
Albricht Frederick, Frank, Berthea Watertown and Portland, WI 1856c Albricht_54001
Albright Frederick, Frank, Berthea Watertown and Portland, WI 1856c Albright_54001
Alden Briggs Allard_98465
Alden Lydia Allard_98465
Aldrich Albert Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Albert Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Albert C. Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Arthur Dayton Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Bertha (Sears) Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Chapin Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Charles Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Charles Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Charles F. Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Cornelia Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Cornelia Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Ella (Mrs. Irwin D. Aldrich) Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Ella (Mrs. Irwin D. Aldrich) Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Ellen Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Ellen Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Elmer Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Emma Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Eveline Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Evelyn Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Evelyn Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Frank Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Frank Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Franklin Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Helen (Smith) Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Helen (Smith) Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Irwin D. Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Irwin D. Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Isidora King Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Isidora King Aldrich_74105
Aldrich John Aldrich_22206
Aldrich John Aldrich_74105
Aldrich L.O. Aldrich_22206
Aldrich L.O. Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Levi Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Lydia (Crandall) Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Lydia (Crandall) Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Lydia Malvina Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Lydia Malvina Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Maria Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Mary (Moore) Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Mary (Moore) Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Mary (Wilson) Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Mary (Wilson) Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Mathilda A. (Whitney) Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Mathilda A. (Whitney) Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Maud Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Maud Emily Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Minnie (Bliss) Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Minnie A. (Bliss) Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Nancy Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Nancy Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Noah Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Priscella (Pinney) Aldrich_74105
Aldrich Sarah Lucretia Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Susan Jane Aldrich_22206
Aldrich Sylvannus Aldrich_74105
Alexander Arthur Alexander_55804
Alexander Belinda Alexander_55804
Alexander Edward Alexander_55804
Alexander Eliza Aldrich_22206
Alexander Eliza Aldrich_74105
Alexander Harriet Alexander_55804
Alexander Jabez H. Alexander_55804
Alexander Jane Alexander_55804
Alexander John Alexander_55804
Alexander Joseph Alexander_55804
Alexander Mary Alexander_55804
Alexander Phoebe Alexander_55804
Alexander Samuel Alexander_55804
Alexander Sarah Ann (Hayhurst) Alexander_55804
Alexander Thomas Alexander_55804
Alexander William Alexander_55804
Alleman Conrad Alma, WI/LaCrosse, WI 1869-1960 Ranis_55987
Allen George Dahlstrom_99019
Alling Charles Fort Atkinson, Jefferson Co. approx 1850-1865 Alling_54739
Allred Grace Perry_54208
Allworden Shirley Jean Draus_53811
Altpeter John Jacob Germany/Wis 1800-1900 Christie_53538
Altpeter John Jakob Summer/Ft Atkinson, Jefferson Co, WI 1819-1907 Christie_53538
Amann Jefferson, Wisconsin 1876 - DesLauriers_91711
Amble Inger Ace_53589
Amborn Edward TeVogt_56482
Anderson Amelia Boehm_54751
Anderson Clarence G. Fort Atkinson c1944 Anderson _85012
Anderson Jacob Boehm_54751
Anderson John Lake Mills, Jefferson Co Wis 1870-1900 downey_53551
Andorfer/Arndorfer Beaver Dam, Dodge Co, WI 1871- Andorfer_53018
Andorfer/Arndorfer Geo, Michael, Frank Beaver Dam, Dodge Co, WI 18970s-1900 Andorfer_53018
Andrews Helms_30622
Andrews Mary B. Aldrich_22206
Anthes Justus Michniak_48185
Anthes Mary Michniak_48185
Anthes Mary nee Brueckner Michniak_48185
Anton Mary Calhoun_94523
Appenfeld Henry Tienhaara_54521
Appenfeldt Clarence Gorder_53594
Appenfeldt Clarence A. Gorder_53594
Appenfeldt Doris E nee Kurtz Gorder_53594
Appenfeldt Doris F. nee Kurtz Gorder_53594
Archie James Archie_22314
Archie James Johnston Waterloo, WI Archie_22314
Archie John Waterloo, WI 1944 Archie_22314
Archie John J. 1899 Archie_22314
Archie Robert J. Archie_22314
Archie Robert J. II 1952 Archie_22314
Arlin Strege_53094
Arlin Madison Strege_53094
Armstrong Alice nee Dessain Boehm_54751
Armstrong Minnie Affeldt Affeldt_53511
Armstrong Sarah Boehm_54751
Armstrong William Affeldt_53511
Armstrong William John Affeldt_53511
Arndt Peterson_32828
Arndt Amanda (Bukatz) Olvera_53213
Arndt Arthur A Olvera_53213
Arndt Elsa Marie "Elsie" (Garbrecht) Olvera_53213
Arndt Herbert A Olvera_53213
Arndt Viola Leona (Heller-Dobbratz) Olvera_53213
Arnold John Frederick Agren_V2P 1V7
Arnold Joseph Median, Waterloo, WI 1880-1932 Peschel_53590
Arnold Mary Waterloo,WI 1882-1969 Peschel_53590
Artt Mary Etta Dahlstrom_99019
Artzberger Chas./Sarah Walther Jefferson, WI 1850- Daniels_53066
Artzberger Gottfried Daniels_53066
Artzberger Hattie (Schmidt) Daniels_53066
Ash Strege_53094
Asmus Zimmerman_22153
Asmus Carl Watertown,WI 1881-1920 Zimmerman_22153
Asmus George Gilbert Township; Waupun, Dodge Cty 1912-1986 Asmus_55068
Asmus Gertrude (Seefeldt) Patten_13215
Asmus/Armus Wilhelmina Henning Watertown,WI 1886-1944 Zimmerman_22153
Aspinwall Dewlatus Miles Farmington, Jeff Co, WI Rawlinson_97333
Atkin Alice E. Stiehm_80031
Attenberger August Mayville, WI 1850s-67 Erickson_55720
Attenberger Caroline Mayville, WI 1850s-67 Erickson_55720
Attenberger Fredrick Mayville, WI 1850s-67 Erickson_55720
Attenberger Julius Mayville, WI 1850s-67 Erickson_55720
Attenberger Mathias Mayville, WI 1850s-67 Erickson_55720
Atwater Lurinda Miller_83245
Atwood Permelia Maxwell_23435
Aulsebrook Bernice (Sell) Zagorski_90065
Aumann Jefferson Co, Wis 1876 des Lauriers_91711
Axhmisr Herman Franks_53038
Baars Beard_53014
Baars Farmington,WI Reese_53151
Baars Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Farmington, Jefferson Co, Wis 1850-1902 Gerber_53566
Baars William George Farmington, Jefferson Co, Wis 1850-1912 Gerber_53566
Bach Anna Rutter_53222
Bach Anton Stanley Rutter_53222
Bach Ardis June nee Knoll Rutter_53222
Bach August Rutter_53222
Bach Eleanore "Blanche" nee Meyer Rutter_53222
Bach John Rutter_53222
Bach John M. Rutter_53222
Bach John W. Rutter_53222
Bach Robert R. Rutter_53222
Bach Susanna Rutter_53222
Bachaus Albertina Zagorski_90065
Baches Louis Zagorski_90065
Bachhaus Oscar Zagorski_90065
Bachhuber Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1848- Arnott_53186
Bachhuber Alice A. Levandowski_54539
Bachhuber Elizabeth Dodge Co,WI 1850-1940 Arnott_53186
Bachhuber Emeron Sr. Levandowski_54539
Bachhuber Erna Arnott_53186
Bachhuber Johann LeRoy, Dodge Co, WI 1834-1864 Arnott_53186
Bachhuber Marie Levandowski_54539
Bachhuber Martin Levandowski_54539
Bachhuber Martin Mayville, WI 1846?-1811? Arnott_53186
Bachus Amandus Zagorski_90065
Bachus Arthur C. Zagorski_90065
Bachus Bertha Zagorski_90065
Bachus L.M. nee Radtke Zagorski_90065
Bachus Louis W. Zagorski_90065
Bachus Theresa Zagorski_90065
Bachus Vernie Zagorski_90065
Backhaus Adelheit nee Scheels Zagorski_90065
Backhaus Amanda Zagorski_90065
Backhaus Amandus Zagorski_90065
Backhaus Amelia (Mueller) Zagorski_90065
Backhaus Amelia nee Mueller Zagorski_90065
Backhaus Carolina Zagorski_90065
Backhaus Caroline Koch_22203
Backhaus Ernst, Mrs. nee Hartman Zagorski_90065
Backhaus Herman Zagorski_90065
Backhaus Minnie Zagorski_90065
Backus Edna Zagorski_90065
Backus Josephine nee Mallow Zagorski_90065
Backus Lillian Zagorski_90065
Backus Marcella J. nee Krueger Zagorski_90065
Backus Matilda (Gilmore) Zagorski_90065
Backus Ottilia Weber Zagorski_90065
Backus Paul Zagorski_90065
Backus R.A. Zagorski_90065
Backus William F. Zagorski_90065
Bacon Josephine Kinlen_53017
Bade Pauline Vosen_53925
Bader Emma Wilhelmine Ellickson_52317
Bagley Elizabeth (Nichols) MacGowan_01852
Bagley Harold Lee MacGowan_01852
Bagley Lottie (Gould) MacGowan_01852
Bagley M.J., Dr. MacGowan_01852
Baier Edward Farmington, WI 1861 Doster_03431
Baierlipp Pinger_89510
Bailey Emma Sieger_55060
Bailey Francis Kasperski_98363
Bailey Gabriel Aztalan, Jefferson co, Wisconsin 1870-1890 downey_53551
Bailey John Milford, Jeff Co, WI 1826-1870 Grandchamp_93063
Bailey Margaret nee O'Brien Kasperski_98363
Baird Mary Ace_53589
Baker James, Merritt Jeff Co, WI 1849-1870 Tegtman_53527
Baker James, William ,John Sullivan, Concord, Farmington 1850-1880 Tegtman_53527
Bakert Tegtman_53527
Ball Alzina Seim_53916
Bandelin Wade_87031
Bandelin Carl Wade_87031
Bandelin Johann Wade_87031
Bandelin John Wade_87031
Bandelin John F. Wade_87031
Bandelin Maria Mrs. Wade_87031
Bandelin Minna Wade_87031
Bandkau Minnie Scott_45247
Baneck Baneck_53223
Baneck Concord Twp 1856-2011 Baneck_53559
Baneck Concord, Jeff Co, WI 1856- Baneck_53559
Baneck Jefferson Co, Wi 1856 - present Baneck_53559
Baneck Clara W. Swatek_53589
Baneck Gottfried Concord, Jeff Co, Wisconsion 1850-1910 Baneck_53137
Baneck Various Concord Twp, Jeff Co, WI 1856- Baneck_53559
Banker Amelia Holt_54403
Banker Amelia (Miller) Holt_54403
Bankert John Ixonia, WI 1847-1901 Hanke_53538
Barber Eliza Watertown, Wis 1800-1900=.+ Samuelson_53546
Barber Eliza    Watertown, WI,          1827-1897 Samuelson_53546
Bardsley John and Artemesia Watertown, Jefferson Co., WI 1850-1870 Bardsley_49036
Barfknecht Wade_87031
Barfknecht Louise Wade_87031
Barr Emma Achterhof_92886
Barr James Achterhof_92886
Barr James 1893 Achterhof_92886
Barr Phemie 1880 Achterhof_92886
Barr W.A. 1893 Achterhof_92886
Barr William Achterhof_92886
Barrett  Genervett Jefferson, WI 1860-1906 Williamson_53717
Barry David Richwood 1860s-1900 Rogers_61111
Barry David Richwood, Dodge Co,Wis 1850-1900 Rogers_61111
Barry Larry Richwood, Wis Early 1900s Rogers_61111
Bartel Noll-53185
Bartel Radtke_53098
Bartel Eleanor Swatek_53589
Bartel Louisa/Louise Dodge and Jefferson Co. 1830-1862 Bartel_65775
Bartel Wilhelm Ludwig Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI Radtke_53098
Bartell Peter Calhoun_94523
Bartelt Elsie Schwarze_54494
Bartelt Ernestine nee Recklau Schwarze_54494
Bartelt Frank Mayville, WI 1878-1945 Kelly_53820
Bartelt Franz Kekoskee, Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1854-1951 Kelly_53820
Bartelt Fredricka nee Schuhmann Schwarze_54494
Bartelt Lillie nee Hoepner Schwarze_54494
Barthel Alvin William, Dr. Aldrich_22206
Barthel Alvin William, Dr. Aldrich_74105
Barthel Dorothea (Timmer) Aldrich_22206
Barthel Dorothea (Timmer) Aldrich_74105
Barthel Herman Aldrich_22206
Barthel Herman Aldrich_74105
Barthel Lida Edith (Crump) Aldrich_22206
Barthel Lida Edith (Crump) Aldrich_74105
Barthman Lorenz Sullivan, WI 1749-50 Swantz_46614
Bartl desLauriers_91711
Bartlett Moses Alexander_55804
Bartol Paul Calhoun_94523
Bartsch Charles Mayville,WI Wild_17015
Bartsch Charles Gottlieb Wild_17015
Bartsch Elinore (Billington) Wild_17015
Bartsch Fred Wild_17015
Bartsch Gottlieb Wild_17015
Bartz Farmington,WI Reese_53151
Bass Ixonia or Watertown, Wisconsin 1850- Schumacher_53150
Bast Ixonia Twp, Watertown, etc 1850-1920 Schumacher_53150
Battist Leona Berens_55082
Batzold Johanna H Robinson_32114
Bauer Edward Ft Atkinson, WI 1861 Doster_03431
Bauer Johann Fort Atkinson, Jeff Co, WI 1847- Doster_03431
Bauer Johann Ft Atkinson, WI 1846-1849 Doster_03431
Bauer John George Concord, Jeff Co, WI 1850's + Fritsch_53094
Bauer Randall Hamann_54449
Bauer Randall "Pat" Hamann_54449
Bauer Randall M. Hamann_54449
Baum Hugo Abel_68154
Bauman Margareth Theresa, Dodge Co, WI ? Carlson_53534
Bauman Whilhelmine Theresa, WI 1860-1880 Carlson_53534
Bauman Wilhelm Dodge & Jeff Co, WI 1860- Boos_53137
Baumann Gauerke_37043
Baumann Milwaukee, Wisconsin Gauerke_37043
Baumann Karl Ludwig Lake Mills, WI 1850-1921 Miller_53039
Baumann Minnie Zagorski_90065
Bayber Eliza Watertown, Jeff Co, WI 1855-1901 Samuelson_53546
Beal Beal_53916
Beal Jefferson Co, WI area Biedermann_53717
Beal Wm. Jefferson, WI 1830-1900 Beal_53916
Bearder Henry, Mrs. Wenzel_53051
Beaulieu Beaulieu_77706
Beaulieu Joseph Maxime Watertown, WI 1820-1883 Beaulieu_77706
Beaulieu Joseph, Maxime Watertown, WI 1820-1883 Beaulieu_77706
Beaulieu Walter Beaulieu_77706
Beaulieu Walter Watertown, WI 1873-1958 Beaulieu_77706
Beaver Price_53711
Bechert Hortensia M. Schwarze_54494
Becker Morris_53072
Becker Charles Waterloo, WI 1850-1910 Gaddy_52057
Becker Charles Waterloo, WI 1855 Gaddy_52057
Becker Gertrude Swatek_53589
Beemer Estella MacGowan_01852
Beger Iron Ridge, Dodge County, WI Habeck_34714
Begovatz Nancy Mae Begovatz_43447
Behl Allen James Erickson_56215
Behl Deborah Lynn nee Kuehl Erickson_56215
Behl Herman & Ernestina Columbus, Dodge/Columbia Co, Wisconsin 1871-present Behl_53925
Behl-Reibold Alice Town of Elba, Dodge County 1920-1940 Behl_53925
Behling Albertina Sauer_55033
Behm Frederich Lake Mills, WI 1860-1900s Ingram_60030
Behrend Herbert Fort Atkinson, WI 1952-1959 or so Behrend_New Zealand
Behrndt A F Dodge/Jeff Cos, WI 1850-1920 Moore_54829
Beine Adolph Beine_53227
Beine Fred M Beine_53227
Beine William Beine_53227
Beischel Anton Jefferson, Jefferson Co, WI Landowski_53538
Beiter Agnes Zagorski_90065
Beiter Barbara Zagorski_90065
Beiter Cecilia Zagorski_90065
Beiter Esther nee Mundschau Zagorski_90065
Beiter Grace Zagorski_90065
Beiter Hlaran Zagorski_90065
Beiter John Zagorski_90065
Beiter Joseph Zagorski_90065
Beiter Michael, Rev. Zagorski_90065
Beiter Thenoilla Sister Zagorski_90065
Beiter Theresa Zagorski_90065
Bell Margaret Walker_82609
Bell Sarah Walker_80122
Belling Christoph Lomira, Theresa, Dodge Co Suhling_36801
Bemis Esther Dahlstrom_78251
Bender Alice Swatek_53589
Bender Alice (Streng) Swatek_53589
Bender Caroline Agnes Swatek_53589
Bender Chris J. Swatek_53589
Bender Earl Akin_54311
Bender Earl Swatek_53589
Bender Gertrude (Becker) Swatek_53589
Bender Gertrude (Gustaveson) Swatek_53589
Bender Johanna Akin_54311
Bender John Earl Swatek_53589
Bender Marion (Adams) Swatek_53589
Bender Marion R. Swatek_53589
Bender Patricia Jean nee Grulke Swatek_53589
Bender Sharon R. nee Gelina Swatek_53589
Bendix Wilhelm Carl Ludwig S of Watertown; Ebenezer 1867-1877 Bendix_65714
Beneke Frederick Shields, WI 1847-1925 Allen_57325
Beneke Frederick Shields,WI 1847-1925 Allen_57325
Beneke Henry F Shields, Janesville,Wttn 1863-1933 Allen_57325
Beneke Henry F Shields, Janesville,  1863-1933 Allen_57325
Beneke John Shields, WI 1841-1870 Allen_57325
Beneke John Shields, WI 1847-1870 Allen_57325
Beneke Mabel Janesville, Watertown, WI 1891-1961 Allen_57325
Beneke Mabel Janesville, Wttn, WI 1891-1961 Allen_57325
Benke Watertown, Dodge Co, WI Loeffler_95350
Benke/Behnke Johann/John Wttn, Dodge, WI 1860-1885 Loeffler_95350
Bennett Anna M. nee Stroebel Michniak_48185
Bennett Herbert E. Michniak_48185
Bennett Mary Van Turnhout_18
Bennin Ferdinand Aztalan, W 1885-1920 Maron_53594
Bente Clara nee Werner Zagorski_90065
Bente George, Jr. Zagorski_90065
Benton Whitewater, Rock Co, WI Hill_53146
Benton William     Whitewater, WI Hill_53146
Bentzin Hill_60950
Benzel Alvin Schwarze_54494
Benzel Muriel nee Borngraeber Schwarze_54494
Benzel family Benzel_53094
Berens Maria nee Hennen Berens_55082
Berens Michael Berens_55082
Berens Pauline Berens_55082
Berg Alyce M. Dodge County, Wis 1901 Berg_56301
Berg Benjamin Zagorski_90065
Berg Esther nee Liermann Zagorski_90065
Berg John Watertown, Wisc 1825-1907 Berg_53186
Berg Sarah A. nee Schultz Swatek_53589
Bergdoll Wanda Derelein_52406
Berger Fritz H. Otto_54947
Bergholtz Lillian Ann Michniak_48185
Bergin Watertown, WI 1848-Pres Bergin_53094
Bergin Ann Carroll_77095
Bergin Anna Bergin_53094
Bergin Barbara A. Erickson_56215
Bergin James Bergin_53094
Bergin Mary Bergin_53094
Bergin Mary Agnes nee Buscaglia Feirtag_55110
Bergin Stephen Watertown, Jeff, WI 1848-now Bergin_53094
Bergin Stephen Watertown, Wis 1865-1866 Bergin_53705
Bergmann Arnold Ulbricht_95662
Bergmann August Scott_45247
Bergmann Dorothy nee Kock Zagorski_90065
Bergmann Frances Zagorski_90065
Bergmann Friederich MacKlenburg; Watertown WI 18941-1921 Wiechmann_56028
Bergmann Friederich Watertown, Jeff Co, WI 1841-1921 Wiechmann_56028
Bergmann Friederich-Roselie Watertown, WI 1871-1925 Wiechmann_56028
Bergmann Jeanette Zagorski_90065
Bergmann Kermit Zagorski_90065
Bergmann Minnie (Bandkau) Scott_45247
Bergmann Wilbert H. Zagorski_90065
Betts Andrew Aldrich_22206
Betts Andrew Aldrich_74105
Betts Bernard Aldrich_22206
Betts Bernard Aldrich_74105
Betts Charles H. Aldrich_22206
Betts Chauncey Aldrich_22206
Betts Earl J. Aldrich_22206
Betts Harry A. Aldrich_74105
Betts Harry  Aldrich_22206
Betts Ida (Pohlmann) Aldrich_74105
Betts Lillian Aldrich_22206
Betts Merle Aldrich_74105
Betts Minnie B. Aldrich_22206
Betts Nancy (Aldrich) Aldrich_22206
Betts Nancy (Aldrich) Aldrich_74105
Betts Sarah Ann (Pierce) Aldrich_22206
Betts Sarah Ann (Pierce) Aldrich_74105
Beuning Daniel Town of Herman 1843-1870 Pugh_72021
Beutin Emily Affeldt Affeldt_53511
Beutin William Affeldt_53511
Beyer Habeck_34714
Bhend John Watertown, rural c1917 Bhend _XXXXX
Bickler Jacob Todd_53049
Bickler Jacob, Phillip Sr, Jr, Clarence, Herman Jefferson County, Wisconsin Bickler-Miller_53228
Bickler Phillip Todd_53049
Bieck Franklin Jefferson, Jefferson Cty, WI 1887- 1963 Bieck_99901
Bieck Johann Marshall_53154
Biederman Anton Jefferson, WI Wille_54646
Biederman Catherine Poehlmann Holt_54403
Biederman Christopher Holt_54403
Biederman Wilbur G. Holt_54403
Biedermann Beal_53916
Biedermann Jefferson Co, WI area Biedermann_53717
Biedermann J. Nicolaus Holt_54403
Biefeld Anna Vosen_53925
Biefeld Emma A. Schiefelbein_53154
Biesenthal Edna (Backus) Zagorski_90065
Biesenthal Herman Zagorski_90065
Billington Elinore Wild_17015
Billington Fred Mayville,WI 1890-1948 Wild_17015
Billington Jane E. Wild_17015
Biney Z.C. Boehm_54751
Bird Adam Beaver Dam, WI 1860-1900 Bird_53515
Bird Isaac Hustisford, WI 1860-1875 Bird_53515
Bird Sydney Beaver Dam, WI 1890s Bird_53515
Birgin Winifred Van Turnhout_18
Birkholtz/Hubb Christian & Edna Watertown, WI 1899-1993 Andreas_53121
Bischoff Sake_53538
Bischoff Albert Temple_98206
Bischoff Alma E. nee Brockhaus Temple_98206
Bischoff Ardis nee Feller Temple_98206
Bischoff August F et al Hustisford, Horicon,BD 1884-1960 Temple_98206
Bischoff Carl Sake_53538
Bischoff Carl Watertown, WI, Pammerania 1871-1947 Sake_53538
Bischoff Clara E. nee Heuer Temple_98206
Bischoff Minnie LeClair_12037
Biscvhoff Sake_53538
Bishop Arthur Bishop_XXXXX
Bittner Alma Beck_40065
Bittner Bertha nee Nowack Beck_40065
Bittner Clara M. nee Ott Beck_40065
Bittner Edwin W. Beck_40065
Bittner Erwin Theodore, Jr. Beck_40065
Bittner Gottlieb Beck_40065
Bittner Lilly Beck_40065
Bittner Lydia Beck_40065
Bittner Rose Beck_40065
Bittner William Beck_40065
Biwer Price_53711
Biwer Mathias Berens_55082
Biwer Mathilda nee Vogel Berens_55082
Biwer Nicholas Farmington, Jeff Co, WI 1850 - Schweitzer_53094
Black Robert Oakland/Ft Atkinson, Jefferson Co, Wis 1848-1928 Christie_53538
Black William Watertown, WI 1855-1901 Samuelson_53546
Black William Watertown, Wis 1800-1900=.+ Samuelson_53546
Black William Watertown,WI,  1824-1901 Samuelson_53546
Blackstone Harriet Watertown 1849 Blackstone_XXXXX
Blade John Oak Grove, Dodge County, WI 1860-1870 Blade_99901
Blair Peter Watertown(Milford) WI 1845 Beaulieu_77706
Blank Baltasar Kerr_53032
Blank Carl A. Dahlstrom_99019
Blaschke McCutchin_53590
Blasing Anna Minks_95926
Blasing June Swatek_53589
Blaska Hornby_54130
Blechschmidt Ernest Leo Michniak_48185
Blechschmidt Leo Michniak_48185
Blechschmidt Lorenz Michniak_48185
Blechschmidt Lorenz Aztalan, Jefferson Co, WI 1847-1899 Gifford_53213
Blechschmidt William, Mrs. Michniak_48185
Bleuel Fond du Lac Co,Wisconsin Bleuel_54935
Bliese August Lebanon, Dodge, WI 1851-1920 Oestreich_53036
Bliese Henry Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1880 Oestreich_53036
Bliesner William Pipersville, Ixonia 1870-1930 Rauen_53066
Bliss Minnie Aldrich_22206
Bliss Minnie A. Aldrich_74105
Block Scheel_20770
Block Scheel_70119
Block (various) Watertown 1881-1905 Scheel_20770
Block Ernest C Watertown, WI Block_53098
Bluet Bogie_
Blum Hill_60950
Blum Christ Tn Oak Grove, WI 1920- Kenitzer_53511
Blum Christ Tn Oak Grove, WI 1920-1960 Kenitzer_53511
Blum Christian Juneau, WI 1890-1944 Keniter_53511
Bock Smithson_53557
Bock Carl Clyman, WI Schmitt_53590
Bodden Adam Theresa, Dodge Co, WI 1788-1871 Bodden_54311
Bodden Jacob Theresa, Dodge Co, WI 1831-1889 Bodden_54311
Bodden, nee Grath Ann Margaret Theresa, Dodge Co, WI 1798-1888 Bodden_54311
Bodden, nee Schaefer Agnes Theresa, Dodge Co, WI 1835-1859 Bodden_54311
Bodden, nee Schiefer Gertrude Theresa, Dodge Co, WI 1840-1923 Bodden_54311
Boehcher Wheeler_78154
Boeker Carl Dheinsville, Wash. Co, WI 1849-1890 Wolk_54941
Boeker Carl/Charles Germantown,Wash.Co, WI 1805-1890 Wolk_54941
Bogardus Silas Schulz_99223
Bogenschneider Frank/Franz Lake Mills, Jeff. Co, WI 1866-1942 Kerr_53032
Bogie Bogie_
Bogie Bogie_75035
Bogie James Sullivan/Palmyra, WI 1860-1920 Bogie_75035
Bogie James Janes Sullivan & Palmyra, Wisconsin 1860-1918 Bogie_75035
Bogie James Christopher Sullivan & Palmyra, Wisconsin 1863-1936 Bogie_75035
Bogie William Sullivan & Palmyra, Wisconsin 1860-1890 Bogie_75035
Bogie William Sullivan/Palmyra, WI 1860-1900 Bogie_75035
Bohlmann Karl Ludwig August Watertown, WI 1867- Bohlmann_84054
Bolger Annastasia nee Doyle Staley_56308
Bolger Anne Staley_56308
Bolger Edgar F. Staley_56308
Boll Helen Daniels_53066
Boltz Bogie_
Boltz Bogie_75035
Boltz Gottfried Concord/Sullivan, WI Bogie_75035
Boltz Gottfried Sullivan, WI 1833-1915 Dodge_53213
Boltz Herman F W Germany/Watertown, WI 1866-1933 Lauersdorf_53558
Boltz William Sulliven & Rome, WI 1822-1876 Thom_53538
Boos Frnciscuis Rome, Jeff Co, WI 1850- Boos_53137
Booth Clyman, Watertown, WI 1830- Simle_53716
Booth Dodge Co, WI 1830-present Simle
Booth Dodge Co, WI 1830-present Simle_53716
Booth Jefferson & Dodge Co, WI Fehling_53716
Borchardt Hill_60950
Borchardt Noll-53185
Borchardt Watertown, Dodge Co, Wisconsin Borchardt_53098
Borchardt Adelina nee Groth Bruins_62703
Borchardt Carl Friedrich Ludwig 1819 Lenius_53098
Borchardt Charles Watertown, WI 1860-1929 Achtor_53072
Borchardt Edward Farmington,WI 1860-1943 Achtor_53072
Borchardt Emma Sauer_55033
Borchardt Emma (Radke) Vosen_53925
Borchardt Franz Watertown, Jefferson, WI 1844-1905 Borchardt_92705
Borchardt Johann F Germany/RRWatertown, WI 1806-1974 Wiechmann_56028
Borchers Elseda Szollar_53045
Borck Everett R. Derelein_52406
Borck Gertrude Derlein_52406
Borck Loretta nee Schroeder Vosen_53925
Borck Ludwig Derlein_52406
Borck Mel Derelein_52406
Borck Wanda nee Bergdoll Derelein_52406
Borgwardt Auguste Bertha Affeldt_53511
Borgwardt Fredericka Jefferson Co, WI 1870-1890 Affeldt_53511
Borgwardt Friederiche S.C. Affeldt_53511
Borgwardt Fritz Theodore Ludwig Affeldt_53511
Borgwardt Johann Carl Affeldt_53511
Borgwardt Louise Friederiche Sophie Affeldt_53511
Borgwardt Sophie Tessen Affeldt_53511
Borgwardt Theodore Johann Ferd August Affeldt_53511
Borngraeber Hortensia M. nee Bechert Schwarze_54494
Borngraeber Leland I. Schwarze_54494
Borngraeber Muriel Schwarze_54494
Borngraeber Rosalia, Mrs. Schwarze_54494
Borngraeber William A. Schwarze_54494
Borngraeber William F. Schwarze_54494
Borngraeber William, Mrs. Schwarze_54494
Borngraeber/Bechert Schwarze_54494
Bornheimer Catherine Aldrich_74105
Borth Jaanke_53098
Boss Hill_60950
Bourn Bogie_
Bourn Bogie_75035
Bouton Crystal Jo nee James Gorder_53594
Bouton Martin Stephen Jr. Gorder_53594
Bovie/Bovee Betsey Jeff Co, WI 1849-1870 Tegtman_53527
Braasch Barbara Zagorski_90065
Braasch Cynthia Anne nee Lower Erickson_56215
Braasch Daryl A. Erickson_56215
Braasch Donald Erickson_56215
Braasch Edgar Theodore Erickson_56215
Braasch Emilie Ottilie Phillippina Krause  Affeldt_53511
Braasch Jill Delores nee Uttech Erickson_56215
Braasch John Gottlieb Affeldt_53511
Braasch Karl Ixonia, WI 1785-1865 Oestreich_53036
Braasch Louise Zagorski_90065
Braasch Patricia M. nee Jacobson Erickson_56215
Braasch Roger Edgar Erickson_56215
Braasch Wilma nee Giese Erickson_56215
Brackett Ozrp Watertown 1849 Brackett_XXXXX
Bradley Ada Mae (Kreier) Adami_53555
Braemer 1847-1930 Lindborg_90808
Braemer All     Hustisford, Dodge Co, WI 1845-? Krueger_55013
Braemer Emilie Hustisford, WI Krueger_55013
Braemer Henry Hustisford, WI Krueger_55013
Braman New York Buck_44118
Braman Wisconsin Buck_44118
Bramer All relatives Beaver Dam, WI 1845-? Krueger_55013
Branagan Bridget Kurth_53213
Brandenburg Johanna Wild_17015
Brandenburg William Tn Hubbard, WI Wild_17015
Brandt Michael Wisconsin 1852 Erickson_55720
Braningham Catherine Geber_55414
Braun Christian Floerke_95618
Braunschweig Lebanon, WI, Dodge Co 1840-1950s Thorn_60002
Braunschweig Friedrich Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1845 Kuehl_53094
Braunschweig Wilhelm Lebanon, Medina, Watertown, WI 1845-1890 Braunschweig_53711
Braunschweig William, Louis Lebenon, Waterloo, Wttn 1845-1900 Braunschweig_53711
Brechtel Mary Adlard_97038
Breck Jefferson Co, WI Stindt_48602
Bredlow Shirley L Swatek_53589
Breitag Lawrence Swatek_53589
Bremer All relatives Beaver Dam, WI 1845-? Krueger_55013
Brendemuehl 1850s up Koepsell_53098
Brensecke/Brensicke August Wolfe_53562
Brensike John Wolfe_53562
Briske Dodge Co, Wisconsin Peterson_32828
Briske Holznagel Peterson_32828
Brockhaus Alma E. Temple_98206
Brockway Rufus  Beaver Dam, WI 1780-? Beal_53916
Brom Michael Waukesha Co 1935 Meyer_53094
Bronn Peter Germantown, WI 1850- Wilke_53183
Brooks Grabko_27539
Brooks Grabko_27539
Brooks Watertown, WI Roscoe_80919
Brooks John Dodge Co, WI 1840- Roscoe_80919
Broviack Anton Bunker_52761
Broviack Josephine Bunker_52761
Brower Euphemia Ackerman_83328
Brown Adin Albright_21742
Brown Alfred M. Albright_21742
Brown Czar DeWitt Albright_21742
Brown Dean S. Albright_21742
Brown Elisha M. Albright_21742
Brown Elizabeth Albright_21742
Brown Emerson Albright_21742
Brown Emmerson Albright_21742
Brown Frances A. Albright_21742
Brown Hannah Albright_21742
Brown Helen Mae Albright_21742
Brown John Seim_53916
Brown Josephine Albright_21742
Brown Lucy Marie Albright_21742
Brown Margaret Albright_21742
Brown Morris Albright_21742
Brown Nancy Albright_21742
Brown Rebecca Albright_21742
Brown Reuben Albright_21742
Brown Silas S. Albright_21742
Brown Sydney Alfred Hubbleton, Dodge Co, WI 1870-1954 Middleton_53186
Brown Teressa Cole_94952
Brown Theodore Albright_21742
Bruckmann Johannes Raether_54201
Bruckner Henry Michniak_48185
Bruckner Mary Michniak_48185
Bruckner Mary nee Anthes Michniak_48185
Brueckner Mary Michniak_48185
Brueske Friedrich August Fjeldberg_56055
Brummond Elsie Zagorski_90065
Brunke Adelia M. nee Shaack Swatek_53589
Brunke Chas., Mrs. Swatek_53589
Brunke Erwin A. Swatek_53589
Brunn Bertha Dishman_48089
Bruschnig Barbara J. nee Niemann Beecher_20711
Bruschnig William H., Jr. Beecher_20711
Bryan Maxwell_23435
Bub Guell_54937
Buchanan Alexis Rose Lukszys_40205
Buchart Various Concord Twp, Jeff Co, WI 1887- Baneck_53559
Buchert Concord Twp n1850-2011 Baneck_53559
Buchert Concord, Jeff Co, WI 1857- Baneck_53559
Buchert Jefferson Co, Wi 1857 - present Baneck_53559
Buchholz Wilhelm Dodge or Jefferson County, WI 1868-1873 Buchholz_76182
Buchhuber/Wheeler Mary John Dodge Co,WI 1850- Arnott_53186
Buchta Jefferson Co, WI area Biedermann_53717
Buchta Frank Swatek_53589
Buchta Johan Jefferson, WI Wille_54646
Buchta Johannes Aztalan 1852-1900 Wille_53546
Buchta Meta M. Swatek_53589
Buck Illinois Buck_44118
Buck Pennsylvania Buck_44118
Buck Tennessee Buck_44118
Buck Ella Lucy Maki_98365
Buck Sylvester United States 1952 Buck_32547
Buckingham Walter Fort Atkinson, Jefferson Cty, WI unk Buckingham_53220
Buckley Michael Dodge County Asylum 1900–1926 Buckley_53546
Buckley Stephen Jeff & Dodge Co, WI 1846-18982 Schuenke_53150
Buddy Beaver Dam, Dodge Cty, WI Schauf_53546
Budig Wilhelm Dodge Co, WI 1857 Florey_23716
Buelter Sharon A. Swatek_53589
Buenning Johann Emmet & Watertown, WI 1817-1901 Thom_53538
Bugern Luise Marie Affeldt_53511
Bukatz Amanda Olvera_53213
Bunsa George E. Gaddy_52057
Bunsa Laura nee Smith Gaddy_52057
Burdick Charles E. Fogarty_80112
Burdick Ellen nee Fargo Fogarty_80112
Burdick Louisa A. Perry_54208
Burger Christina Kovaleski_54235
Burgess Charles Palmyra, Sullivan; Jefferson County, WI 1869-1887 Burgess_54770
Burke Jefferson/Dodge , Wisc 1850- Burke_55092
Burke Ann nee Torpy Raymond_33596
Burke Catherine (Harns) Schaaf_55092
Burke Edward Schaaf_55092
Burke Edward J. Raymond_33596
Burke Elizabeth Schaaf_55092
Burke Ella Raymond_33596
Burke Ellen Raymond_33596
Burke Ellen Schaaf_55092
Burke Gertrude C. nee Thren Raymond_33596
Burke James Schaaf_55092
Burke John Raymond_33596
Burke John Schaaf_55092
Burke M.J. Schaaf_55092
Burke Margaret nee McDonough Raymond_33596
Burke Maria Anna nee Goff Raymond_33596
Burke Maria nee Enright Raymond_33596
Burke Mary Raymond_33596
Burke Mary Schaaf_55092
Burke Mary Nolan Schaaf_55092
Burke Michael Raymond_33596
Burke Michael J. Schaaf_55092
Burke Mike Schaaf_55092
Burke P.T. Raymond_33596
Burke Patrick Raymond_33596
Burke PT, Mrs. (Goff) Raymond_33596
Burke WE Raymond_33596
Burkert Ruth Swatek_53589
Burleson Maxwell_23435
Burleson C.L.  Maxwell_23435
Burleson Charlotte Maxwell_23435
Burleson Elizabeth nee Emrath Maxwell_23435
Burleson F.G. Maxwell_23435
Burleson Fred Maxwell_23435
Burleson G.G., Rev. Maxwell_23435
Burleson George L. Maxwell_23435
Burleson Guy Maxwell_23435
Burleson Ray Maxwell_23435
Burleson S.S., Rev. Maxwell_23435
Burleson Walter I. Maxwell_23435
Burmaster Leola K. Stiehm_80031
Burnham Ada Lillian Wisconsin; California 1885-1929 Eggli_93110
Burnham Alvira Ann Eggli_93110
Burnham Amos New York; Wisconsin 1811-1878 Eggli_93110
Burnham Charles New York; Wisconsin 1841-1920 Eggli_93110
Burnham James VT, NY, Wisconsin 1788-1855 Eggli_93110
Burnham (Torrey) Alvira Wisconsin 1850-1931 Eggli_93110
Burnham(Seeley) Olive Canada; Wisconsin 1796-1876 Eggli_93110
Burnhan (Child) Hannah New York; Wisconsin 1810-1861 Eggli_93110
Burns Calvin W. Perry_54208
Burns Ellen nee Hastings Perry_54208
Burns Francis Perry_54208
Burns Frank Perry_54208
Burns Julia Perry_54208
Burns Julia Ann Perry_54208
Burns Louisa A. (Burdick) Perry_54208
Burns Mary Watertown WI 1880's Johnson_53095
Burns Perry, Mrs. Thomas Perry_54208
Burns Sarah A. Perry_54208
Burns Sylvester Perry_54208
Buscaglia Christopher J. Feirtag_55110
Buske Amelia, Hannah Lebanon, Ixonia, WI wade_53098
Buske Charles Concord, Jefferson Co, Wisconsin 1866-1880 Schmidt_53094
Buske Edward H. Kennard_50023
Buske Edwin L., Sr. Swatek_53589
Buske Harold Walter Kennard_50023
Buske Ida Holt_54403
Buske Karl Concord, Jeff Co, WI 1866-1900 Schmitt_53094
Buske Marian Bonita nee Jacobson Kennard_50023
Buso Friederick/Ferd Tn Hubbard,Browns Corners 1829-1902 Kerr_53032
Buss Carlson_77406
Buss Watertown, Clyman, WI ?-1900 Gill_65401
Buss Watertown, Jeff Co, WI Loeffler_95350
Buss Carl & dtr Augusta Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1864-1928 Haarmann_53188
Buss Ethel Mehring_85374
Bussewitz --- Dodge County, WI 1855 - 1895 Bussewitz_84065
Bussler Marie Witzlib_53051
Buth Carl G Watertown WI 1857 Gaddy_52057
Buth Carl/Charles Watertown, Jeff Co, WI 1855- Gaddy_52057
Buth Wilhelm Waterloo, WI 1855-1930 Gaddy_52057
Butler Bacheller_97385
Butler Bessie Quinn_93274
Butler Jerome Watertown 1894-1962 Quinn_93274
Butler Jerome R Quinn_93274
Butler Jerome R. Quinn_93274
Butler John S. Quinn_93274
Butler Joshua Michael Quinn_93274
Butler Luke Quinn_93274
Butler Luke Watertown 1823-1910 Quinn_93274
Butler Margaret Quinn_93274
Butler Margaret (Salick) Quinn_93274
Butler Marie Quinn_93274
Butler Mary Quinn_93274
Butler Nathaniel F. Roelker_72120
Butler Patricia Ann Quinn_93274
Butler Sister M. Roberts Quinn_93274
Butler  Anna Quinn_93274
Butscher Joseph Watertown, WI 1855-1911 Butscher_97401
Butzker Ferdinand Watertown,WI 1838-1934 Oestreich_53036
Byrne Watertown, WI Roscoe_80919
Byrne Peter Watertown WI 1840- Roscoe_80919
Byrns Margarita Raymond_33596
Byrow Otto Jefferson, WI   1930s Hilgendorf_53098
Cadigan David Marquette Co, WI 1828-1906 Hamer_53538
Caldwell Columbia Ela_53167
Callahan Gravely_25123
Callahan Anna Marie Quinn_93274
Callahan Miles Elba, Dodge County, WI 1870-1880 Callahan_54449
Callahan/Bergin Anna Watertown, Jeff. Co, WI 1855-1922 Carroll_77095
Callahan/Mulick Bridget Tn Shields, Dodge Co, WI 1855-1866 Carroll_77095
Callahan  Ann (Bergin) Carroll_77095
Callahan  Bridget Carroll_77095
Callies Beaver Dam, Dodge Co, Wis 1880-1940 Neuberger_21771
Callies Clarence Swatek_53589
Callies Heinrich Dodge County, WI ca. 1850 Callies_45002
Canham Joshua Paul Swatek_53589
Canham Shannon Marie nee Schmodt Swatek_53589
Cannon/Lawler Sarah Prairie du Chien, WI 1870-1900 Carroll_77095
Capelle Friedrich Portland, Waterloo, WI 1854-1889 Allen_57325
Capelle Friedrich Portland,Waterloo,Wttn 1854-1889 Allen_57325
Carley Margaret Klatt_54703
Carlson Voss_53048
Carpenter Jefferson Co, WI 1840-1900 Tam_Dorla
Carpenter Charles C Jefferson Co, WI 1845-1860 Tam_98290
Carpenter George Lake Mills, Jefferson Co Wis 1870-1890 downey_53551
Carr-Snowden Rachel Beaver Dam, Dodge Co, WI 1828-1894 Bryner_89074
Carroll Mary nee Burke Raymond_33596
Carroll Michael Raymond_33596
Cartwright Abigail Eggli_93110
Casey Catherine Rooney_55331
Casey Matthew Watertown, Jefferson, Wisconsin 1825-1897 Casey_84025
Caswell J. Adele Willard Heiden_68504
Caughlin Dodge Co, WI 1830-present Simle
Caughlin Dodge Co, WI 1830-present Simle_53716
Caughlin James Clyman, Dodge Co, WI 1840-1913 Reynolds_60510
Caughlin James Clyman, Dodge Co, WI 1848-1925 Reynolds_85382
Caughlin John Clyman, Dodge Co, WI 1855-1931 Reynolds_60510
Caughlin Patrick Clyman, Dodge Co, WI Stephens_14904
Caughlin Patrick Clyman, Dodge Co, WI 1840-1913 Reynolds_60510
Caughlin Patrick Clyman, Dodge Co, WI 1850-1913 Reynolds_85382
Caughlin & Reinehr Jefferson & Dodge Co, WI Fehling_53716
Caughlinn Clyman, Watertown, WI 1830- Simle_53716
Chadwick Eleanor Derlein_52406
Chamberlain Florence Swatek_53589
Chapin Florence Zagorski_90065
Chapin Mary Boehm_54751
Chapin Olive Anna nee Pease Phillips_63119
Chapman Voss_53048
Chapman Edmund Jefferson Cty, Jefferson, Ft. Atkinson 1844-1900 Chapman_39531
Chartier Concord/Watertown 1850-2011 Swatek_53589
Chase Jenny Aldrich_22206
Chase Jenny Aldrich_74105
Child Mark Eggli_93110
Christensen Endre Ixonia, Jefferson, WI 1845-1877 Colwell_55042
Christensen Hattie nee Smith Gaddy_52057
Christenson Noll-53185
Christenson Endre Ixonia, Jefferson Co, Wisconsin 1850-1878 Colwell_55042
Christian Druml_53005
Christian Theresa, Dodge Co, WI Kuehl_53094
Christian Anna E. nee Perry Perry_54208
Christian Johann Fredrich Carl Lebanon, WI 1836-1917 Druml_53005
Christian Karl Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1843-? Krueger_92802
Christian Lory McCue_53528
Christian Lucille nee Preuss Otto_54947
Christian Sandra Zagorski_90065
Christianson Marguerite nee Manthe(Larson) Boehm_54751
Christie Peter Fair_61073
Christie William Fair_61073
Christopher Bogie_
Christopherson Noll-53185
Church Albert Jefferson, WI 1856-1936 McDonald_53916
Church Frank Jefferson, WI 1856-1936 McDonald_53916
Church Laura L. nee Schultz Davison_53590
Clack Hazel Willis Ace_53589
Clark Christina Cota_54157
Clark Daniel S. Agren_V2P 1V7
Clark Joseph Lomira Old Community Cemetery, Dodge C 1846 Clark_54952
Clason Abigail nee Ferris Hoff_97305
Clason James Hoff_97305
Clemence Milford, Jefferson Co, Wisconsin 1850 - Eisenga_53933
Clifford Joda_80202
Clute Joseph Concord, Jefferson County, WI 1845-1859 Clute_50401
Cobb Asa Maine, MN, WI abt 1818-1873 Wiechmann_56028
Cobb Asa B Maine, Richland Co,WI 1818-1873 Wiechmann_56028
Cody Adeline Quinn_93274
Cole Charles Cole_94952
Cole George Cole_94952
Cole Margaret Cole_94952
Cole Mina Cole_94952
Cole Seth A Cole_61114
Colligan Colligan_49241
Colligan any/all Emmet, Dodge Co, WI 1848-now Colligan_49241
Colligan Arthur Francis Colligan_49241
Colligan Audrey V. nee Zahn Colligan_49241
Colligan Bernard Colligan_49241
Colligan Bernard Watertown, WI 1870-1890 Colligan_49241
Colligan John Colligan_49241
Colligan John Emmet, Dodge Co, WI 1847-1877 Colligan_49241
Colligan Margaret Colligan_49241
Colligan Margaret Emmet, Dodge Co, WI 1848-1896 Colligan_49241
Colligan Margaret Ann Colligan_49241
Colligan Maria Colligan_49241
Colligan Martin Colligan_49241
Colligan Mary Agnes Colligan_49241
Colligan Mildred nee Tunison Colligan_49241
Colligan Thomas Francis Colligan_49241
Collins Watertown, WI Rogers_61111
Collins John Seim_53916
Collins Julius Milwaukee/Williamstown 1800s Collins_XXXXX
Colwell Adelaide Perkins Mehring_85374
Colwell Alfred Helenville, Jeff Co, WI 1855-1916 Mehring_53095
Colwell Alfred William Mehring_85374
Colwell Edwin Mehring_85374
Colwell Ethel (Buss) Mehring_85374
Colwell Garance & Alfred Helenville, Jeff Co, WI 1885-1916 Mehring_53095
Colwell Garrance Mehring_85374
Colwell Garrance Concord, JeffersonCo, WI 1855-1916 Mehring_53095
Colwell Garrance Helenville, Jeff Co, WI 1855-1918 Mehring_53095
Colwell Garrance & Edmund Concord and Farmington farmers Colwell_53095
Colwell Garrence Concord, Jeff Co, WI 1855-1913 Mehring_53095
Colwell Garrence Concord, Jefferson Co,WI 1855-1913 Mehring_53095
Colwell Irving Mehring_85374
Colwell Irving Helenville, Jeff Co, WI 1882-1946 Mehring_53095
Colwell Mary Mehring_85374
Colwell Ray Mehring_85374
Colwell Ray P Helenville, Jeff Co, WI 1885-? Mehring_53095
Condon Morris_53072
Condon Family Portage, WI 1860 Friedl_53098
Condon John & Hanora Wisconsin 1845 Friedl_53098
Conklin Edward Charles Waukesha, Jefferson, Racine 1855-1870 Conklin_97814
Connors (Conners) James and Catherine Farmington, Jefferson Cty, WI 1855-1870 Connors_53066
Coogan Christopher Raymond_33596
Coogan Ellen nee Burke Raymond_33596
Coogan Susan O'Leary Koenitzer Coogan_90230
Coogan William Coogan_90230
Cook Bedlington Dodge County, WI 1820---1830 Bedlington_UK
Cook Silas Jefferson Co, WI  ?-1868 Penner_47274
Cook Sophia A. nee Rood Karraker_64801
Cooney John, Dr. Swatek_53589
Cooper Hebron, Jeff Co, WI 1840- Sampley_91942
Cordes Beaulieu_77706
Cordes Herman Beaulieu_77706
Cordes Herman Farmington, WI 1848-1878 Cordes-Pitts_79705
Cordes Herman Jefferson Co, Wis 1833-1906 Beaulieu_77706
Cordes Herman Watertown, WI 1833-1906 Beaulieu_77706
Cordes Herman Watertown, WI 1847 Beaulieu_77706
Cordes Herman Watertown, Wisconsin 1833-1906 Beaulieu_77706
Cordes Herman, Joachim, Christian, Ludwig Cordes_79705
Cordes Joachim William Farmington, WI 1848-1878 Cordes-Pitts_79705
Cordes Joachim William Farmington, WI 1856-1878 Cordes_79705
Coughlin Anne Collins_33028
Coughlin John Walter Watertown, WI about 1850 Coughlin_56529
Coughlin Michael Watertown, Dodge Co, WI Coughlin_53098
Cowan Stella Rooney_55331
Cowdery Dyan Lamotte Aldrich_22206
Cowdery Dyan Lamotte Aldrich_74105
Cowdery Eliza (Alexander) Aldrich_22206
Cowdery Eliza (Alexander) Aldrich_74105
Cowdery Lydia Malvina (Aldrich) Aldrich_22206
Cowdery Lydia Malvina (Aldrich) Aldrich_74105
Cowdery Lyman Aldrich_22206
Cowdery Lyman Aldrich_74105
Coyer Harvey Horicon, Dodge County, WI 1925-1965 Coyer_73169
Craig Daisy Melinda Maki_98365
Craig Sam C. Maki_98365
Craig Samuel C. Maki_98365
Craik Martha M. nee Tilden Haines_40243
Craik William Haines_40243
Cramer Tillie Swatek_53589
Crandall Emilene J. Sieger_55060
Crandall Joyce M. Swatek_53589
Crandall Joyce M. nee Hoffman Swatek_53589
Crandall Lydia Aldrich_22206
Crandall Lydia Aldrich_74105
Crangle Anne nee Coughlin Collins_33028
Crangle Robert Collins_33028
Creuz Arthur Gardner_54814
Crews Mary Rooney_55331
Creydt Samuel E., Mrs. Briggs_52302
Crorinse Maria Rooney_55331
Crowder Francis Sullivan Township 1840-1860 Notbohm_99901
Crowley Ellen Collins_33028
Cruden Catherine Paicurich_80021
Cruden John Paicurich_80021
Cruden Joseph Paicurich_80021
Cruger Mary Kinlen_53017
Cruise Maria Rooney_55331
Crummy Ixonia or Watertown, Wisconsin 1850- Schumacher_53150
Crump Ellen (Aldrich) Aldrich_22206
Crump Ellen (Aldrich) Aldrich_74105
Crump Henry Aldrich_22206
Crump Henry Aldrich_74105
Crump Lida Edith Aldrich_22206
Crump Lida Edith Aldrich_74105
Currier J.W. Ward_95682
Currier Rodney J Ward_95682
Curry Ohio Buck_44118
Curtis A.B. Maki_98365
Curtis Emily Jefferson Co, WI 1850-1886 Maki_98365
Curtis Emily (Frizzell) Maki_98365
Curtis Ida Maki_98365
Curtis Lucile (Dexheimer) Maki_98365
Curtis Stephen Smith Ft. Atkinson, WI 1837-1913 Lynt_59072
Curtiss Amanda Aldrich_22206
Curtiss Edwin R. Aldrich_22206
Curtiss Elias Aldrich_22206
Curtiss Frances M. Aldrich_22206
Curtiss Mary B. (Andrews) Aldrich_22206
Curtiss Nathan Aldrich_22206
Curtiss S.E., Mrs. Aldrich_22206
Curtiss Samuel E. Aldrich_22206
Curtiss Sarah Aldrich_22206
Dahnke Carl J F Hooey Cr., Sauk, WI 1840-1897 Wallin_85614
Dallman Eleanor Aldrich_74105
Dallmann Johanna Meyers_92064
Dames Martin Ixonia, Wisconsin 1845-1870 Carter_53066
Damrow Friedrich Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1860-1912 Borchert_52590
Damrow Nancy Erickson_56215
Damuth Craft_95355
Damuth Jennie Maki_98365
Danforth Strege_53094
Daniel(s) Conrad/Anna Eiden Jefferson, WI 1850- Daniels_53066
Daniels Darryl J. Daniels_53066
Daniels Douglas Daniels_53066
Daniels John L., Dr. Daniels_53066
Daniels Ruth Peck_85364
Danielson Erick Schulz_99223
Darcey John Tienhaara_54521
Darknell Jane (Alexander) Alexander_55804
Darknell Samuel Alexander_55804
Darling Milford, Jefferson Co, Wisconsin 1850 - Eisenga_53933
Daue Ferdinand Wagner_70469GER
Daue W.H. Wagner_70469GER
Daue W.H., Mrs. Wagner_70469GER
Davenport Sake_53538
Davenport George L, George W Sake_53538
Davenport GeorgeL,GeorgeW,Alfred Springfield, IL 1870-1935 Sake_53538
Davenport GeorgeL,GeorgeW,Alfred WhiteOakSprings, WI 1870-1935 Sake_53538
David Gahlman_53039
David Charles Jefferson Co, WI Gahlman_53039
David Charles Wttn, Jefferson Co, WI Gahlman_53039
Davies Rachel Paynter "Rachel O Fon" Collins_SY16 4EU
Davis Mary C. Cota_54157
Davy Eliza Perry_54208
Dawes Esther Ace_53589
Day Jasey Lin (Hein) Davison_53590
Day R. Scott Davison_53590
De Young Albert De Young_61462
De Young Hiram De Young_61462
De Young Joseph De Young_61462
Debbert Waterloo/Lake Mills, WI 1856- Debbert_54935
Debbert Carl Waterloo/Lake Mills, WI 1806-1879 Debbert_54935
Debbert Carl Ludwig Lake Mills/Waterloo, WI 1856-1879 Debbert_54935
Debbert Carl Ludwig Lake Mills/Waterloo, Wisconsin 1856-1900 Debbert_54935
Debbert Carl Ludwig Lake Mills/Watertown, Wisconsin 1856-1900 Debbert_54935
Dederman John Ixonia, WI 1860-1949 Haase_68803
Dehnert Steindorf_53094
Dehnert Gottfried Concord, WI 1866-75 Dehnert_98665
Dehnert Gottfried Concord? WI 1866-1871 Dehnert_98665
Dehring Louisa Sampson_99517
Deierling Phillip Watertown, WI 1860-1895 Deierling_53916
Dekaske Othille Zagorski_90065
Dennens Maria nee Colligan Colligan_49241
Dennens Wm. Colligan_49241
Denton Alwine Vehlow_60048
Denwell Mary  Ann Concord/Oconomowoc 1850-1883 Reigle_53711
Dermody Daniel Klatt_54703
Dermody John Klatt_54703
Dermody Margaret nee Carley Klatt_54703
Derse Amtpome Ashippun, Wisconsin 1844-1897 Axtell_60440
Derse Antoine Ashippun, WI 1844-1897 Axtell_60440
Derse Eugene Ashippun, Dodge, Wisconsin 1858-1920 Axtell_60440
Dervin William Watertown, WI 1850's-1916 Dervin_91343
Dessain Alice Boehm_54751
Dessel Geraldine Quinn_93274
Detlaff 1840s up Koepsell_53098
Dettmer Frederick Gorder_53594
Dettmer Laura nee Veight Gorder_53594
Dettmers Alfred F. Gorder_53594
Dettmers Joyce K. nee Price Gorder_53594
Dew Madeline Swatek_53589
DeWit Louisa LeRoy/Hustisford  1850-1900 Sampson_99517
Dexheimer Lucile Maki_98365
Diamond Evelyn M. Zagorski_90065
Diaz Javier Arizmendi Swatek_53589
Diaz Nicole Leigh nee Miller Swatek_53589
Dickhoff Neumann_53719
Diedrich Virginia M. Thomas_53066
Dierbeck Guell_54937
Diermeier Theresia Levandowski_54539
Diermeier/Bachhuber Wife of Martin Theresa/Maville, WI 1846?-1811? Arnott_53186
Dietrich Milwaukee, WI Mueller_53094
Dillon John Watertown, WI 1840-1860 Dillon_80524
Dinkel Bertha nee Wagerin Holt_54403
Dinkel Emma Holt_54403
Dinkel Fred Holt_54403
Dinkel Fredericka nee Schroeder Holt_54403
Dinkel George Holt_54403
Dinkel Ida nee Buske Holt_54403
Dinkel John Holt_54403
Dinkel Laura Holt_54403
Dinkel Leonard Holt_54403
Dinkel Mabel Holt_54403
Dinkel Mina Holt_54403
Dinkel Otto Holt_54403
Dinkel Phillip Allen Holt_54403
Dinkel Robert Holt_54403
Dinkel Selma Holt_54403
Dittberner William Ixonia and Concord 1850-1900 Dittberner_53188
Dixon Benjamin Lake Mills, Jefferson Co Wis 1870-1890 downey_53551
Dobberstein Neumann_53719
Dobberstein Arthur Dupont_53575
Dobberstein Arthur, Rev. Dupont_53575
Dobberstein Birdice Davison_53590
Dobberstein Esther Davison_53590
Dobberstein Herbert Davison_53590
Dobberstein Loretta B. nee Rambow Dupont_53575
Dobberstein Mabel nee Schultz Davison_53590
Dobbratz Ixonia Twp, Watertown, etc 1850-1920 Schumacher_53150
Dobbratz Emil Lebanon, Wisconsin 1900-1950 Dobbratz_53098
Dobbratz Henry Ixonia, Jeff Co, WI 1854-1894 Parker_85743
Dobbratz Johanna Parker_85743
Dobbratz Johanna Ixonia, Jeff Co, WI 1852-1894 Parker_85743
Dobbratz Johanna Ixonia, Jefferson, WI 1852 Parker_85743
Dobbratz Laurie Kae Hoffman_55963
Dobbratz Viola Leona (Heller-Arndt) Olvera_53213
Dobbratz/Dobratz (several) 1850-now Schumacher_53150
Dobratz Bogie_
Dobratz Bogie_75035
Dobratz Ixonia Twp, Watertown, etc 1850-1920 Schumacher_53150
Dobratz Anona Abel_68154
Dobratz Kjohannes Concord/Sullivan, WI 1860-1930 Bogie_75035
Dobratz Marvin Abel_68154
Dochmahl Robert V. Swatek_53589
Doctor Eva Katrina Tn Farmington,Jeff Co,WI  Dary_53532
Dodge Rufus Clemons Ft Atkinson, Jefferson Co., WI 1837-1895 Clemons_97338
Dodge Walter MacGowan_01852
Dodge Willis Waterloo, Jefferson Co, WI 1843-1905 Debbert_54935
Doheny Grabko_27539
Doherty Michael, Mrs. O'Donnell Erickson_56215
Dohrmann Anna (2nd wife Joachim) Union Cemetery Cordes_79705
Dolan Andrew Dane Co, WI ? Drunasky_54115
Dollover Peter Watertown/Johnson Creek WI 1860-? Dobke_53098
Domini Price_53711
Dommer Frederick W Watertown, WI 1830-1868 Haase_68803
Donaldson Allison B. Schulz_99223
Donaldson Barnard Schulz_99223
Donaldson Celestia M. Schulz_99223
Donaldson Edward Schulz_99223
Donaldson Eri N. Schulz_99223
Donaldson Erick Schulz_99223
Donaldson Isabella M. Schulz_99223
Donaldson James Schulz_99223
Donaldson Lenah Adelia Schulz_99223
Donaldson Maggie A. Schulz_99223
Donaldson Margaret A. Schulz_99223
Donaldson Mary E. Schulz_99223
Donaldson Miss Schulz_99223
Donaldson Oliver Schulz_99223
Donaldson Thoranda Schulz_99223
Doolittle Jerusha Jefferson County, WI 1850-1870 Doolittle_98002
Dopperphal Smithson_53557
Dorn Hughlett_53189
Dorn Fred Waukesha, WI 1844-1919 Mehring_53095
Dorn Fredrick Delafield, Waukesha Co, WI 1884-1919 Mehring_53095
Dorn Fredrick Delafield, Waukesha Co,WI 1890-1919 Mehring_53095
Dornfeld Annie nee Schultz Dishman_48089
Dornfeld Otto Dishman_48089
Doschadis August Waldron_99206
Dougherty Gerald Abel_68154
Dougherty Richard Abel_68154
Doughty Francis Ahlgren_11795
Doughty Frieda Propp Ahlgren_11795
Doughty P.H., Dr. Ahlgren_11795
Douglas Albert C Burnett, Waterloo, WI 1846-1895 Macklem_37329
Douglas Benjamin Walker_80122
Douglas John Jackson Burnett, Waterloo, WI 1845-1876 Macklem_37329
Douglas Lena Ace_53589
Douglas Lillian (Betts) Aldrich_22206
Douglas Sarah nee Bell Walker_80122
Douglass Benjamin Walker_80122
Douglass Sarah nee Bell Walker_80122
Douse Jefferson Co, Wis 1840-1870 Miller_53549
Douse John Koshkonong, Jeff Co, WI 1850s Miller_53549
Dow Lorenzo Calhoun_94523
Dow Richard Calhoun_94523
Dowd Jefferson/Dodge , Wisc 1850- Dowd _55092
Dowd Michael Tn Shields, Dodge Co,WI 1850-1875 Schaaf_55092
Dowidat Emma Wilhelmine (Bader) Ellickson_52317
Dowidat John L., Rev Ellickson_52317
Downey Whitewater, Jeff Co, WI Hill_53146
Downey John J Whitewater, WI Hill_53146
Downey John J Whitewater, WI 1846-1932 Hill_53146
Downie Elkador, Clayton Co, Iowa Bleuel_54935
Downie Merrill, Lincoln Co, Wi Bleuel_54935
Downing Farley_70124
Downing Harold MacGowan_01852
Downing Winnifred MacGowan_01852
Downs New York Buck_44118
Doyle Annastasia Staley_56308
Doyle Brother Hilary Staley_56308
Draeger Charles Minn.Jct, Dodge Co, WI 1900- Kenitzer_53511
Draeger William Minn. Jct, WI 1890-1930 Keniter_53511
Draginis Anton Beaver Dam, DodgeCounty, WI 1920 to 1930 Draginis_53189
Drake Mary Etta nee Artt Dahlstrom_99019
Drake Sarah M. Frye_92530
Drake Seth M Frye_92530
Drane Dwyer_98282
Draper Bobbie Jean Swatek_53589
Draves Fern L. Boehm_54751
Drescher Amanda Ray nee Hofmeister Swatek_53589
Drescher Jason Paul Swatek_53589
Drewelow Grabko_27539
Drewelow Grabko_27539
Drewlow Grabko_27539
Drewlow Albert Watertown, Jeff/Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1885-1925 Kelman_53098
Drews Milwaukee, Wisconsin Mueller_53094
Drummer Edna Smith_22182
Drunasky Frank Watertown,WI (Jeff Co) 1850-1853 Drunasky_54115
Duckerschein Henry Oak Grove, Dodge County, WI 1854-1892 Duckerschein_60010
Duckert Ruth (Roach) Dahlstrom_78251
Duckert William Dahlstrom_78251
Ducklow OHearn_60563
Dudley Orpha Jane 1850-1909 Macklem_37329
Duehring Schnepf_54459
Duehring Theresa/Lomira,WI 1850- Schnepf_54459
Duehring,  Rudy (families) Theresa, Dodge Co, WI 1800s Schnepf_54459
Duell Verle Swatek_53589
Duffy Mary Wild_18914
Duley Jeanette nee Bergmann Zagorski_90065
Duley Walter Zagorski_90065
Duncan E. A. Glasser_98034
Duncan Ed Glasser_98034
Duncan Elijah A Glasser_98034
Duncan Elizah A Glasser_98034
Duncan Phoebe Jane nee Morrison Glasser_98034
Duncan Polly nee Knapp Glasser_98034
Dunn Ixonia Twp, Watertown, etc 1850-1920 Schumacher_53150
Dunn Elinora Gorder_53594
Durand Rose_49931
Dwyer Dwyer_98282
Eagen Grabko_27539
Eales Hebron, Jeff Co, WI 1840- Sampley_91942
Eales Jefferson Co, WI Conner Sampley-91942
Earch Ann Wilson_50161
Early Patrick Ashippun, Dodge County, WI 1850-1880 Early_53130
Eaton Almon Ransom Rose_33301
Eaton Caroline Amelia Rose_33301
Eaton Orisa Rose_33301
Ebbert Evelyn Witzlib_53051
Ebbot Catherine Williamson_3195
Ebbot Gregory Williamson_3195
Ebert Albertine Ahlquist_73132
Ebert Christian Dodge Co, WI 1860-1900 Schmitt_53094
Ebert William H. Erickson_56215
Eckert Sophia E. Smith_22182
Ecklert Jefferson Co, WI Eckert_53549
Edwards Dianna (McRay) Aldrich_74105
Edwards Ellen (Aldrich)(Crump) Aldrich_22206
Edwards Ellen (Aldrich)(Crump) Aldrich_74105
Edwards Girden Aldrich_74105
Edwards Girdon Aldrich_22206
Edwards Henry L GardnerPhillips_60045
Edwards Henry L. Boehm_54751
Edwards Lathrop Boehm_54751
Edwards Olney Aldrich_74105
Egan Colligan_49241
Eggert Richwood, Dodge, WI Skalitzky_53925
Eggert Watertown, Dodge Co, Wisconsin Borchardt_53098
Egles Joseph Hebron, Jeff Co, WI 1840-1930 Dooge_53549
Egloff family Ft. Atkinson, Jefferson Cty Felbel_2620
Ehrke Neumann_53719
Ehrke Alice Raether_53188
Eichhorst Gottlieb Wilhelm Boehm_54751
Eichhorst James E. Boehm_54751
Eichmann Elizabeth Zagorski_90065
Eickstaedt Carolina "Lena" Abel_68154
Eiden Anna Beaver Dam 1866 -1912 Eiden_50010
Eishaug/Eidshaug Johannes Pedersen Jefferson Co 1853 Eishaug _XXXXX
Elgas Wright_85202
Elgas John Farmington, Jeff Co, WI 1845-1900 Sutter_49783
Elgas John, Margarite Ixonia, Jeff Co, WI 1839-1894 Wright_85202
Elgas Ruth E. Berens_55082
Eller Rose Ann Walworth Co,WI Vanderhei_53923
Elsasser Carl Aillery_06907
Elsasser Louise Aillery_06907
Elsasser Regina Aillery_06907
Else Sake_53538
Else Robert, Friedrich Sake_53538
Else Robert,Friedrich Watertown,WI, Prussia 1797-1935 Sake_53538
Elske Augusta Louise Lake Mills, Jefferson Co, Wisconsin 1875 Niemi_61548
Elske Dorothea Louisa Lake Mills, Jefferson Co, Wisconsin 1825-1899 Niemi_61548
Elsner Gustav Sullivan, Jeff Co, WI 1850's + Fritsch_53094
Emrath Maxwell_23435
Emrath Elizabeth Maxwell_23435
Ende Glassel_53714
Ende Ernst & Maria Eva Oak Grove, Dodge Co, WI Glassel_53714
Endl Wright_85202
Endl Michael, Phyllipina Elgas Jefferson Co, WI 1871-1954 Wright_85202
Engelbhart Feirtag_55110
Engelbrecht Purcell_11572
Engelhart Feirtag_55110
Enright Maria Raymond_33596
Eppler Ixonia, WI 1900- Zasrow_53098
Erdman F. Holt_54403
Erdmann Tworkowski_32903
Erdmann August Watertown, Jeff Co, WI 1850- Boos_53137
Erdmann Fred Affeldt_53511
Erdmann Henriette Affeldt_53511
Erdmann Maria Affeldt_53511
Ernst Henry 1905 Ried_14706
Ertl 1858-1900 Ertl_55123
Eske Wuestenberg_53094
Euting Crystal Dawn Swatek_53589
Evans John and Caroline Hebron, Jefferson County, Wisconsin 1860-1886 Evans_80122
Evans Martha nee Hanson Schulz_99223
Evenden Carrie E. (Morrison) MacGowan_01852
Evenden Robert G. MacGowan_01852
Everson Curtis Aldrich_74105
Everson Elizabeth (Rathburn) Aldrich_74105
Everson Emma (Sherman) Aldrich_74105
Everson Fannie Aldrich_74105
Everson Fanny (Pinney) Aldrich_74105
Everson Frank Aldrich_74105
Everson Garth Aldrich_74105
Everson George Edward Aldrich_74105
Everson Kate Aldrich_74105
Everson Luella (Gottschalk) Aldrich_74105
Everson Mable L. (Little) Aldrich_74105
Everson Philander Aldrich_74105
Everson Roy Aldrich_74105
Everson William Aldrich_22206
Everson William Aldrich_74105
Ewerdt Theresa/Lomira,WI 1850- Schnepf_54459
Ewerdt/Ewert Schnepf_54459
Ewert Joachim Theresa, Dodge Co, WI 1850s-1900 Schnepf_54459
Exley Clyman, Watertown, WI 1830- Simle_53716
Exley Dodge Co, WI 1830-present Simle
Exley Dodge Co, WI 1830-present Simle_53716
Exley Jefferson & Dodge Co, WI Fehling_53716
Fahl Arthur John Wagner_78028
Fahl Evelyn M. (Hanrahan) Wagner_78028
Fahl Freber, Miss Wagner_78028
Fahl Irma Sommerfeld Wagner_78028
Fahl John Wagner_78028
Fahl Lenora Freber Wagner_78028
Falk Dodge Co, WI 1830-present Fehlling_53716
Falk Dodge Co, WI 1830-present Simle
Falk Mildred Amanda Amelia nee Lemke Floerke_95616
Fargo Ellen Fogarty_80112
Farley Bernard Geber_55414
Farley Catherine nee Braningham Geber_55414
Farley Mary Agnes Geber_55414
Farmer Schuler_32043
Farnsworth Eva Mesmer Gorder_53594
Farnsworth Forrest Gorder_53594
Farnsworth Kathleen M Barnes/Holmes Gorder_53594
Farnsworth Mary Gorder_53594
Farnsworth Robert A. Gorder_53594
Farnsworth Rodney Gorder_53594
Farrington George Mayville 19th 20th 21st centuries Farrington_60178
Fehling Wilhelmine/Amelia Thompson_55954
Feidler/Vergenz David Watertown, WI 1850-1870 Feidler_54451
Felbel William John Jefferson County 1809 to 1891 Felbel_2620
Feller Ardis Temple_98206
Felton Suzanne Kelly_53820
Felton William Farmington, Wttn, Jeff Co Wiechmann_56028
Felton Wm J Watertown, WI 1880-1920s Wiechmann_56028
Felton/Velton Johann/Sabine Rausch MecKlenburg/Farmington,WI 1828-1905 Wiechmann_56028
Fenz Smithson_53557
Feran Thomas Watertown, WI 1840-1898 Dillon_80524
Ferdon Peter Jr. Westford Township, Dodge County WI 1850 -1865 Ferdon_53219
Fernholz Edward Cota_54157
Ferris Abigail Hoff_97305
Fetkenhauer August Zagorski_90065
Fiege Lonnie Frederick Swatek_53589
Fiege Susan Lee nee Wagner Swatek_53589
Finch Craft_95355
Finch Jefferson Co., WI 1837-1870 Ince_53538
Findlay Sake_53538
Findlay Thomas,Fern Cold Spring, WI 1895-1900s Sake_53538
Findley Maria Wild_18914
Findley Mary Shields, Dodge County, Wis 1852-1870 Findley_53719
Findley Myron Charles Wild_18914
Findley N. Wild_18914
Findley Nicolas Wild_18914
Findley P. Wild_18914
Fingel Janice M. Swatek_53589
Finger Richard Albert Lake Mills, Jefferson County, WI 1880's to 1935 Finger_61108
Fink John Watertown, WI 1854-1910 Allen_57325
Fink Virgina Bertha Johnson Creek, WI 1981 Fink_54956
Finley Anna Wild_18914
Finley James Wild_18914
Finley Maria Wild_18914
Finley Nicholas Watertown (Jefferson Cty) and Shields (Dodge Cty) 1844-1860 Finley_53719
Finley Patrick Wild_18914
Finly Catherine nee Fitzpatrick Wild_18914
Finly Mary nee Duffy Wild_18914
Finly Michael Wild_18914
Finly William Wild_18914
Finnegan Friedlander_30606
Fischer Laska_68640
Fischer Farmington,WI Reese_53151
Fischer Emmalee Kay Swatek_53589
Fischer Henry Cavaliere_94531
Fischer Wm Karl Watertown 1850-1900 Wetzel_29640
Fischer/Lewandowski Matilda Watertown, WI 1850-1030 Lewandowski_22060
Fisher Bernhard Meli_53559
Fisher Mathilda Meli_53559
Fitzpatrick Catherine Wild_18914
Fitzpatrick Elizabeth Tienhaana_54521
Fitzpatrick John Tienhaana_54521
Fitzpatrick Mary Tienhaana_54521
Fitzpatrick Mary Tienhaara_54521
Flath William Zagorski_90065
Fleischfresser Alvina Jefferson Co, WI 1859-1917 Elsey_30265
Fleischfresser Aug.Fried.Wilhelm Watertown, Jeff Co, WI 1854-? Schroeder_80537
Fleischfresser Carl/Charles F Christianshof in Schleswig 1814-1942 Schroeder_80537
Fleischfresser Carl/Charles F Watertown, Jeff Co, WI 1854-1884 Schroeder_80537
Fleischfresser/Duhrman Caroline Watertown, Jeff Co, WI 1854-1886 Schroeder_80537
Fleming William Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1850-1890 Coughlin_53098
Flenius Baneck_53223
Floerke Adam Floerke_95616
Floerke Amanda Floerke_95616
Floerke Amelia nee Hagedorn Floerke_95616
Floerke Anna nee Strunk Floerke_95616
Floerke Augusta nee Schultz Floerke_95616
Floerke Carl, Mrs., nee Lemke Floerke_95616
Floerke Eda nee Horn Floerke_95616
Floerke Edith nee Horn Floerke_95616
Floerke Emma nee Mueller Floerke_95616
Floerke Ernestine W. Floerke_95616
Floerke Eva nee Jacobs Floerke_95616
Floerke Fred Floerke_95616
Floerke Henry Floerke_95616
Floerke Ida nee Horn Floerke_95616
Floerke Lena nee Heese Floerke_95616
Floerke Maria Clara Floerke_95616
Floerke Mildred Amanda Amelia nee Lemke (Falk) Floerke_95616
Floerke Rosalie Floerke_95616
Floerke Ruby M. nee Snyder Floerke_95616
Floerke William Floerke_95616
Florin Mabel Pauline Lindberg_97071
Flynn Christina nee Clark Cota_54157
Flynn James Cota_54157
Flynn Michael Cota_54157
Fobes Benjamin Knape_85248
Fobes Mary Knape_85248
Foege Strege_53094
Foley Marion Van Turnhout_18
Foley Mary (Bennett) Van Turnhout_18
Foley Mary E. Van Turnhout_18
Foley Mary L. nee Laffey Van Turnhout_18
Foley Mary M Milw/Watertown, WI 1893-1960 VanTurnhout_18
Foley Mary M Milwaukee & Watertown, WI 1893-1962 Van Turnhout_18
Foley Nancy Van Turnhout_18
Foley Thomas Van Turnhout_18
Forman Joseph & Mary Watertown, Shields, Dodge Cty, WI 1863-1880 Forman_98074
Fornecker Catherine Zagorski_90065
Foster Gertrude E. Michniak_48185
Fox Farley_70124
Fraedrick Wilhelm Jefferson Co, WI 1800-now Fredrick_53094
Francis New York Buck_44118
Frank Anna Barbara Adams_54660
Frank Arvilla Jefferson/Whitewater 1890-1973 Vanderhei_53923
Frank Delmer A. DeVos_54982
Frank Erna DeVos_54982
Frank Jacob Adams_54660
Frank Margaret Adams_54660
Frank Marie Adams_54660
Frank Peter Adams_54660
Frank Theodore DeVos_54982
Frank William Henry Adams_54660
Frank William, Henry jefferson 1865-1951 Vanderhei_53923
Franke Sampson_99517
Franke J.P. Rev. Freiberg_60008
Franke John/Daniel Mayville, Dodge Co, WI 1850-1890 Langdon_97103
Franz Carl 1870 Tn Watertown, WI 1831-1898 Dietzel_53094
Franz Dora 1870 Tn Watertown, WI Dietzel_53094
Franz Herman 1870 Tn Watertown, WI Dietzel_53094
Franz Otto 1870 Tn Watertown, WI Dietzel_53094
Frary George Riley Portland, Dodge County, WI 1828-1891 Frary_86432
Frathinger Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1860- Arnott_53186
Freber Lenora Wagner_78028
Frederich August F L Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1871-1950 Kuntz_54115
Fredrich Friederike Charlotte Sophia 1818- Lenius_53098
Fredrich Wilhelm Jefferson Co, WI 1800-now Fredrick_53094
Fredrick Wuestenberg_53094
Freeman Samuel Beaver Dam Twp & City 1849-1904 Wright_53551
Freund Fond du Lac/Calumet Co, WI Miller_31820
Frey Smithson_53557
Frey Fred Lake Mills, Jeff Co, WI 1880-1920 Smith_54601
Frey James S. Swatek_53589
Frey Margaret Ann nee Walther Swatek_53589
Friedel Jefferson Co, WI Stindt_48602
Frissell Charles Jefferson Co, WI 1850-1863 Maki_98365
Fritsch Charles (Carl) Concord, Jeff Co, WI 1850's + Fritsch_53094
Fritsch Henry Concord, Jeff Co, WI 1850's + Fritsch_53094
Fritz Lawrence Dodge & Washington Cos Glassel_53714
Frizzell Emily Maki_98365
Frodel Pranke_53549
Froehlick Habeck_34714
Froehlick Iron Ridge, Dodge County, WI Habeck_34714
Froehnert Emil b.Germany/LaCrosse, WI 1853-1917 Ranis_55987
Froemming David Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1840s Clark_53066
Froemming Emma Zagorski_90065
Frothinger/Bachhuber Margaret Dodge Co WI & South Dakota 1850- Arnott_53186
Fryer Caroline nee Eaton Rose_33301
Fuchs Anna Marie Snyder_53549
Fuchs Anna Marie  Owen_46220
Fuchs Anna, Reiner, Oscar, Otto Watertown 1860-1920 Fuchs_46220
Fuchs Elizabeth Aillery_06907
Fuchs J.G. Huff_53142
Fuertner/Furtner Jacob & Tillie Mayville, Dodge Co, WI 1914-1950s Glassel_53714
Fuhrop Doris Erickson_56215
Fuller Milford, Jefferson Co, Wisconsin 1850 - Eisenga_53933
Fuller Abigail Gerlach_53151
Fuller Adin Lloyd Gerlach_53151
Fuller Charles D. Copet_53214
Fuller Daniel Copet_53214
Fuller David Warren Gerlach_53151
Fuller David Warren Milford, Jefferson Co, WI 1844 m in Aztalan Gerlach_53151
Fuller David Warren Milford, Jefferson Co, WI 1872 died in Milford Gerlach_53151
Fuller Kezia Udey Gerlach_53151
Fuller Rupert Adin Gerlach_53151
Funk Funk_97068
Furhop 1858-1900
Fusseder Father Francis Miller_60619
Gahlman Gahlman_53039
Gahlman Anthony Dodge Co, WI Gahlman_53039
Gaines Laurie Kae nee Dobbratz Hoffman_55963
Gaines Robert John Hoffman_55963
Gamm Marie Swatek_53589
Gamm Marie Vosen_53925
Garbisch Florence Lutz_54401
Garbrecht Elsa Marie "Elsie"  Olvera_53213
Garbutt Margaret (Pickering)(Bell) Walker_82609
Garczynski Anne nee Perry Perry_54208
Garczynski Carl Perry_54208
Garity Friedlander_30606
Gasner Amalia Adlard_97038
Gasner Marcella Adlard_97038
Gassner Barbara A. Scheberl Adlard_97038
Gassner Eleanor G. Greget Adlard_97038
Gassner Louis Adlard_97038
Gassner Marcus Adlard_97038
Gassner Marcus R. Adlard_97038
Gassner Margaret H. Scheberl Adlard_97038
Gassner Mary Brechtel Adlard_97038
Gassner Norbert F. Adlard_97038
Gassner Ottilia Adlard_97038
Gassner Roger Adlard_97038
Gauerke Appleton, WI Gauerke_37043
Gauerke Ixonia, Wis Gauerke_37043
Gauerke Carl Friederick Ixonia, WI 1802-1803 Gauerke_37043
Gauerke Johann Christian Mecklenburg, Germany 1789-1865 Kullman_53066
Gaugert Mary J. Phillips_98367
Gaul Watertown, WI Sormrud_53029
Gaul, Johann Carl Watertown, Wisconsin 1824-1893 Sormrud_53029
Gay Bogie_
Gear Bogie_
Gear Bogie_75035
Gebel Beaver Dam, WI 1890-1910 Kraut_53066
Gebel Clara Beaver Dam, Dodge Cty, WI 1898-1920 Gebel_46725
Gebhardt Charles W. Sullivan_54703
Gebhardt Emma (Kiesling) Sullivan_54703
Gebhardt Harold Sullivan_54703
Gebhardt John Sullivan_54703
Gee Colonel Reints_50014
Gee Esther Reints_50014
Gehrke Hoover_53204
Gehrke Friedrich Mayville, Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1847-1926 Kelly_53820
Gehrke Friedrich Mayville,WI 1847-1926 Kelly_53820
Gehrke William Mayville, WI 1847-1912 Kelly_53820
Geishirt Hornby_54130
Geishirt Waterloo, Madison, So.WI Hornby_54130
Gelina Sharon R. Swatek_53589
Gennerman Donna Mae nee Payne Swatek_53589
Gennerman Kurtis Victor Swatek_53589
Gens(Jens)(Yentz) Watertown,WI 1860-1875 Kohrt_55345
Gens/Genz Johann Heinrich Jefferson Co, WI 1860-1875 Kohrt_55345
Gens/Genz Mary Jefferson Co, WI 1860-1875 Kohrt_55345
Gens/Genz Sophia Jefferson Co, WI 1860-1875 Kohrt_55345
Gensch Herman Randolph, Dodge/Columbia Vanderhei_53923
Gensmer Family members not given not given Gensmer_55987
Genz Genz_53137
Genz Watertown, WI Genz_53137
Genzmer Maria (Brandt) Wisconsin 1852 Erickson_55720
George J.W. Elliott_48066
Gerber Emma nee Lang Michniak_48185
Gerissler Leonard Johann Helenville, WI - 1952 Baneck_53137
Germann Ludwig Wisconsin 1850-1890 Weitzel_32128
Gerth Corey J. Erickson_56215
Gerth Heidi A. nee Stauffer Erickson_56215
Geschke Hill_60950
Geschke Fredriche Caroline Germany/RRWatertown, WI 1813-1880 Wiechmann_56028
Geske/Jeske Carl/Karl Clyman, Watertown, Jeff Co ? - 1898 Jeske_90814
Geske/Jeske Wilhelm/William Clyman, Watertown, Jeff Co 187?-1902 Jeske_90814
Geske/Jeske Willhelm/William Milford twp, Jefferson, Wisconsin 1870-1902 Jeske_92646
Gess Anna Boehm_54751
Gess Anna Christina (Sommerfeldt) Boehm_54751
Gess Charles Boehm_54751
Gess Fern L. nee Gilkey (Draves) Boehm_54751
Gess Henry Boehm_54751
Gess Herman J. Boehm_54751
Gess John Boehm_54751
Gess John Gottlieb Boehm_54751
Gess Kathy Boehm_54751
Gess Lizzie nee O'Brien Boehm_54751
Gess Marilyn Boehm_54751
Gess Mary Agnes (O'Brien) Boehm_54751
Gess Minnie (Hooper) Boehm_54751
Gess Raymond Boehm_54751
Gess Rodney Boehm_54751
Gess Ronald Boehm_54751
Gess Willie Boehm_54751
Gessner "Papa" Barker_55102
Gessner George, Jr. Barker_55102
Gessner Grace Barker_55102
Gessner Heinrich (Papa) Barker_55102
Gessner Henry Barker_55102
Gessner John Barker_55102
Gessner Papa's Bronchos Barker_55102
Gfeller Hill_60950
Gibbs Alonzo VanAmburgh_12198
Gibbs Benjamin F. VanAmburgh_12198
Gibson Watertown, WI 1848-Pres Bergin_53094
Gierke Augusta Kuntz_53039
Giese Alma Erickson_56215
Giese Bertha Erickson_56215
Giese Delores Erickson_56215
Giese Donna Mae nee Lenius Erickson_56215
Giese Doris nee Fuhrop Erickson_56215
Giese Florence nee Nitka Erickson_56215
Giese Fred Appleton, Swift Co, MN 1884 Kuehl_53094
Giese Louisa Alma, WI/LaCrosse, WI 1869-1945 Ranis_55987
Giese Louise Zagorski_90065
Giese Melody Erickson_56215
Giese Merlin W. Erickson_56215
Giese Otillia Abram_55760
Giese Otillia nee Sabien Erickson_56215
Giese Phyllis Erickson_56215
Giese Walter W. Erickson_56215
Giese Wilma Erickson_56215
Gilbertson Lars Palmyra Township 1850-1900 Gilbertson_XXXXX
Gildemeister Ernst Watertown, WI 1807-1888 Hinnenthal_55447
Gildemeister Ernst Watertown, WI 1870-1880s Hinnenthal_55447
Gildemeister Ernst Watertown, WI 1875-1885 Hinnenthal_55447
Gildemeister Ernst August Watertown, WI 1875-88 Hinnenthal_55447
Giles Adeline Lemmens Boehm_54751
Giles Alfred E. Boehm_54751
Giles Thomas Boehm_54751
Gilkey Blossom (Larsen) Boehm_54751
Gilkey Fern L. Boehm_54751
Gill Charles R. Stafford_22551
Gill Mayor Stafford_22551
Gilmore Matilda Zagorski_90065
Glaesel Eary M. Swatek_53589
Glaesel Margaret Swatek_53589
Glaessel Johann Swatek_53589
Glaessel Johann C. Swatek_53589
Glaessel John C. Swatek_53589
Glaessel Kate nee Menzel Swatek_53589
Glander Whilemine (nee Schoso) Jefferson County late 1800s Glander _XXXXX
Glassel Blandine G. nee Albert Swatek_53589
Glassel Charles, Mrs. Swatek_53589
Glassel Jane Christina Swatek_53589
Glassel Joh.; Michael; Fern Helenville, Jeff Co, WI 1840s-1920s Glassel_53714
Glassel Johann & Marg Helenville, Jeff Co,WI 1840s-1905 Glassel_53714
Goecks Karlstad_55376
Goecks Friedrich Hustisford, Dodge 1880-1916 Goecks_xxxxx
Goeldner 1875-1950 Lindborg_90808
Goff Maria Anna Raymond_33596
Goodenough Cyrenia Knape_85248
Goodenough Stillman Knape_85248
Goodrich Hiram B. Rubicon Township, Dodge Co. 1840-1855 Goodrich_67203
Goodrich Horace Penner_47274
Goodwin Chas. E. Sealy_78418
Goodwin James Sealy_78418
Goodwin Patrick Sealy_78418
Goolsby Tennessee Buck_44118
Goslin G.F. Aillery_06907
Goslin Lillian Heinrich Aillery_06907
Gosselin Estella (Beemer) MacGowan_01852
Gosselin Fred Ellingford MacGowan_01852
Gosselin Leander MacGowan_01852
Gosselin Lottie MacGowan_01852
Gosselin Nellie MacGowan_01852
Gottschalk Amelia Louise Watertown,WI 1861-1937 Carlson_53534
Gottschalk Charles Waterloo, WI 1859-1874 Gottschalk_53706
Gottschalk Charles Watertown,WI 1861-? Carlson_53534
Gottschalk Emma Watertown,WI 1868 Carlson_53534
Gottschalk Kada Watertown,WI 1870 Carlson_53534
Gottschalk Luella Aldrich_74105
Gould Lottie MacGowan_01852
Grabow Edward Kekoskee, Dodge County, WI 1835-1918 Grabow_73130
Grabow Edward Kekoskee, WI 1835-1918 Kelly_53820
Grabow Herman Kekoskee, Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1871-1939 Kelly_53820
Graf(f) Ferdinand Wilhelm Mayville, Dodge, WI Behlke_57350
Grainer Dale R. Swatek_53589
Grainer Irene Swatek_53589
Grainer Russell Swatek_53589
Granger Adella nee Seeber Demling_49503
Granger Euphrasia nee Smith Demling_49503
Grant Donald james Gorder_53594
Grant Kristin Jean nee Spangler Gorder_53594
Grantham Robert G. Knoepfel_98329
Graves Mary Jane Wilson_50161
Graves Mary Jane Jefferson County, WI 1840-1900 Graves_85308
Graw Margaret M. Ahlgrim_72227
Green Charlotte Reynolds Boehm_54751
Green Joseph E. Boehm_54751
Green Polly Boehm_54751
Green (VanLone) Anna Jefferson Co, WI  ?-1868 Penner_47274
Green(Fetherston) Edna Jefferson Co, WI  1873-? Penner_47274
Greenaway Rachel Vollrath_54481
Greenwood Grace E. (Millard) Aldrich_22206
Greenwood Grace E. (Millard) Aldrich_74105
Greget Eleanor G.  Adlard_97038
Gregor McCutchin_53590
Greiner Sebastian & Teresa Mayville, Dodge Co, WI 1888-1930s Glassel_53714
Greiner Sebastian; Grace Glassel_53714
Greinert Henrietta Gardner_54814
Greve Barbara nee Roessler Cota_54157
Greve Frank Cota_54157
Greve Frank C. Cota_54157
Griep Emil Neosho, WI b.5/24/1883 Block_53098
Griep Herman Watertown,Dodge,WI 1920-1940s Kelman_53098
Griep Herman W Watertown, Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1895-1930 Kelman_53098
Griep Sadie Watertown,Dodge Co, WI 1925-1974 Sterwald_53094
Griep/Griepp Herman J Juneau, Dodge Co, WI 1881-1907 Kelman_53098
Griffin Johanna Jeff & Dodge Co, WI 1846-1905 Schuenke_53150
Griffiths Mary Thompson_84047
Grisham Tania Mae Gorder_53594
Griswold Minerva  Phillips_63119
Gritzbauch Laska_68640
Groentzel Anna Christine Hoof_83110
Gronert Amanda nee Groth Bruins_62703
Grosenick Grosenick_34119
Grosenick Lebanon, WI 1800- Grosenick_34119
Grosenick Ernst Lebanon 1860-1900 Grosenick_34119
Grosenick Ernst Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1860-1912 Borchert_52590
Grosenick Henry Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1860-1912 Borchert_52590
Grossklaus Arnold_86303
Grossman Carl Ingram_60030
Grossnick Iron Ridge, WI 1800- Grosenick_34119
Groth Adelina Bruins_62703
Groth Amanda Bruins_62703
Groth Henry Bruins_62703
Groth Wilhelmine nee Oestreich Bruins_62703
Grovesteen New York Buck_44118
Grovesteen Pennsylvania Buck_44118
Grovesteen Wisconsin Buck_44118
Gruetzmacher Christian Stout_53038
Grulke Bertha Schrader_57006
Grulke Patricia Jean Swatek_53589
Grulke Wilhem Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1880 Oestreich_53036
Grunewald Christian Hubbleton,. Jeff Co, WI 1831-1905 Wallin_85614
Grunewald Gloria nee Schmitt Wallin_85614
Grunewald William Waterloo, WI 1950d Block_53098
Guenterberg Clara Koch_22203
Guenterberg Emil Koch_22203
Guesse Amalia (Emma) Strege_53094
Guett Hill_60950
Guetzlaff Cora D. McCutchin_53590
Guetzlaff Herman Watertown, Dodge, WI 1849-1894 Oestreich_53036
Guetzlaff Herman J. McCutchin_53590
Guetzlaff Herman Sr. McCutchin_53590
Guetzlaff Willard F. McCutchin_53590
Gunn John MacMillan_87533
Gunn William MacMillan_87533
Gunning Thorn_60002
Gunnison Aquilla Koshkonong, Jefferson Co. 1847-1860 Notbohm_99901
Gunz Margaretha Barbara McCue_53528
Gunz Margaretha Barbara Michniak_48185
Gurr Elsie Elizabeth Blythe_V2P 5B9
Guse Andrew Tn Emmet & Watertown 1828-1907 Schoenike_53558
Gustaveson Eric E. Swatek_53589
Gustaveson Gertrude Swatek_53589
Gustaveson Robert Goodrich Swatek_53589
Guttenberg Conrad Jefferson, Jefferson Co, WI 1855-1899 Guttenberg_61864
Guttenberg Eugene L., Lt. Michniak_48185
Guttenberg Joan nee Yahn Michniak_48185
Guttenberg Marcella Arnott_53186
Haack McCartney_85282
Haag Swatek_53589
Haag Helenville/Jefferson 1850-2011 Swatek_53589
Haag Jefferson Co 1850-now Swatek_53589
Haag Jefferson Co, Wisconsin Swatek_53589
Haag Barbara nee Walther Swatek_53589
Haag Henrietta Amelia Swatek_53589
Haag Henrietta Amelia nee Strese Tompkins_13021
Haag J.A. Michniak_48185
Haag Johann Michael Swatek_53589
Haag Katie Swatek_53589
Haag Margaretha Michniak_48185
Haag Pearl E. Swatek_53589
Haas Ardis E. nee Rambow Dupont_53575
Haas Kenneth Dupont_53575
Haase Christian Watertown, WI 1805-1868 Haase_68803
Haase Fred Ixonia, WI 1838-1909 Haase_68803
Haase Frederick C Ixonia or Watertown, Wisconsin 1838-1868 Haase_68803
Haase Frederick C Ixonia, WI Haase_68803
Habbegger Hill_60950
Habeck Habeck_34714
Habeck Iron Ridge, Dodge County, WI Habeck_34714
Haberman Anton Marshall, Jefferson Co., WI 1835-1900 Haberman_53711
Haberman Floyd W. Dahlstrom_99019
Haberman Walter Waterloo,-Jefferson County Died in 1979 Haberman_54521
Habermann Waterloo, Watetown, WI 1850-pres. Jones_92028
Hacht Crystal Gayle nee James Gorder_53594
Hacht Justin Lee Gorder_53594
Hachtel 1854 - present Baneck_53559
Hachtel Jefferson Twp 1854-2011 Baneck_53559
Hachtel Rome, Jeff Co, WI 1854- Baneck_53559
Hachtel Sally Edna Erickson_56215
Hachtel Various Jefferson Twp, Jeff Co, WI 1854- Baneck_53559
Hacker Anthony McGrath_53549
Hacker Joan (Schimmel) McGrath_53549
Hacker Joseph McGrath_53549
Hacker Michelle McGrath_53549
Hadler, Gamoll Grafton, Ozaukee Co, Wis Mueller_53094
Hafford Grabko_27539
Hagedorn Amelia Floerke_95616
Hagerty Anna Wild_18914
Hagerty Bridget Wild_18914
Hagerty Eleanor Wild_18914
Hagerty Eliza Jane Wild_18914
Hagerty Elizabeth Wild_18914
Hagerty Florian Wild_18914
Hagerty John Wild_18914
Hagerty Patrick Wild_18914
Hagerty Richard Wild_18914
Haggerty Jeremiah Wild_18914
Hahn Hill_60950
Hahn Angela nee Jacobi Rubicon Twp, Dodge Co. 1847-1876 Miller_31820
Hahn August Waterloo, Jeff Co, WI 1850- Boos_53137
Hahn Bartholomew Neosho, Dodge Co, WI 1847 Miller_31820
Hahn Bartholomew Neosho, Dodge Co, WI 1847- Miller_31820
Hahn Bartholomew Neosho, WI 1847- Miller_31820
Hahn Bartholomew Rubicon Twp, Dodge Co. 1847-1857 Miller_31820
Hahn Johanna Neosho, WI 1847- Miller_31820
Hahn John Jacob Jefferson/Lake Mills -1936 Van Galder54669
Hake Harvey Swatek_53589
Hake Lizzie Michniak_48185
Hake Mabel R. Swatek_53589
Halberstadt Gottfried Hustisford, WI -1869 Koch_22203
Halberstaett Gottfried Koch_22203
Halberstat Gottfried Hustisford, WI 1945- Koch_22203
Halbman Ruth Blythe_V2P 5B9
Halfpap Carl Halfpap_54401
Hamann Earl Van Turnhout_18
Hamann Martha Vosen_53925
Hamann Wilhelm Watertown, WI 1827-1913 Scherwitz_53563
Hamer Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Wisconsin 1926-1970 Hamer_53538
Hamer Henry Fort Atkinson, Jeff Co, WI 1882-1916 Hamer_53538
Hamer Henry Fort Atkinson, Jeff Co, WI 1896-1936 Hamer_53558
Hamer Henry Fort Atkinson,Jeff Co,Wis 1840-1923 Hamer_53538
Hamer Henry-Dorothy Fort Atkinson, Jefferson Co, Wis 1930-1990 Hamer_53538
Hamer William Fort Atkinson, WI 1825-1946 Hamer_53538
Hammarquist Maxwell_23435
Hammarquist Archie Maxwell_23435
Hammarquist C.G. Maxwell_23435
Hammarquist Charles Maxwell_23435
Hammarquist Charlotte nee Burleson Maxwell_23435
Hammarquist Chas. Maxwell_23435
Hammarquist Clara Nelson Maxwell_23435
Hammarquist Permelia nee Atwood Maxwell_23435
Hammes Johan Jefferson, Jefferson Co, Wisconsin 1880-1900 Wille_54646
Hammes Johan Jefferson, WI Wille_54646
Hamnier Jefferson Co, Wis Schmitt_53590
Haney Ora Watertown, WI Block_53098
Hanf Gottfried Sullivan, Jefferson County, WI 1880-1900 Hanf_43537
Hanley Katherina (Catherine) Watertown, WI DOB 1866 Hanley_55917
Hannifan Stephen Portland c1860 Hannifan _XXXXX
Hanrahan Evelyn M. Wagner_78028
Hansen Hans Concord Twp., Jefferson, WI 1845-1861 Hansen_99223
Hanson OHearn_60563
Hanson Christine Begovatz_43447
Hanson Frank Schwager, Mrs. Schulz_99223
Hanson Jacob, Mrs. Schulz_99223
Hanson John Schulz_99223
Hanson Martha  Schulz_99223
Harder Meta M. nee Buchta Swatek_53589
Hardy-Weeks Maryh Beaver Dam, Dodge Co, WI 1815-1885 Bryner_89074
Harford Illinois Buck_44118
Hargraves Robert Watertown, Jeff Co, WI Sterwald_53094
Harman John Rings_98501
Harpham Charles Watertown, WI 1851-1859 Harpham_ England
Harrington Elsie M Knuth_54904
Harrington Howard Erwin Knuth_54904
Harrington Susan A. Swatek_53589
Harris Jessie Perry_54208
Harris Karen Ann Holt_54403
Harrison Ann (Earch) Wilson_50161
Harrison Eva Wilson_50161
Harrison James Jefferson, WI 1857-1934 McDonald_53916
Harrison James F. Wilson_50161
Harrison John Jefferson, WI 1822-1888 McDonald_53916
Harrison Lester Wilson_50161
Harrison Mary Jane Wilson_50161
Harshbarger Michael Louis Swatek_53589
Harshbarger Nancy L. nee Tetzlaff Swatek_53589
Harshbarger Vicki Jean nee Miller Swatek_53589
Hart Charles, Mrs. Aldrich_22206
Hart Charles, Mrs. Aldrich_74105
Hart Gertrude Adell Alling Fort Atkinson, Jefferson Co. 1850-1874 Hart _54739
Harter Iantha nee Wiedenhoeft Swatek_53589
Harter Lynn I. Swatek_53589
Harter Ralph Swatek_53589
Hartford Ohio Buck_44118
Hartl Jacob Rutter_53222
Hartl John, Mrs. Rutter_53222
Hartl Lucas Rutter_53222
Hartl Rose Rutter_53222
Hartmann Emma Louise Zagorski_90065
Hartmann Lisette (Wegner) Zagorski_90065
Hartwig Hill_60950
Hartwig Tilhelm Theresa & Hubbard, Jeff Co 1872-1921 Carlson_53534
Hartwig Wilhelm Theresa, Dodge Co, WI 1874-? Carlson_53534
Hartwig William Hartwig_90293
Hartzheim Shaw_95531
Harvey Harry F. Swatek_53589
Harvey Jennie T. nee Miller Swatek_53589
Haseleu Gottfried & Louisa Jefferson & Dodge Co, WI 1850-1870 Tesmer_54449
Haskins Orisa nee Eaton Rose_33301
Haskins Orissa Rose_33301
Hass Robert Watertown, Jeff Co, WI 1847-1892 Vollrath_54481
Hassett Genevieve (Lalor) Van Turnhout_18
Hassett Mary Milw/Watertown, WI 1826 VanTurnhout_18
Hassett Mary (O'Donnell) Van Turnhout_18
Hassett Mary      Milwaukee & Watertown, WI 1826-1955 Van Turnhout_18
Hassett Thomas Van Turnhout_18
Hassett William Frederick Milw/Watertown, WI 1895-1928 VanTurnhout_18
Hassett William Frederick Milwaukee & Watertown, WI 1895-1928 Van Turnhout_18
Hassett Winifred (Birgin) Van Turnhout_18
Hassett(O'Donnell) Mary Milwaukee & Watertown, WI 1860-1925 Van Turnhout_18
Hassett/O/Donnell Mary Milw/Watertown, WI 1860-1925 VanTurnhout_18
Hassette Michael Van Turnhout_18
Hassey George Aldrich_74105
Hasslinger Carlson_77406
Hastings Ellen  Perry_54208
Haubenschild Aztalan, Jefferson, WI 1850-pres. Jones_92028
Hausz Michael Koshkonong or Fort Atkinson  abt 1846-1868 Hausz_25126
Hawley Ann Sabina Bohm_54166
Hawley Hezekiah Beach Bohm_54166
Hawley Julia Thornton_23518
Hayes Illinois Buck_44118
Hayhurst Sarah Ann Alexander_55804
Hebblethwaite Carlotta "Lottie" nee Pucci Juliani_61032
Heck Stephens_14904
Heckenbach J.A. Heckenbach_60046
Heckenbach Mrs. Heckenbach_60046
Heese Lena Floerke_95616
Hegetschweiler John Bailey_80504
Heideman Watertown, Clyman, WI 1880-1920 Gill_65401
Heideman Aug. Schmidt_54914
Heideman August Schmidt_54914
Heideman Earnest/Ernest Schmidt_54914
Heideman Marie nee Schwan Schmidt_54914
Heideman Max Schmidt_54914
Heil Guell_54937
Heileman Lenora nee Lembrich Swatek_53589
Heileman Louis Swatek_53589
Heilemann Neumann_53719
Heiman Jannke_53098
Hein August Milford, Dane Co, WI 1857 Florey_23716
Hein Christian Florey_53716
Hein Frances M. nee Nagel Thomas_53066
Hein Jasey Lin Davison_53590
Heine Gladiola E. "Granny" nee Mueller Zagorski_90065
Heinrich Anna Aillery_06907
Heinrich Anne Aillery_06907
Heinrich Cassimer Aillery_06907
Heinrich Catherine Aillery_06907
Heinrich Christ Aillery_06907
Heinrich Elizabeth Aillery_06907
Heinrich Elizabeth Fuchs Aillery_06907
Heinrich Eva Penelope Aillery_06907
Heinrich Ferd Aillery_06907
Heinrich Frank Aillery_06907
Heinrich George Aillery_06907
Heinrich Leona Aillery_06907
Heinrich Lillian Aillery_06907
Heinrich Louisa Krueger Aillery_06907
Heinrich Louise Elsasser Aillery_06907
Heinrich Pauline Katherine Shriner Aillery_06907
Heinrich Philip Aillery_06907
Heinrich S. Cassimer Aillery_06907
Heintz Donald Swatek_53589
Heintz Lorraine nee Walther Swatek_53589
Heise Anna Albertina Emile Zagorski_90065
Heitz Christian Heitz_61107
Heitz Frank, Sr. Heitz_61107
Helbing Gottfried Long_49456
Held Meta Berens_55082
Hell Augusta nee Michel Minks_95926
Hell Margaretha Minks_95926
Hell Wilhelmina Caroline Augusta nee Kuehn Minks_95926
Hell William Sr. Minks_95926
Helland Watertown, WI 1848-Pres Bergin_53094
Helle Anna nee Blasing Minks_95926
Helle Maynard A. Minks_95926
Helle Otto E. Minks_95926
Helle Otto, Mrs. Minks_95926
Helle William/Fred Minks_95926
Heller Carol Olvera_53213
Heller Erwin H Olvera_53213
Heller Jacob Saxony, Germany 1800-1820 McKee_53186
Heller Viola Leona Olvera_53213
Helmer Schepp_46818
Helwig Kind_53925
Hemming Ensign, Rev. McGuire_60631
Henbest Bogie_
Henbest Bogie_75035
Henbest Hebron, WI Bogie_75035
Henbest Charles & Mary Hebron & Palmyra, Wisconsin 1860-1911 Bogie_75035
Henbest Fanny Hebron & Palmyra, Wisconsin 1865-1944 Bogie_75035
Henke Helene A Clyman & Watertown 1863-1939 Schoenike_53558
Henke Julius Gardner_54814
Henke William Gardner_54814
Hennen Maria Berens_55082
Henning (any) Watertown, WI 1848-1910 Zimmerman_22153
Henning Carl Watertown, Wisconsin 1847-1910 Zimmerman_22153
Henning Christian Ixonia, Jeff Co,WI 1846-? Pugh_72021
Henning Fred Henning_53546
Henning Gottfried Watertown, Wisconsin 1847-1900 Zimmerman_22153
Henning Gottfried Watertown,WI 1886-1894 Zimmerman_22153
Henning Gottlieb Watertown, WI 1870-1885 Zimmerman_22153
Henning Julia nee Schultz Henning_53546
Henningseb Anna Sterwald_72714
Henrich Clara Gorder_53594
Henry Lucy  Perry_54208
Henschel Johanna nee Neitzel Fadness_54875
Henschel Mr. Fadness_54875
Henze Christian Dorn_34746
Henze Mary Dorn_34746
Hepp Elizabeth Quinn_93274
Hepp Elizabeth Watertown 1834-1905 Quinn_93274
Heppe Neuman_53932
Herman Sophia Josephine Rings_98501
Hermann Emma nee Dinkel Holt_54403
Hermann Henry 1842-1918 Hermann_53559
Hermann Mathias, Mrs. (Mary Biewer) Butz_80919
Hermann Mielke Ludwig Holt_54403
Herrmann Louisa A. Zagorski_90065
Herschley Marry Jefferson/Dodge, WI 1860- Glantz_57071
Herschley Mary Jefferson/Dodge, WI 1860- Glantz_57071
Hertel Farmington,WI Reese_53151
Hertel Hugo Watertown 1924 Hertel_60660
Hesse n/a n/a n/a Hesse_53178
Heuer Clara E.  Temple_98206
Hezina (aka Hesina, Haznow, variations) Vehlow_60048
Hickey Juneau, Dodge Co, Wis Bleuel_54935
Higgins C. Corcoran_53092
Higgins Chas. Corcoran_53092
Higgins Tho., Capt. Corcoran_53092
Higgins Thomas Corcoran_53092
Hilbert Charles/David 1840s Hilbert_55116
Hildebrandt Anna Waterloo, WI 1882-1962 Peschel_53590
Hildebrandt Fred August Ahlgren_11795
Hildebrandt Herman Ahlgren_11795
Hildebrandt Julius Ahlgren_11795
Hildebrandt Julius Reeseville, WI 1881-present Peschel_53590
Hildemann Hulda Germany, Juneau, WI 1850-1920 Sukow_53098
Hilgendorf Arthur Gardner_54814
Hilgendorf Arthur E. Gardner_54814
Hilgendorf Elmer Gardner_54814
Hilgendorf Fredericka, Mrs. Tworkowski_32903
Hilgendorf John, Molitz Juneau, WI 1870-1920 Sukow_53098
Hilgendorf Richard Gardner_54814
Hill Watertown, WI Roscoe_80919
Hill Susan Callaghan_43701
Hill/Hills Jesse Iron Ridge Wisconsin and Concord Jefferso 1849ish to 1850ish Hill/Hills_53963
Hilliker New York Buck_44118
Hilliker Wisconsin Buck_44118
Hinchliff Charles Ackerman_83328
Hinkel/Henkel Henry Hebron, Sullivan, Cold Spring 1857-1880 Vollrath_54481
Hinnenthal Hein Wilhelm Watertown, WI 1875-1885 Hinnenthal_55447
Hinnenthal Heinrich Wilhelm Watertown, WI 1843-1917 Hinnenthal_55447
Hinnenthal Wilhelm Watertown, WI 1843-1917 Hinnenthal_55447
Hinrichs Engel Michniak_48185
Hitch Edward Repta_72653
Hobler Christina Hobler_10522
Hobler George Hobler_10522
Hobler Mary Hobler_10522
Hodge David Oak Grove/Hubbard, Dodge Co. 1855-1875 Wright_53551
Hodge Samuel Oak Grove/Hubbard, Dodge Co. 1855-1875 Wright_53551
Hoefflin(Wuthnow) Rruby Mayville, Dodge Co, WI 1893-1964 Williams_32118
Hoeffner Jannke_53098
Hoefs Iron Ridge, Dodge County, WI Habeck_34714
Hoeft Sara A. Stiehm_80031
Hoepner Lillie Schwarze_54494
Hoffer Edna Grace Watertown, WI 1894 Samuelson_53546
Hoffer John Watertown, Jeff Co, WI 1800-1900 Samuelson_53546
Hoffer John Watertown, Wis 1800-1900=.+ Samuelson_53546
Hoffer John Watertown,WI,  1862-1930 Hoffer_53546
Hoffman Swatek_53589
Hoffman Amelia Waterloo, WI Archie_22314
Hoffman Joyce M. Swatek_53589
Hoffman Joyce M. nee Crandall Swatek_53589
Hoffman Martha Archie_22314
Hoffman Shirley Ann Swatek_53589
Hofmeister Amanda Ray Swatek_53589
Hoist Alma Szollar_53045
Holbrook Jefferson Co, WI 1840-1900 Tam_Dorla
Holbrook Jefferson Co, WI 1848-1900 Tam_98290
Holcomb George Boehm_54751
Holland A.B., Rev. Swatek_53589
Holland Alvin B., Rev. Swatek_53589
Holland Marlene nee Winchell Swatek_53589
Hollatz Arliene Zagorski_90065
Hollatz Arliene E. Zagorski_90065
Hollender Martha Zagorski_90065
Hollinger Maria Hebron, Jeff Co, WI 1840-1935 Dooge_53549
Hollnagel Schepp_46818
Holm Ole Isaksen Boehm_54751
Holman Clark Bohm_54166
Holman Reuben GardnerPhillips_60045
Holmes George, Dr. Szollar_53045
Holmes Gladys B. nee Krusing Szollar_53045
Holste Christina Farmington,WI Reese_53151
Holste Elizabeth E. Ahlquist_73132
Holste Fredericka Ahlquist_73132
Holton Sara Hunter_97404
Holverson/Halverson Tn Lebanon & Ashippun 1845-now Kraut_53066
Holzhueter Christian 1856 Florey_53716
Holzhueter Christian Milford, Jeff Co, WI 1866 Florey_53716
Holzhueter Christian Sr Milford, Dane Co, WI 1856 Florey_23716
Holzworth Farmington Twp n1850-2011 Baneck_53559
Holzworth Farmington,Jeff Co, WI 1850- Baneck_53559
Holzworth Various Farmington Twp, Jeff Co, WI 1850- Baneck_53559
Homolka 1858-1900 Ertl_55123
Hoof Alvin Sr. Vosen_53925
Hoof Gottlip Vosen_53925
Hoof Herman F. Vosen_53925
Hoof Laura Watertown, Jefferson Cty, WI 1850-1900 Hoof_53094
Hoof Laura nee Wolf Vosen_53925
Hoof Lilie nee Kleinsteuber Vosen_53925
Hoof Mary Vosen_53925
Hoof Minnie Vosen_53925
Hoof Rudolph Vosen_53925
Hoof William A. Vosen_53925
Hoof Wilmer H. "Wimpy" Vosen_53925
Hooper C.T. Boehm_54751
Hooper Carl Boehm_54751
Hooper Eda F. Boehm_54751
Hooper George Boehm_54751
Hooper Gerorge F. Boehm_54751
Hooper Harriet nee Tratt Boehm_54751
Hooper Jane nee Strike Boehm_54751
Hooper Josephine (Oleson) Boehm_54751
Hooper Lottie nee Meech Boehm_54751
Hooper Mabel Boehm_54751
Hooper Minnie Boehm_54751
Hooper Thomas Boehm_54751
Hooper W. Boehm_54751
Hoppenrath Harriet L. Koch_22203
Hoppenrath Howard Koch_22203
Horan Ellen Geber_55414
Horker/Herker Maria Mayville, WI 1807-1888 Kelly_53820
Horn Eda Floerke_95616
Horn Edith Floerke_95616
Horn Eva Hebron, Jeff Co, WI 1850-1930 Dooge_53549
Horn Ida Floerke_95616
Hornby Hornby_54130
Hornby Lake Mills, Jeff.Co. Hornby_54130
Hornickel Alma (Rupprecht) Bublitz_53066
Hornickel August F. Bublitz_53066
Hornickle Carolina Witzlib_53051
Horstmeier Audrey C. Swatek_53589
Houghton Dorothy A. Szollar_53045
How/Howe James, Madison Gideon Beaver Dam, Dodge Co, WI 1841-1886 Andorfer_53018
How/Howe Mary Beaver Dam, Dodge Co, WI 1841-1856 Andorfer_53018
Howard Hartwig_53538
Howard Neumann_53719
Howe Watertown, WI area 1860-present Hansen_53225
Howe Eugene Dodgeville, Iowa, Wisconsin, USA 1855-1865 Howe_98043
Howe Gideon Beaver Dam, Dodge Co, WI 1843-1886 Andorfer_53018
Hoyt Cornelia (Aldrich) Aldrich_22206
Hoyt Cornelia (Aldrich) Aldrich_74105
Hoyt Homer Thornton_23518
Hoyt Julia Hawley Thornton_23518
Hoyt Truman Aldrich_22206
Hoyt Truman Aldrich_74105
Hrobsky Vehlow_60048
Hubb/Hub Caspar Watertown, WI 1881-1942 Andreas_53121
Hubb/Hub Ernestine Watertown, WI 1882-1936 Andreas_53121
Hubbard Hartwig_53538
Hubbard Amos/Annas Hebron? Cold Spring? 1812-1872 Hubbard_02143
Huber John and Ursula LeRoy, WI, Dodge County 1855-1897 Huber_56303
Huber Sophie Long_49456
Hubert Fred Bischoff_63034
Huebl Ferdinand Watertown/Johnson Creek WI 1855-? Dobke_53098
Huebner Robinson_32114
Huebner Milford-Portland-Waterloo 1848-Pres Bergin_53094
Huebner David Milford, Jeff, WI 1850-now Bergin_53094
Hughes Denny Seim_53916
Hughes Maria Higgins_76063
Hughlett Hughlett_53189
Hummel Farley_70124
Hummel Karl Charles Fort Atkinson, Jefferson Co, Wis 1801-1886 Christie_53538
Humphrey John Watertown, Wisc 1830-1950 Humphrey_53064
Humphrey John P. Vollrath_54481
Humphrey John Philip Watertown, WI 1866-1930 Vollrath_54481
Humphrey Mary Ellen Perry_54208
Humphrey May Vollrath_54481
Humphrey Rachel nee Greenaway Vollrath_54481
Humphrey Reginald Vollrath_54481
Humprey Mahlon Waterloo, Jefferson Co, WI 1870-1900 Wille_54646
Hunzicker Emil Lake Mills, Jeff. Co, WI 1871-1943 Middleton_53186
Hurtubise Any Watertown, Janesville&Jeff Co 1800s 1900s Hurtubise_95401
Hyland Abner Beaver Dam, WI 1700-1900 Beal_53916
Ihnow Caroline Wilhelmine Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1929-1899 Schoenike_53558
Ippendorf Andreas Gardner_54814
Ippendorf Hendrina nee Simon Gardner_54814
Ippendorf Henrietta Gardner_54814
Ives Harriet Perry_54208
Ives Holmes Fort Atkinson, Jeff, WI 1820-1870 Cropsey_97306
Ives Holmes Oakland, Jeff Co, WI 1840-1880 Cropsey_47306
Iwen Earl F. Bongiorno_08016
Jackson Joseph Lamartine, WI 1848-1927 Sormrud_53029
Jackson William Lamartine, WI 1848-1927 Sormrud_53029
Jacob Angela Neosho, Dodge Co, WI 1847- Miller_31820
Jacob(s) Jannke_53098
Jacobi Neosho, Dodge Co, WI 1847 Miller_31820
Jacobi Peter Rubicon Twp, Dodge Co. 1846-1893 Miller_31820
Jacobs Eva Floerke_95616
Jacobs Shirley Erickson_56215
Jacobson Marian Bonita Kennard_50023
Jacobson Patricia M. Erickson_56215
Jacoby Angela Neosho,WI 1847- Miller_31820
Jaeger Albert Ixonia, Jeff Co, WI 1879-1960 Jaeger_53081
Jaeger Chester Ixonia, Jeff Co, WI 1944-1972 Jaeger_53081
Jaeger F Eduard Watertown, WI 1815-1876 Oestreich_53036
Jaeger Franklin Ixonia, Jeff Co, WI 1920-1978 Jaeger_53081
Jagodzinski Frank X. Rutter_53222
Jagodzinski Susanna nee Bach Rutter_53222
Jahn Jefferson Co, Wis Webster_53098
Jahn Frederick Theresa, Dodge Co, WI 1860? Carlson_53534
Jahn Friedrick Theresa, WI 1848-1904 Carlson_53534
Jahn Pauline Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1673 Carlson_53534
James Crystal Gayle Gorder_53594
James Crystal Jo Gorder_53594
James D.D, Higgins_76063
James David Daniel Higgins_76063
James John R. Thompson_84047
James Maria (Hughes) Higgins_76063
James W.D. Higgins_76063
Janasik Barbara nee Reinke (Edmund) Swatek_53589
Janisch Watertown/Johnson Creek WI 1865-? Dobke_53098
Janisch Ignatz Jefferson Cty, WI 1860- Glantz_57071
Janney Purcell_11572
Jannke Jannke_53098
Jansen Watertown, Jeff Co, WI 1864-1884 Loeffler_95350
Jecklin Louise Emma Wallin_85614
Jens Johann & Sophia Watertown area, Wisconsin 1860-1875 Kohrt_55345
Jens/Gens Mary Jefferson/Dodge Cos, WI 1860-1875 Kohrt_55345
Jens/Yenz Johann Heinrich Jefferson Co, WI 1860-1875 Kohrt_55345
Jens/Yenz Mary Jefferson Co, WI 1860-1875 Kohrt_55345
Jens/Yenz Sophia Jefferson Co, WI 1860-1875 Kohrt_55345
Jensen Gerhard Copet_53214
Jeske Edward Clyman, Dodge Co, WI 1883-1917 Jeske_90814
Jeske Edward Milford twp, Jefferson, Wisconsin 1883-1917 Jeske_92646
Jeske Waldemar Clyman, WI 1908-1917 Jeske_90814
Jeske Wally/Waldemar Clyman, Dodge, Wisconsin 1908-1917 Jeske_92646
Jeske (Geske) Edward Clyman,WI 1883-1917 Jeske_90814
Jeske (Geske) Lydia Clyman, WI 1907-1917 Jeske_90814
Jeske (Rohloff) Wilhelmine Clyman, Dodge Co, WI ?-1885 Jeske_90814
Jira Brian Gregory Gorder_53594
Jira Patricia Ann nee Johnson Gorder_53594
Joda Joda_80202
Joda Watertown, Dodge/Jeff co Loeffler_95350
Joda John Watertown, Dodge WI 1840-1880 Joda_60614
Joda John Watertown,Dodge, WI 1810-1900 Loeffler_95350
Joeckel William Gaddy_52057
Joeckel William, Mrs. nee Smith Gaddy_52057
Joern Hanna Hubbard, Dodge Co, WI 1824 Carlson_53534
Johnson Katie nee Haag Swatek_53589
Johnson Marian Perry_54208
Johnson Neal Damian Swatek_53589
Johnson Patricia Ann Gorder_53594
Johnson/Jansen Bergen, NJ, Yates Co, NY 1700- Hill_04103
Johnson/Jansen Washtenaw Co, MI 1700- Hill_04103
Johnston John C. Kraft_55128
Jonas Ed, Rev. Raether_54201
Jonas Rev. E. Raether_54201
Jones Edward R Jefferson, Ft Atkinson, WI 1832-1860 Jones_99999
Jones Eva Wilson_50161
Jones Harriet Winifred Ackerman_83328
Jones Harriett Ackerman_83328
Jones Ira Hustisford, WI 1850-1880 Bird_53515
Jones John Watertown,Dodge,WI 1850-1900 Kelman_53098
Jones John D. Erickson_56215
Jones John E. Ackerman_83328
Jones John  Ackerman_83328
Joost Hill_60950
Jossi John Dodge Cty, WI 1877-1900 Jossi_53122
Jungmann Anna Nistler_97225
Jungmann Catherine Heinrich Aillery_06907
Jungmann Edward Aillery_06907
Kachelski Joseph Dodge County, WI 1850-1900 Kachelski_53233
Kachelski Leona nee Prag Rademan_33603
Kachelski Leonard Rademan_33603
Kaddatz Frederick Watertown, WI 1860-1900 Kaddatz_53153
Kading Charles A. Ahlquist_73132
Kading Charles E. Ahlquist_73132
Kading Charles Jr. Ahlquist_73132
Kading Elizabeth E. Sommers Holste Ahlquist_73132
Kading Josephine Nelson Ahlquist_73132
Kady Carl So Bryan, Dodge? Co, WI 1850-1900 Schnepf_54459
Kakuschke Fred    Janesville, WI 1940s Hilgendorf_53098
Kakuschke-y Julius Fort Atkinson, WI 1800-1919 Hilgendorf_53098
Kakuschky Julius, Mrs. Tienhaara_54521
Kaliebe McCartney_85282
Kalson August Watertown 1863-1955 Thompson_53711
Kalson Friedrich, August Farmington, WI 1865 Thompson_53711
Kalsow Friedrich Watertown, WI 1813 - Thompson_53711
Kalsow Friedrich Watertown, WI 1813- Thompson_53711
Kalsow Friedrich Michael Watertown, Wisconsin 1865 - Thompson_53711
Kalvel Christian Ixonia, Jefferson, WI 1850-1855 Colwell_55042
Kalvel Ole Ixonia, Jefferson, WI 1850-1855 Colwell_55042
Kalvel Ole, Christian Ixonia, Jefferson Co, Wisconsin 1850-1855 Colwell_55042
Kamm-Draeger Augusta Rolling Prairie, WI Kenitzer_53511
Kamradt Theresa Wilhelmine Zagorski_90065
Kamrath Elsie nee Brummond Zagorski_90065
Kamrath Emily nee Klump Zagorski_90065
Kamrath Emma nee Klettke Zagorski_90065
Kamrath Flora Zagorski_90065
Kamrath Frank Zagorski_90065
Kamrath Louise nee Giese Zagorski_90065
Kamrath Marion L. nee Luebke Zagorski_90065
Kamrath Minnie nee Klettke Zagorski_90065
Kamrath Rudolph Zagorski_90065
Kamrath Wilhelmina Zagorski_90065
Kamrod Ernstine Zagorski_90065
Kanam Augusta/Julius Tn Oak Grove,Dodge Co, WI 1890-1900 Keniter_53511
Kane Mary Clyman, WI 1830-1884 Gravely_25123
Karney/Kearney/Carney Martin Theresa, Dodge, Wisconsin 1850-1890 Jorgensen_53094
Kassahn Watertown, WI 1847-1901 Sauer_55033
Kassahn Albertina Sauer_55033
Kassahn Anna K. nee Schroeder Sauer_55033
Kassahn Gertrude nee Meister Sauer_55033
Kassahn Martha nee Lang Sauer_55033
Kasten Watertown, Clyman, WI ? Gill_65401
Kasten Augusta Tienhaara_54521
Kasten Augusta (Weber) Tienhaara_54521
Kasten Christian Milford, Jeff Com, WI 1860-1900 Smith_54601
Kasten Christian F. Tienhaara_54521
Kasten Friedericka Tienhaara_54521
Kasten Henry, Mrs. Abel_68154
Kasten Louise Robinson_32114
Kaufahl Martha, Albert? Watertown, WI 1898-1960 Lewandowski_22060
Keefer Antone Blythe_V2P 5B9
Keefer Barbara Blythe_V2P 5B9
Keefer C.W. Blythe_V2P 5B9
Keefer Chas. Blythe_V2P 5B9
Keefer Elsie Elizabeth (Gurr) Blythe_V2P 5B9
Keefer Felix Blythe_V2P 5B9
Keefer Frank E Blythe_V2P 5B9
Keefer Genevieve A (Lohaus) Blythe_V2P 5B9
Keefer George C Blythe_V2P 5B9
Keefer Hannah Blythe_V2P 5B9
Keefer Harmon Blythe_V2P 5B9
Keefer Jeannie Blythe_V2P 5B9
Keefer Leonard Blythe_V2P 5B9
Keefer Martha Blythe_V2P 5B9
Keefer Mary A Blythe_V2P 5B9
Keefer Nettie Blythe_V2P 5B9
Keefer Ruth (Halbman) Blythe_V2P 5B9
Keefer Thomas Blythe_V2P 5B9
Keel Edwin W. Zagorski_90065
Keeley Patrick Raymond_33596
Keifer Barbara Neosho, Dodge Co, WI 1847 Miller_31820
Kelbe Laura Huelskamp_43567
Kelble Laura Huelskamp_43567
Kelley John S. Raymond_33596
Kelley Margaret M. Raymond_33596
Kelley Mary Raymond_33596
Kelley Peter Raymond_33596
Kelling Gauerke_37043
Kelling Erna A. Zagorski_90065
Kelling Gottlieb (Hans Heinrich) Ixonia, WI 1818-1891 Gauerke_37043
Kelly John W. Raymond_33596
Kelly Mae F. Raymond_33596
Kelly Michael Watertown,WI 1847-1901 Hanke_53538
Kelly Patrick Raymond_33596
Kelly/Kelley Lowell, Dodge Co, Wisconsin Bleuel_54935
Kelm Gertrude nee Borck Derlein_52406
Kempf Katherine Mayville, Dodge, WI Behlke_57350
Kenitzer Christian/Henry Lomira, WI 1850-1874 Kenitzer_53511
Kenitzer William Rolling Prairie,Dodge Co, WI 1890- Kenitzer_53511
Kenitzer William Tn Oak Grove, WI 1895-1944 Kenitzer_53511
Kenitzer William Town of Oak Grove, Dodge Co 1890-1944 Keniter_53511
Kennedy Mary nee Mundschau Zagorski_90065
Kennedy Patrick, Mrs. (McAdams) Kurth_53213
Kennedy Thomas Zagorski_90065
Kepke Ed Town of Watertown Milford, WI June 20 ish 1891 thru July 10, 1891 Kepke_xxxxx
Kerigan Jefferson Co, WI 1845-1900 Peyer_53156
Kerigan/Karrigan Peter Patrick Jeff Co, WI/Chippewa Co, MN 1875-1925 Peyer_53156
Kern Margaretha Wisconsin 1850-1920 Weitzel_32128
Kerr (Karr) Hugh Emmet, Dodge Co, WI 1820s-1894 Grandchamp_93063
Kerrigan Jefferson Co, WI 1945-1900 Peyer_53156
Kerr  Hugh L Emmet, Dodge Co, WI 1853-1947 Grandchamp_93063
Kerr  Victor Watertown, Jeff, WI 1898-1985 Grandchamp_93063
Kessler Storch_53532
Kessler Alfred F. Swatek_53589
Kessler Aurora Wilhelemina Swatek_53589
Kessler Carolyn Swatek_53589
Kessler Casper J. Swatek_53589
Kessler Coleen Dawn nee Lutz Swatek_53589
Kessler Edward Swatek_53589
Kessler Fred J. Swatek_53589
Kessler Lena nee Klemann Swatek_53589
Kessler Theckla  Swatek_53589
Kessler Walter William Swatek_53589
Ketelhut Ernestine Schrader_57006
Ketelhut Frank Schrader_57006
Ketelhut William Schrader_57006
Key John, Wm Hustisford/Juneau, WI 1900s Skalitzky_53925
Kiefer Anna Maria Blythe_V2P 5B9
Kiefer Barbara Blythe_V2P 5B9
Kiefer Barbara Neosho, Dodge Co 1847-1880 Miller_31820
Kiefer Barbara Orscholz-Neosho, WI 1847 Miller_31820
kiefer Jacob Blythe_V2P 5B9
Kiefer Johann Franzisus Blythe_V2P 5B9
Kiefer Magnus Blythe_V2P 5B9
Kiefer Maria Blythe_V2P 5B9
Kiefer  Barbara Neosho/Rubicon, WI 1847- Miller_31820
Kieffer Anna Blythe_V2P 5B9
Kieffer Elizabeth Blythe_V2P 5B9
kieffer George Blythe_V2P 5B9
Kieffer Hans Blythe_V2P 5B9
Kieffer Joannis Blythe_V2P 5B9
Kienast Helen A. Otto_54947
Kiepert Ethel Maude Perry_54208
Kiepert  Albert W. Stiehm_80031
Kiesling Anna Johanne (Schaller) Sullivan_54703
Kiesling Emma Sullivan_54703
Kiesow Albert J. "Cy" Derlein_52406
Kiesow Arthur F. Derlein_52406
Kiesow David Michael Derlein_52406
Kiesow Edna (Lafler) Derlein_52406
Kiesow Eleanor (Chadwick) Derlein_52406
Kiesow Elizabeth Florence nee Knapton Derlein_52406
Kiesow Elmer A. Derlein_52406
Kiessling John N. Holt_54403
Kiessling Karen Ann nee Harris Holt_54403
Kiessling Nicolas Holt_54403
Kiessling Nicolas K. Holt_54403
Kiessling Nicolaus Holt_54403
Kiessling Paul A., Dr. Holt_54403
Kiewert Charles, Emil Watertown, WI 1870-1880s Hinnenthal_55447
Kilian Schuler_32043
Killian Feirtag_55110
Killian Anna  Van Turnhout_18
Killian James Feirtag_55110
Killian Maria Feirtag_55110
Killian Maria Van Turnhout_18
Killian Mary Feirtag_55110
Killian Mary Van Turnhout_18
Killian Michael  Feirtag_55110
Killian Thomas Van Turnhout_18
Killian Will Feirtag_55110
Kind Kind_53925
Kindlen Anna nee McKnight Kinlen_53017
Kindlen Betsey Ann Kinlen_53017
Kindlen Christian Kinlen_53017
Kindlen John C. Kinlen_53017
Kindlen Josephine nee Bacon Kinlen_53017
Kindlen Mary nee Cruger Kinlen_53017
Kindlen Sarah Jane Kinlen_53017
Kindt Building Products Rampolla_53220
King Grace nee Beiter Zagorski_90065
King Thomas R. Zagorski_90065
Kintopp John Carl Hustisford, Dodge, Wisconsin 1868-1945 Kuntz_54115
Kipp/Kip Passaic Co, NJ, Yates Co, NY 1700- Hill_04103
Kipp/Kip Washtenaw Co, MI 1700- Hill_04103
Kirchhoff Alina/Alma Tienhaara_54521
Kirchhoff Friedericka Tienhaara_54521
Kirchoff Friedericka Tienhaara_54521
Kirschensteiner desLauriers_91711
Kispert Amelia Jefferson, WI 1862-1918 McDonald_53916
Kispert George Jefferson, WI 1831-1898 McDonald_53916
Kittelsen Rogaland, Telemark, Norwy Buck_44118
Kittelsen Wisconsin Buck_44118
Kjetilson Rogaland, Telemark, Norwy Buck_44118
Klaehn Wilhelm Lundebrek_56349
Klausen Elizabeth nee Schultz Tengowski_61048
Klecker Waterloo, Jefferson 1850-pres. Jones_92028
Klecker Vincenz Dodge County, WI 1830-1900 Klecker_53098
Kleinsteuber Lilie Vosen_53925
Klemann Lena Swatek_53589
Klemer Lindborg_90808
Klemp Albert (son of Wilhelm) Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1850-1915 Haarmann_53188
Klemp Barbara Jean nee Vergenz Erickson_56215
Klemp Kurtis LaVern Erickson_56215
Klettke Emma Zagorski_90065
Klettke Minnie Zagorski_90065
Klieforth Sampson_99517
Kling Louise Vosen_53925
Klingbeil Elda Perry_54208
Klitzkie Charles Hebron, Jeff Co, WI 1850-1900 Dooge_53549
Kloeden Langdon_97103
Kloehn Wilhelm Ashippun, WI 1824-1904 Lundebrek_56349
Klokow Ruth Vosen_53925
Klokow William Jr. Vosen_53925
Kloss Edward Bruins_62703
Kloss Lois Eckert Bruins_62703
Kloth Ixonia, WI 1840s- Thom_60002
Kloth Ixonia, WI 1870-1980s Thorn_60002
Kloth Watertown, Ixonia 1843 Thorn_60002
Kloth Michael Ixonia, WI 1850-1910 Thorn_60002
Klug Wuestenberg_53094
Klug Augusta Johanna Dodge County, WI 1863 in Lowell; 1882 marri Klug_54552
Klug Carl Lundebrek_56349
Klug Karl Watertown, WI 1836-1900 Lundebrek_56349
Klug W. Michniak_48185
Klump Emily Zagorski_90065
Kluz Amanda Jo nee Payne Swatek_53589
Kluz Jeremy John Swatek_53589
Klünder Albert Affeldt_53511
Klünder Charlott Affeldt Affeldt_53511
Klünder William Affeldt_53511
Knapp Polly Glasser_98034
Knapton Elizabeth Florence Derlein_52406
Kneff Martha Jefferson County, WI 1848 Kneff_85268
Knick Doris Abel_68154
Knoll Ardis June Rutter_53222
Knowles Asa Hustisford, Dodge Co, WI 1840?-1890 Perkins_01002
Knowlton Minnie B. (Betts) Aldrich_22206
Knowlton Roy 1873-1944 Macklem_37329
Knox Earl Mayville, Dodge, Wisconsin Buescher_53098
Knuth Raymond L. Swatek_53589
Knuth Sarah J. nee Schultz Swatek_53589
Knutson Edward, Mrs. Zagorski_90065
Knutson Mabel Graham_20176
Knutson Mabel Kadavy_68070
Koch Annie nee Schott Koch_22203
Koch Dell Koch_22203
Koch Dorothy Zagorski_90065
Koch Dorothy Jefferson, WI Block_53098
Koch Edwin Koch_22203
Koch Fred, Jr. Koch_22203
Koch Friedrich Koch_22203
Koch Jane Swatek_53589
Koch Johann F. Koch_22203
Koch Johann/John Lebanon/Hustisford, WI 1842- Koch_22203
Koch Johann/John/Fred Lebanon/Hustisford, WI 1842- Koch_22203
Koch Katherine nee Vogel Berens_55082
Koehler Gottfried Gottfried 1860-1897 Koehler_54935
Koenig Juliana Farmington, WI 1848-1878 Cordes-Pitts_79705
Koenigs Fond du Lac Co,Wisconsin Bleuel_54935
Koenitzer Susan O'Leary Coogan_90230
Koepke Watertown, WI area 1860-present Hansen_53225
Koeppel Margaretha McCue_53528
Koeppler Hazel Witzlib_53051
Koepsell Dodge Co, WI 1840s up Koepsell_53098
Koerber Alvina Tomlinson_97051
Kohlhoff Pipersville, Ixonia, WI 1856- Durkia_77090
Kohlhoff Watertown, Pipersville WI 1866- Durkin_77290
Kohlhoff Wttn, Concord, WI 1856- Durkia_77090
Kohlhoff Adela Durkin_77090
Kohlhoff Anna Durkin_77090
Kohlhoff Johann Lundebrek_56349
Kohlhoff Lydia Jaeger_53081
Kohlhoff Otto Durkin_77090
Kohlhoff Otto C. Jaeger_53081
Kohlmetz Arnold Vosen_53925
Kohlmetz Sue Ann Kay Vosen_53925
Kohloff August Watertown,Wi 1826-1893? Lundebrek_56349
Kohls Arnold_86303
Kohls Carl, son Herman Reeseville, WI 1862 Drunasky_54115
Kohn George Michael Lowell, Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1845-1870 Neuberger_21771
Kohrt Christian Watertown, WI 1860-1875 Kohrt_55345
Kohrt Christian Frederick Jefferson Co, WI 1860-1875 Kohrt_55345
Kohrt Christian Frederick Watertown, WI 1865-1875 Kohrt_55345
Kohrt Christian/Henry Watertown, WI 1865-1875 Kohrt_55345
Kohrt Wilhelm, William Watertown area, Wisconsin 1865-1875 Kohrt_55345
Koittwitz Herman Franks_53038
Kokuchke Julius Fort Atkinson, WI 1885-1919 Hilgendorf_53098
Kolbe Beaver Dam, Wis Schmitt_53590
Kolbe Robert Beaver Dam, WI Schmitt_53590
Koll Nicklaus Theresa, Dodge Co, WI 1824-1885 Bodden_54311
Kollath Jefferson & Dodge Co, WI 1849-2011 Luethy_53227
Kopfer August Scott_53086
Kopp Franklin Kovaleski_54235
Kopp Joyce Stiehm_80031
Kopp William Farm bet Watertown and Johnson Creek 1900's Kopp_61462
Kopplin Alexander Tesehendorf, Germany Savage_55422
Kopplin August Eau Claire, WI 1820-1900 Baneck_53137
Kortendick Edward Draus_53811
Kortendick Shirley Jean (Allworden) Draus_53811
Koser Catherine nee Spangler Berens_55082
Koser Frank J. Berens_55082
Koshelnick Hill_60950
Koshelnick Florence Swatek_53589
Koss Henry Jefferson, Jeff Co,WI 1830-1900 Vanderhei_53923
Koss Lydia Jefferson, Jeff Co,WI 1863-1900 Vanderhei_53923
Kottmann Jefferson & Dodge Co, WI Webster_53098
Kottwitz Henry W Lake Mills, WI 1833-1911 Miller_53039
Krahn Karlstad_55376
Krahn Alfred Watertown, WI ---- Krahn_49301
Krahn Charles Karlstad_55376
Krahn Charles Dane & Jefferson counties 1875- Karlstad_55376
Krahn Charles Milford, Watertown, Jefferson Co 1873-1925 Karlstad_55376
Krahn Charlotte Marie Karlstad_55376
Krahn Christine R. West Van Turnhout_18
Krahn Emilie (Radis) Marshall, Dane, Wisconsin 1873-1925 Karlstad_55376
Krahn Julius Dane & Jefferson counties 1875-1890 Karlstad_55376
Krahn Minnie Karlstad_55376
Krahn Minnie Smith_22182
Krahn Mr. Karlstad_55376
Krahn Rose Dane & Jefferson counties 1875- Karlstad_55376
Krahn Rose (Goecks) Sun Prairie, Dane, WI 1873-1930 Karlstad_55376
Krahn Walter Karlstad_55376
Krahn/Radis Emilie Dane & Jefferson counties 1875 Karlstad_55376
Kramer Swatek_53589
Kramer Jefferson Co 1850-now Swatek_53589
Kramer Jefferson County, Wisconsin Swatek_53589
Kramer Rome/Sullivan 1850-2011 Swatek_53589
Kramer Albert Swatek_53589
Kramer Clara W. nee Baneck Swatek_53589
Kramer Darlene nee Reichert Swatek_53589
Kramer Edgar F. Swatek_53589
Kramer Emma Hoffman Swatek_53589
Kramer Florence nee Zastrow Swatek_53589
Kramer Henrietta W. Swatek_53589
Kraus Pinger_89510
Krause Carlson_77406
Krause Christine Affeldt Affeldt_53511
Krause Emilie Ottilie Phillippina  Affeldt_53511
Krause Ernestine Aztalan 1886-1940 Maron_53594
Krause Ethel M. nee Perry Perry_54208
Krause Fredrich Lebanon (Dodge) and Watertown (Jefferso 1844 - 1890 Krause_55419
Krause Gottlieb Seymour, Outagamie Co, WI 1824-1910 Wolk_54941
Krause Henry Tn.Seymour, Outag.Co,WI 1863-1943 Wolk_54941
Krause Hugo C. Perry_54208
Krause Johann Fred Affeldt_53511
Kraut Tn Lebanon,Dodge Co, WI 1848-now Kraut_53066
Krebs Carl 1952 Archie_22314
Krebs John Dodge County, WI 1850-1866 Krebs_55439
Kreier Ada Mae Adami_53555
Kreier Alfred Adami_53555
Kreier Lester H. Swatek_53589
Kreklow Anna nee Gess Boehm_54751
Kreklow Frederick Boehm_54751
Krening Marvin W. Swatek_53589
Krening Violet Swatek_53589
Kressin Greg G. Swatek_53589
Kressin Pamela Ann nee Streich Swatek_53589
Kreuger Hill_60950
Kreuziger Gravely_25123
Krielow Johann Watertown,WI 1829-1911 Wiechmann_56028
Kroesing Langdon_97103
Krohn Farmington,WI Reese_53151
Krohn Johanna Sullivan, WI 1853-1923 Krohn_53094
Kroll, nee Bodden Elisebeth Theresa, Dodge Co, WI 1834-1912 Bodden_54311
Kronitz Scheel_20770
Krubsack Alex L. Babcock_53213
Krubsack Ludwig, David, Jos, Louie, Martha Lebanon, WI, & Embarass, WI 1850-1950 Sukow_53098
Kruckenberg Millie nee Prochnow Prochnow_60409
Kruckenberg Willis Prochnow_60409
Krueger Druml_53005
Krueger Jannke_53098
Krueger Kuehl_53094
Krueger Lindborg_90808
Krueger August Watertown, Wis Meli_53559
Krueger Augusta Sauer_55033
Krueger Emil Aillery_06907
Krueger Emilie 1863 Thompson_53711
Krueger Emilie Mathilda Auguste Meli_53559
Krueger Frank Aillery_06907
Krueger Frederich C. Aillery_06907
Krueger Frederick Wilhelm Johnson Creek, WI b.6/5/1818 Golbeck, Pomer, Thompson_53711
Krueger Fredrich Gottlieb Aillery_06907
Krueger Friedrich Watertown 1818-1912 Thompson_53711
Krueger Friedrich Watertown, WI 1818 - Thompson_53711
Krueger Friedrich Watertown, WI 1818- Thompson_53711
Krueger Gottfried Theresa, Dodge Cty 1860-1910 Krueger_56093
Krueger Henry Aillery_06907
Krueger Herman Aillery_06907
Krueger Ida Aillery_06907
Krueger Joachim Friedrich Ixonia, WI 1789-1849 Druml_53005
Krueger Johann (John) Hustisford, Dodge Co, WI 1845-1976 Krueger_55013
Krueger Johanna F Hustisford, WI Krueger_55013
Krueger Joseph Aillery_06907
Krueger Julius Aillery_06907
Krueger Lily Milwaukee, WI b.1/31/1885 Block_53098
Krueger Louisa Aillery_06907
Krueger Louisa Mathes Aillery_06907
Krueger Marcella J. Zagorski_90065
Krueger Maria Hustisford, Dodge Co, WI 1848-? Krueger_55013
Krueger Maria Hustisford/Lebanon? WI Krueger_55013
Krueger Wilhelm Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1845 Kuehl_53094
Krueger William Meli_53559
Kruesing Charles & & Family Mayville, Dodge Co, WI 1850-1900 Langdon_97103
Krumrie family Benzel_53094
Kruse John  Sun Praire WI & Dodge Co 1817-1898 Miller_53039
Krusing Alma nee Hoist Szollar_53045
Krusing Dorothy A. nee Houghton Szollar_53045
Krusing Elseda nee Borchers Szollar_53045
Krusing George G. Szollar_53045
Krusing Gladys B. Szollar_53045
Krusing Hubert Jefferson, WI Zollar_53045
Krusing N.D., Rev. Szollar_53045
Krusing Raymond J. "Pete" Szollar_53045
Krusing William Zollar_53045
Krusing Family Szollar_53045
Kubica Anna - John Slovakia-Pennsylvania 1900- Christie_53538
Kuckhahn Auguste Fredrick, Wilhelmina Lebanon, WI 1830-1914 Druml_53005
Kuckkan harold Carl McGrath_53549
Kuehl Andrew Arthur Erickson_56215
Kuehl Arvon Erickson_56215
Kuehl Christian Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1860 Kuehl_53094
Kuehl Christian Lebanon, Dodge, WI 1830-1879 Oestreich_53036
Kuehl Deborah Lynn Erickson_56215
Kuehl Dorothy nee Seefeldt Erickson_56215
Kuehl Sally Edna nee Hachtel Erickson_56215
Kuehl Shirley (Tietz) McGrath_53549
Kuehl Wilfred McGrath_53549
Kuehn Carl Watertown, WI 1826-1910 Kuehn_80128
Kuehn Laura Lou Patten_13215
Kuehn Linda Erickson_56215
Kuehn Wilhelmina Caroline Augusta Minks_95926
Kuehnemann Clifford Zagorski_90065
Kuehnemann Ida nee Mundt Zagorski_90065
Kuenzi Angie E. nee McIntosh Briggs_52302
Kuenzi Milton Briggs_52302
Kuenzi Samuel E., Mrs., nee Creydt Briggs_52302
Kuester August Ixonia, Jeff Co, WI 1815-1899 Oestreich_53036
Kuester Elda Ixonia, Jeff Co,WI 1900 Oestreich_53036
Kuhlke Frank Aillery_06907
Kuhlman Johann Lowell, WI 1851 Kuhlman_61801
Kulke Mark Harvey Swatek_53589
Kulke Sharon Ann. nee Buelter/Maas Swatek_53589
Kulow Carl F Dane County, WI Ingram_60030
Kumbier Hohenstein_53098
Kunefsky Anna Jefferson Late 1800-s thru early Kunefsky_54902
Kuntz Christian Reeseville, Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1826-1884 Kuntz_54115
Kuntz Wilhelm Christian Reeseville, Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1855-1905 Kuntz_54115
Kunz Christoph Milford 1850-1860 Kunz_54025
Kurth Schepp_46818
Kurth Watertown, WI Schumacher_53150
Kurtz Brianna Gorder_53594
Kurtz Celia Gorder_53594
Kurtz Clara nee Henrich Gorder_53594
Kurtz Doris E Gorder_53594
Kurtz Doris F. Gorder_53594
Kurtz Elsie nee Thrun Gorder_53594
Kurtz Robert Clarence Gorder_53594
Kurutz Paul Slovakia/NewYork 1800- Christie_53538
Kurz John Rings_98501
Kurz William Rings_98501
Kyson Concord, Jeff Co, WI 1860- Baneck_53559
Kysow Jefferson Co, Wi 1855 - present Baneck_53559
Kysow Christian Perrier_94118
Kysow Various Concord Twp, Jeff Co, WI 1885- Baneck_53559
Kysow Wilhelmina Perrier_94118
Laabs Ferdinand Emmet , Wisconsin Carter_53066
Laack Fred/Wm/Carl 1840-1860 Stout_53038
Labes Watertown, WI area 1860-present Hansen_53225
Labuwi Imelda "Mutzie" R.  Dupont_53575
Lackas Anna Neosho, Dodge Co 1847-1870 Miller_31820
Lacrac/Lacas Anna Menomonee, WI 1847 Miller_31820
Ladwig Anna Regina Michniak_48185
Ladwig Augusta nee Radke (Gierke) Kuntz_53039
Ladwig Carl F. Michniak_48185
Ladwig Edna (Weber) Zagorski_90065
Ladwig Gustav Kuntz_53039
Ladwig Martha nee Loeck Zagorski_90065
Ladwig Matilda Kuntz_53039
Ladwig Wilhelmina Michniak_48185
Laetz G Christian_24141
Laffey Mary L. Van Turnhout_18
Lafler Edna Derlein_52406
Lake James Oconomowoc River Before Civil War Lake_61833
Lalor Genevieve Van Turnhout_18
Lamerhert Louisa Richwood, WI 1870-1900 McKee_53186
Lanbgholff Jefferson Co, WI area Biedermann_53717
Landgraf Johann Nicholas Rome, Jeff Co, WI 1846- Boos_53137
Landrith/Landreth Illinois Buck_44118
Landt Amy Ann GardnerPhillips_60045
Lane John Jefferson County c1860s Lane_53792
Lang Waukesha Co, WI 1850-2010 Sauer_55033
Lang Adam Michniak_48185
Lang Anna Barbara Michniak_48185
Lang Chas Michniak_48185
Lang Chas. J. Michniak_48185
Lang Christoph Michniak_48185
Lang Clara Michniak_48185
Lang Clara (Streich) Michniak_48185
Lang Clara P. Michniak_48185
Lang Doris Michniak_48185
Lang Dorothea nee Lay Michniak_48185
Lang Dorothy (Reich) Michniak_48185
Lang Dorothy nee Reich Michniak_48185
Lang Edgar F Michniak_48185
Lang Elizabeth Michniak_48185
Lang Emma Michniak_48185
Lang Helen Michniak_48185
Lang Johann Erhard Michniak_48185
Lang Johann Paul Michniak_48185
Lang John Michniak_48185
Lang John Friederich Michniak_48185
Lang John/Johann Michniak_48185
Lang Judith Ann Michniak_48185
Lang Katherine Michniak_48185
Lang Linda Michniak_48185
Lang Martha Sauer_55033
Lang Paul Michniak_48185
Lang Raymond Michniak_48185
Lang Wilhelmina Michniak_48185
Lang William Michniak_48185
Lang(e) Johann Aztalan, WI 1848-1950 Michniak_48185
Lang(e) Maria Magdalena Aztalan, WI 1846-1847 Michniak_48185
Lange Schepp_46818
Lange Maria Jefferson Co, Wisconsin Bef 1900 Wrensch_53549
Lange Oscar Dupont_53575
Langer Schuler_32043
Langford Tegtman_53527
Langholff Duella Tienhaana_54521
Langlotz August, Mrs. Aldrich_22206
Langlotz August, Mrs. Aldrich_74105
Larkin Bert Boehm_54751
Larkin James Boehm_54751
Larkin Jane (O'Neill) Boehm_54751
Larkin Jane nee O'Neill Boehm_54751
Larkin Phil Boehm_54751
Larkins Mary Ann nee O'Brien Boehm_54751
Larrabee May Eliz Lanciano_48182
Larsen Blossom Boehm_54751
Larsen Clarence, Mrs. Boehm_54751
Larsen Emmett R. Boehm_54751
Larsen Lars Boehm_54751
Larsen Mary nee Chapin Boehm_54751
Larsen Nettie Christine (Olsen) Boehm_54751
Larsen Ole C. Boehm_54751
Larson Clarence H. Boehm_54751
Larson Doris Boehm_54751
Larson Emmett Boehm_54751
Larson G.E. Aldrich_74105
Larson Kate (Everson) Aldrich_74105
Larson Marguerite nee Manthe(Christianson) Boehm_54751
Larson Ole Lebanon, Dodge, WI 1843-1885 Larson_98445
Lasher Lenore Derlein_52406
Lauersdorf Smithson_53557
Lauersdorf Adolph Watertown, WI ? ? - 1970 Sukow_53098
Lauersdorf Edwin Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1900 Oestreich_53036
Lauersdorf Ferdinand Germany/Lebanon, WI 1806-18832 Lauersdorf_53558
Lauersdorf Johann (Ferdinand) Lebanon, Dodge, WI 1807-1884 Oestreich_53036
Lauersdorf Machelle Faye Erickson_56215
Laufer Birrenkott_53597
Laurin Rose_49931
Lauth John, Phillip Beaver Dam, WI 1898-1940 McKee_53186
Lauth Phillip Beaver Dam 1865-1890 Lauth_56329
Lawler James Prairie du Chien, WI 1870-1899 Carroll_77095
Lawrence Herbert Lake Mills, Jefferson Co Wis 1870-1900 downey_53551
Lawrence Junetta Williamstown, WI 1851-1905 Kelly_53820
Lawson Fredrick Schulz_99223
Lay Dorothea Michniak_48185
Leavitt Andorfer_53018
Leavitt Joseph Watertown, Jeff Co, WI 1845-1965? Andorfer_53018
Ledworowski Mary nee Anton Calhoun_94523
Lee Ley_53538
Lee Delores A.  Stiehm_80031
Lee Hugh, Jr. Lee_61107
Lee Hugh, Sr. Lee_61107
Lehman Sampson_99517
Lehman Steindorf_53094
Lehman John Traugotl Watertown, WI 1880-1930 Wiechmann_56028
Lehmann Hill_60950
Lehmann Anna Thomas_53066
Lehmann Henry Alan Erickson_56215
Lehmann Jennifer Ruth Erickson_56215
Lehmann John Traught Prussia/Watertown,WI 1936-1924 Wiechmann_56028
Lehmann John Traugo H RR, Watertown, Jeff Co, WI 1836-1924 Wiechmann_56028
Lehmann Louisa Abel_68154
Lehmann Ruth nee Seefeldt Erickson_56215
Lehmann Valerie Dawn nee Schmitt Erickson_56215
Lehmann family Benzel_53094
Lehneis, Bachhuber Francesca LeRoy & others 1848-1910 Arnott_53186
Lehrman Frederick Zagorski_90065
Leitzinger Ed Ace_53589
Leitzinger Esther Ace_53589
Leitzinger Fred Ace_53589
Leitzinger Hazel Ace_53589
Leitzinger Inger Amble Ace_53589
Leitzinger Jack Ace_53589
Leitzinger Lena (Douglas) Ace_53589
Leitzinger Lillian A. Spoehr Ace_53589
Leitzinger Lynn Ace_53589
Leitzinger Margaret Ace_53589
Leitzinger Mary (Baird) Ace_53589
Leitzinger Maurice Ace_53589
LeMacher Frank Blythe_V2P 5B9
LeMacher Jeannie (Keefer) Blythe_V2P 5B9
Lembrich Gary Roy Michniak_48185
Lembrich Judith Ann nee Lang Michniak_48185
Lembrich Lenora Swatek_53589
Lemeness B. Boehm_54751
Lemke Evelyn Michniak_48185
Lemke Merlin C. Wallin_85614
Lemke William F Michniak_48185
Lemke William F. Michniak_48185
Lemmenes Albertus Boehm_54751
Lemmenes Andrew Boehm_54751
Lemmenes Gertrude nee Ten Hulzen Boehm_54751
Lemmens Adeline Boehm_54751
Lemmerhirt Doris Gorder_53594
Lemmerhirt Elmer Gorder_53594
Lemmerhirt Infant Gorder_53594
Lenius Donna Mae Erickson_56215
Lenius Jane nee Wollin Witzlib_53051
Lenius Julius Lenius_53098
Lenius Lloyd Witzlib_53051
Lenz Kind_53925
Leonard William Watertown, WI 1847-1854 Leonard_ 56623
Letto John Lebanon, Dodge Co. 1845-1875 Letto_59911
Lettow 1840s up Koepsell_53098
Leuthi Hill_60950
Leverenz Fredrick Cook County, Ill 1840-1905 Hamer_53538
Lewandowski Michael Gottfried Prussia & Watertown 1850-1930 Lewandowski_22060
Lewis Hezekiah Kraft_55128
Lex Ley_53538
Ley Ley_53538
Lezotte Miller_53549
Lezotte Fort Atkinson, Jeff Co, WI Miller, 53549
Lezotte Jefferson & Walworth Co, WI 1840-1870 Miller_53549
Lezotte Evelyn A. Swatek_53589
Libbey West_57006
Libby West_57006
Libby Jefferson Co, WI West_57006
Lichtenberg Darwin Ulbricht_95662
Lichtenberg Fred Ulbricht_95662
Liebel Joseph Jefferson, Jefferson Co, WI Landowski_53538
Liefeld Daniel Emmanuel Watertown, Wisconsin 1811-1891 Sormrud_53029
Liefeld M A or W A Frederika Watertown, Wisconsin 1838-1912 Sormrud_53029
Liefeldt Fredricka Watertown, Jefferson Co, Wisconsin 1838-1912 Sormrud_53029
Lienemann Brachter Peter Eaton_51652
Lienemann Peter Brachter Eaton_51652
Lienemann Peter Hinrich 1790- Eaton_51652
Lierman Charlotte Zagorski_90065
Lierman Esther Zagorski_90065
Lierman Florence nee Chapin Zagorski_90065
Lierman Ludwig Zagorski_90065
Lierman Sophia M. Zagorski_90065
Lierman William T. Zagorski_90065
Liermann Arthur Zagorski_90065
liermann Emma Zagorski_90065
Liermann Esther Zagorski_90065
Liermann Lena nee Trachte Zagorski_90065
Liermann Mayme nee Peters Zagorski_90065
Liermann Minnie nee Backhaus Zagorski_90065
Liermann Otto  Zagorski_90065
Liermann William Zagorski_90065
Liestkio John F. Chase-Yngsdahl_53704
Liestkio Lorraine nee Uttech Chase-Yngsdahl_53704
Liestkio William E. Chase-Yngsdahl_53704
Lietz Watertown, Clyman, WI 1850-1920 Gill_65401
Ligas/Legas Anthony - John Poland-Connecticut 1800-1900s Christie_53538
Linck Schepp_46818
Linck Andrew Randolph, Columbia Co,WI Suhling_36801
Lincoln Fred Martin_98281
Lincoln Infant d/o Fred Lincoln Martin_98281
Lincoln Vera nee Peebles Martin_98281
Lindberg Sr. Christian Lake Mills, Jeff Co,WI 1866-1952 O'Brien_53210
Lindley Charles Westford, Dodge County, WI 1852-1865 Lindley_ YO24 3HT
Lins Colleen Rooney_55331
Linter Jacob Michniak_48185
Lipke 1850- Poretti_55406
Liptow Elizabeth York_54733
Lischka J.G. Vosen_53925
Liske Augusta Clyman, WI 1843-1874 Gardner_54814
Little Mable L. Aldrich_74105
Littlejohn Caroline, Elvina, Heber, etc Palmyra, Little Prairie Littlejohn_53094
Lloyd Don Swatek_53589
Lockwood Jefferson Co, WI 1840-1900 Tam_Dorla
Lockwood Jefferson Co, WI 1845-1910 Tam_98290
Loeck Martha E. Hollander Zagorski_90065
Loeffler Pinger_89510
Loeffler Clyman, Watertown, WI 1868- Loeffler_95350
Loehrke Matthew Zagorski_90065
Loehrke Selma (Wegner) Zagorski_90065
Loffler Ferdinand Wilhelm Wttn, Dodge, WI &Milw 1837-1900 Loeffler_95350
Logan Roger N. Stiehm_80031
Lohaus Genevieve A Blythe_V2P 5B9
Long John Long_49456
Loock (Look) 1840s up Koepsell_53098
Loppnow Charlotte, Christian, Wilhelmina 1854-1900 Baker_53095
Loppnow Fredrick, Johan Ixonia 1854-1900 Baker_53095
Lorenz Carl, Paul, Ida, Theo Prairie du Chien; Fountain City, WI 1850-2000 Sukow_53098
Loss Irene E. nee Streich Swatek_53589
Lower Cynthia Anne Erickson_56215
Loy Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1863 Arnott_53186
Loy Theresa Arnott_53186
Luck Wheeler_78154
Luck Ernst B. Holt_54403
Luck Mabel nee Dinkel Holt_54403
Ludeman Whitewater, WI Randall_ 53545
Ludeman Frank Jefferson Co, WI 1860s Randall_53545
Ludtke John Carl/Karl Whitewater, Jefferson Vanderhei_53923
Ludwig Anton Watertown,WI 1900-1920 Braunschweig_53711
Ludwig Frank, Anton Watertown, WI 1900-1920 Braunschweig_53711
Luebke Marion L. Zagorski_90065
Lueder Hoover_53204
Lueder Ludwig Franz Oakland, Jeff Co, WI 1861-1940? Hoover_53204
Luedtke Albert Abel_68154
Luedtke Bernice E. Abel_68154
Luedtke Frieda Erickson_56215
Luedtke/Ludke John Whitewater, WI 1882-1957 Vanderhei_53923
Luedtke/Ludke Wengel Dodge Co, WI 1858-1873 Parker_85743
Lukas Margaret Berens_55082
Luken Lloyd Luken_60201
Lukszys Robert Gordon Lukszys_40205
Lusk Henriette Dahlstrom_99019
Lusted Esther nee Strauss Wallin_85614
Lusted Howard Wallin_85614
Lusthoff Laura Watertown,WI 1915-1926 Jorgensen_53094
Luther Anna Margaret Tn Richwood, WI 1860-1900 McKee_53186
Luther Gottlieb Watertown, Jefferson Co, WI 1843-1844 Luther_54915
Luther Gottlieb Watertown/Dodge Co,WI 1860-1891 Luther_54915
Luther Whilhelmine Jefferson Co, WI bef.1870 Luther_54915
Luther Whilhelmine Watertown, Dodge Co, WI 1856-1916 Luther_54915
Lutheran Anna Margaretha Richwood, Watertown, WI 1870-1880 McKee_53186
Lutherin Anna M Richwood, WI 1860-1901 McKee_53186
Luther  Gottlieb Watertown, Dodge Co, WI bef.1870 Luther_54915
Luttzahn Heber Walworth Co,WI Vanderhei_53923
Lutz Coleen Dawn Swatek_53589
Lutz Patricia Ann Swatek_53589
Lux Margaret Seim_53916
Lynch Johanna nee Maloney Petrino-Schaad_22204
Lynch Patrick Petrino-Schaad_22204
Lynch Patrick Scollon_80233
Lynch Theresa nee Schmipf Scollon_80233
Lyons Clyman, Watertown, WI 1830- Fehling_53716
Lyons Dodge Co, WI 1830-present Simle
Lyons Dodge Co, WI 1830-present Simle_53716
Lyons Jefferson & Dodge Co, WI
Lyons Patrick Henry Horicon, Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1868-1943 Bodden_54311
Lyons, nee Prefontaine Alice Horicon, Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1878-1969 Bodden_54311
Maas Heglund_55014
Maas Alvin A. Swatek_53589
Maas Carl Friedrich Lebanon, Dodge Co,WI 1836-1928 Klug_53594
Maas Donald Swatek_53589
Maas Ella Lebanon, WI Meyer_53094
Maas Hildegard Otto_54947
Maas Mabel R. nee Miller (Hake) Swatek_53589
Maas Sharon Ann. nee Buelter Swatek_53589
Maasch Dolores nee Rambow Dupont_53575
Maasch Hilbert Dupont_53575
Maaske David Frederich Tn Theresa, Dodge Co, WI 1821-1908 Kerr_53032
Maass Leona Zagorski_90065
Maasz Concord Twp 1850-2011 Baneck_53559
Maasz Concord, Jeff Co, WI 1860- Baneck_53559
Maasz Farmington,WI Reese_53151
Maasz Jefferson Co, Wi Baneck_53559
Maasz Winifred K. Swatek_53589
Mace Christiana Sieger_55060
Maertzke Hill_60950
Mahltretter Rome/Sullivan 1850-2011 Swatek_53589
Maibauer Frederiche Ahlquist_73132
Main C.B. Main_94560
Main J.K. Main_94560
Main N. Main_94560
Mallow Albert Zagorski_90065
Mallow Ali Zagorski_90065
Mallow Alli H. Zagorski_90065
Mallow Eldora E. Zagorski_90065
Mallow Ernstine nee Kamrod Zagorski_90065
Mallow Ferdinand C. Zagorski_90065
Mallow Fred Sr. Zagorski_90065
Mallow Frederick Zagorski_90065
Mallow Fredericke Zagorski_90065
Mallow Helen (Wittchow) Zagorski_90065
Mallow John Zagorski_90065
Mallow John F. Zagorski_90065
Mallow Josephine Zagorski_90065
Mallow Louisa A. nee Herrmann Zagorski_90065
Mallow Lydia Zagorski_90065
Mallow Marilyn Annette Zagorski_90065
Mallow Minna S. nee Schuhmacher Zagorski_90065
Mallow Minnie Zagorski_90065
Mallow Minnie nee Baumann Zagorski_90065
Mallow Othille nee Dekaske Zagorski_90065
Mallow Theodore Zagorski_90065
Mallow Theresa nee Yahn Hoppe Zagorski_90065
Mallow William Zagorski_90065
Mallow William F. Zagorski_90065
Maloney Catherine Petrino-Schaad_22204
Maloney Hannah Petrino-Schaad_22204
Maloney Johanna Petrino-Schaad_22204
Maloney John Petrino-Schaad_22204
Maloney Maria nee Walsh Petrino-Schaad_22204
Maloney Mary Ellen Petrino-Schaad_22204
Maloney Patrick W Dodge County, WI 1860-1878 Maloney _97498
Malwitz Amelia Watertown, WI Drake_53562
Mammes Johan Jefferson City, WI 1856-1930 Wille_53546
Manford Thelma Swatek_53589
Mann Watertown, WI area 1860-present Hansen_53225
Mann August Mayville, WI 1834-1903 Kelly_53820
Mann August Mayville/Kekoskee 1834-1903 Kelly_53820
Mann August, Mrs. Kelly_53820
Mann Charles Mayville, WI 1865-1944 Kelly_53820
Mann Charles Carl Mayville, Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1865-1944 Kelly_53820
Mann Charles Carl Mayville, WI 1865-1944 Kelly_53820
Mann Chas. Kelly_53820
Mann Christian Mayville, Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1808-1866 Kelly_53820
Mann Christian Mayville, WI 1808-1866 Kelly_53820
Mann Earl Kelly_53820
Mann Oscar William Kelly_53820
Mann Richard Henry Kelly_53820
Mann Suzanne nee Felton Kelly_53820
Mann Sylvia Kelly_53820
Mann Walter Kelly_53820
Manning Gahlman_53039
Manning Joda_80202
Manning Patrick Clyman, Dodge Co, WI Gahlman_53039
Manning Patrick Dodge Co, WI Gahlman_53039
Manthe Marguerite Boehm_54751
Manthey Chad R. Swatek_53589
Manthey Jaime L. nee Payne Swatek_53589
Manthey Jaime nee Payne Swatek_53589
Mantz Leola K nee Burmaster Stiehm_80031
Manz Arthur Gustav Jefferson, Rock Co, WI 1887-1957 Elsey_30265
Manz Dietrich Elsey_30265
Manz Emma Elsey_30265
Manz Johann Dietrich Elsey_30265
Manz Johann Dietrich Jefferson Co, WI 1833-1913 Elsey_30265
Manz John Elsey_30265
Manz Philipp Dietrich Elsey_30265
Manz William Elsey_30265
Manz William Jefferson Co, WI 1858-1905 Elsey_30265
Manz William/Wilhelm F. Elsey_30265
Marco Alvin J. Gaddy_52057
Marco Mabel C. nee Smith Gaddy_52057
Markl Rosalia Waterloo, WI 1879-present Peschel_53590
Markl Rosalie Jefferson/Waterloo, WI 1850-1922 Peschel_53590
Markl/Meitner Rosalia Jefferson, WI Waterloo 1879-1922 Peschel_53590
Marlow Albertine Augusta Wilhemine Affeldt_53511
Maron Wilhelm Watertown, WI 1887-1925 Maron_53594
Maron Wilhelm Watertown,WI 1887-1922 Maron_53594
Marsch John J. Stiehm_80031
Marsch Mavis Schiefelbein_53154
Marthaler Voss_53048
Marthaler Mathias, George Beaver Dam, Dodge Co, WI 1850-1914-? Andorfer_53018
Martin Franklin Ixonia or Watertown, Wisconsin 1858-1880 Telford_53066
Martin Jessica Jean nee Schultz Swatek_53589
Martin Johannes Farmington, Jefferson County, WI born 1846 Martin_56288
Martin Matthew Donald Swatek_53589
Martwig Herman Hustisford/Juneau, WI 1905-1951 Skalitzky_53925
Martwig/Mathwig Watertown, WI Skalitzky_53925
Marvin Alfred Beaver Dam 1894-after 1935 Marvin_22202
Maske Herman Crockett_94591
Maske John G. Crockett_94591
Mass Albert Concord, Jefferson Co, WI - 1942 Baneck_53137
Masters Jefferson, WI 1850-1950 Beal_53916
Mathes Louisa Aillery_06907
Mathwig Skalitzky_53925
Mathwig Marathon Co, Wisconsin 1825-1910 Hamer_53538
Matke family Benzel_53094
Matthias John Michniak_48185
Matthias Maggie nee Schmidt Michniak_48185
Maurer Barbara Swatek_53589
Maurer Christoph & Rosina Helenville, Jeff Co,WI 1840s-1905 Glassel_53714
Maurer Geo; Margaretha Helenville, Jeff Co, WI 1840-1905 Glassel_53714
Maurer George Swatek_53589
Maurer Olga Swatek_53589
Maurer/Mowry John Penn. 1810-1850 McKee_53186
Mausner Anna Maria Sutter_49783
Mausner Barbara Sutter_49783
Mausner Lorenz Sutter_49783
May Vosen_53925
May Albert Watertown, WI Vosen_53925
Maydole  Harriet Jefferson, WI 1836-1925 McDonald_53916
Mayer Christian, parents & siblings Watertown, WI Schultz_53222
McAdams Arnold J. Kennard_50023
McAdams Bridget Kennard_50023
McAdams Charles Kennard_50023
McAdams Ellen nee McLaughlin Kennard_50023
McAdams Francis Kennard_50023
McAdams Gertrude Kennard_50023
McAdams J.E. Kurth_53213
McAdams John Kennard_50023
McAdams John Kurth_53213
McAdams Patrick Aloysius Kennard_50023
McAdams  John Watertown 1850-1870  McAdams _XXXXX
McAleavey Elizabeth Ashippun, WI 1845-1895 Axtell_60440
McAleavey Elizabeth Ashippun, Wisconsin 1845-1895 Axtell_60440
McAlgavey Elizabeth Ashippun, Dodge, Wisconsin 1858-1920 Axtell_60440
McCabe Dodge-Jefferson Counties, Wisconsin Coogan_90230
McCaig Archie Coogan_90230
McCaig Cincila Coogan_90230
McCapes Teressa (Brown) Cole_94952
McCarthy Abraham Watertown, Jeff Co, WI 1900-1960 Rogers_61111
McCarthy Abraham Watertown, WI Rogers_61111
McCarthy Abraham Watertown, WI 1900-1960s Rogers_61111
McCarthy Edward 1850-1900 Gibson_57791
McCauley Guy, et al Dodge County, WI 1880-1975 Wallendal_53716
McColl Mary Waterloo, WI Archie_22314
McCollom May Dupont_53575
McConnell Alexander Schmitt_30601
McConnell Elizabeth Schmitt_30601
McCoy Maria Perry_54208
McCullough Ann Watertown WI 1880's Johnson_53095
McCullough Elizabeth Watertown WI 1880's Johnson_53095
McCullough Margaret Watertown WI 1880's Johnson_53095
McCullough Mary Isabelle Watertown WI 1880's Johnson_53095
McCullough Mary nee Burns Watertown WI 1880's Johnson_53095
McCullough Michael Watertown WI 1880's Johnson_53095
McCullough Nell Watertown WI 1880's Johnson_53095
McCullough Patrick Watertown WI 1880's Johnson_53095
McDonald Grosenick_34119
McDonough Margaret Raymond_33596
McDowell Maurice Waupun, Dodge, Wisconsin 1900-1975 McDowell_80911
McFarland Patrick, Mrs. Coogan_90230
McGinnis Friedlander_30606
McGovern Schuler_32043
McGovern Mary/Maria Tn Shields, Dodge Co,WI 1850 Schaaf_55092
McGowan Daniel Koshkonong 1870-1900 MacGowan_01852
McGowan Daniel Koshkonong, Jeff Co, WI 1870-1900 MacGowan_01852
McGowan Edward F. MacGowan_01852
McHugh Schuett_53098
McIntosh Angie E. Briggs_52302
McIntosh Enos M., Dr. Briggs_52302
McKee John & Catherine 1840-1850 - 1900s Millard_83401
McKee Riley & Eliza 1840-1850 - 1900s Millard_83401
McKnight Anna Kinlen_53017
McLane Daniel E. Raymond_33596
McLane Mae F. nee Kelly Raymond_33596
McLaughlin Ellen Kennard_50023
McLaughlin Michael Kennard_50023
McMahon Darling_94553
McMillen Minnie Michniak_48185
McMullen Mary A. 1875 Achterberg_92345
McNeal Alexander Watertown, Wisconsin 1826-? McNeal_99901
McNeil James Alzina Ashippun 1850- Jaax_64112
McRay Dianna Aldrich_74105
McShane Darling_94553
Meddaugh Lee Dishman_48089
Medick Wolfgang Medick Hebron area mid 1800s Medick_XXXXX
Meech Lottie Boehm_54751
Meemah Andrew Jefferson/Dodge, WI 1860- Glantz_57071
Mehltretter Swatek_53589
Mehltretter Jefferson Co 1850-now Swatek_53589
Mehltretter Oconto Co/Jefferson Co Wis Swatek_53589
Meier Elise Jefferson, Rock Co, WI 1887-1972 Elsey_30265
Meighan Edward Stannard_95051
Meighan Gertrude Blanche nee Steinhour Stannard_95051
Meister Jefferson Co, WI Stindt_48602
Meister Gertrude Sauer_55033
Meitner Emil Waterloo, WI 1879-1925 Peschel_53590
Meitner Emil Waterloo, WI Marshall 1879-1925 Peschel_53590
Meitner Regina M. Thomas_53066
Meitner Wenzel Jefferson, WI/Jefferson Co 1877-1879 Peschel_53590
Meitner Wenzel Johnson Creek, WI 1877-1880 Peschel_53590
Melcher Fredricke 1831-1908 Lenius_53098
Melchert Dodge Co, Wisconsin Peterson_32828
Melchert Christian, Sr. Peterson_32828
Melchert Ferdinand Peterson_32828
Melchert Frederick Peterson_32828
Melchor Henrietta Rubicon, Dodge, WI 1840-1860 Melchor_84770
Melchort Rex Peterson_32828
Menges Jane Perry_54208
Menzel Kate Swatek_53589
Mepham Darnell D. Swatek_53589
Mepham Deborah J. nee Roth Swatek_53589
Meryel Josephine nee Mundshaw Rohr_53008
Meske Dorothy M. Erickson_56215
Messmer Johann Fort Atkinson area c.1875 Gorder_53594
Metzdorf Ida Otto_54947
Metzker Lorraine Abitz Aird_52002
Metzker Roy Aird_52002
Meyer desLauriers_91711
Meyer Pranke_53549
Meyer Farmington & Jefferson,WI 1850 des Lauriers_91711
Meyer Farmington, Wi 1850- DesLauriers_91711
Meyer Whitewater, WI Randall_ 53545
Meyer Alphonse Elliott_48066
Meyer Anton Watertown, WI 1880-1903 Leischer_53086
Meyer Eleanore "Blanche"  Rutter_53222
Meyer Mary nee Murphy Elliott_48066
Meyers Hannah M. Westphal_email
Meyers Henry Westphal_email
Michael Lynn I. nee Harter Swatek_53589
Michael Ross Vincent Swatek_53589
Michaelis Barbara A. nee Bergin Erickson_56215
Michaelis Bertha nee Giese Erickson_56215
Michaelis Flora Land_79701
Michaelis John Erickson_56215
Michaelis John Lake Mills; Waterloo 1848 to present Michaelis_99901
Michaelis Family Williams_85614
Michaels Lake Mills, WI 1848-Pres Bergin_53094
Michaels John Lake Mills, Wt'loo, WI 1855-now Bergin_53094
Micheis Nicholas Farmington, WI 1848-1878 Cordes-Pitts_79705
Michel Augusta Minks_95926
Michels Beaulieu_77706
Michels Nicholas (dtr Katharina) Cordes_79705
Michels Nicholaus Watertown Abt 1855 Beaulieu_77706
Mieske Frederich Watertown, Dodge Co, WI 1835-1917 Wolk_54941
Millard 1840-1850 - 1900s Millard_83401
Millard Charles J. Aldrich_22206
Millard Charles J. Aldrich_74105
Millard Evelyn (Aldrich) Aldrich_22206
Millard Evelyn (Aldrich) Aldrich_74105
Millard Grace E. Aldrich_22206
Millard Grace E. Aldrich_74105
Millard John B. Aldrich_22206
Millard John B. Aldrich_74105
Millard Lottie M. Aldrich_22206
Millard Lottie M.  Aldrich_74105
Miller Miller_53549
Miller Hebron, Koshkonong, WI Miller, 53549
Miller Jefferson Co 1840-1870 Miller_53549
Miller Alvin Swatek_53589
Miller Amelia Holt_54403
Miller Amelia (Banker) Holt_54403
Miller Andrew Swatek_53589
Miller Bernard Holt_54403
Miller Brent Lee Swatek_53589
Miller C. Holt_54403
Miller Caroline Holt_54403
Miller Charles C. Holt_54403
Miller Crystal Dawn nee Euting Swatek_53589
Miller Daniel Swatek_53589
Miller Darcy Ann Swatek_53589
Miller Dave Swatek_53589
Miller Dean R. Swatek_53589
Miller Donna M. nee Saeger Swatek_53589
Miller E.T. Holt_54403
Miller Ed Holt_54403
Miller Ed. S. Holt_54403
Miller Edward Holt_54403
Miller Eva E. nee Robish Holt_54403
Miller Evelyn A. nee Lezotte Swatek_53589
Miller Florence (Chamberlain) Swatek_53589
Miller Florence (Koshelnick) Swatek_53589
Miller Frances J. nee Wagie Swatek_53589
Miller Fred Holt_54403
Miller Gary A. Swatek_53589
Miller George Holt_54403
Miller George M. Holt_54403
Miller George T. Holt_54403
Miller George W Lowell 1856- Miller_XXXXX
Miller Gottlieb Koshkonong, Jeff Co, WI 1803-1910 DeWitt_54729
Miller Harry E. Swatek_53589
Miller Harry George Swatek_53589
Miller Harvey Swatek_53589
Miller Harvey E. Swatek_53589
Miller Henrietta Holt_54403
Miller Henry Beck_40065
Miller Howard Swatek_53589
Miller Howard (Bob) Swatek_53589
Miller Hubert Robert Holt_54403
Miller Irvin Charles Swatek_53589
Miller Irvin F. Swatek_53589
Miller Irving Swatek_53589
Miller Irwin Swatek_53589
Miller Jacob Robisch, Mrs. Holt_54403
Miller Janice M. Fingel Swatek_53589
Miller Jennie Caroline Swatek_53589
Miller Jennie T. Swatek_53589
Miller John Faires_xxxxx
Miller John Holt_54403
Miller John W. Holt_54403
Miller June nee Blasing Swatek_53589
Miller Lydia nee Bittner Beck_40065
Miller Mabel R. Swatek_53589
Miller Michelle Swatek_53589
Miller Mollie C. Swatek_53589
Miller Mollie nee Strong Swatek_53589
Miller Nicole Leigh Swatek_53589
Miller Norma, Mrs. Harvey Swatek_53589
Miller Peter Farmington, Jeff Co, WI 1842-1900 Sutter_49783
Miller Roy Swatek_53589
Miller Vicki Jean Swatek_53589
Miller Wendy nee Pothour Swatek_53589
Miller William Holt_54403
Miller William F. Holt_54403
Miller Winifred E. (Peterson) Swatek_53589
Miller Winifred K. nee Maasz Swatek_53589
Miller Family Reunion Miller_54956
Miller/Seidel Frieda & Harry Watertown, WI 1892-1987 Andreas_53121
Miller  Anne Heinrich Aillery_06907
Miller  Charles Aillery_06907
Miller  Edgar C. Aillery_06907
Miller  Matilda Schulze Aillery_06907
Miller  Michael Holt_54403
Miller  Wayne Aillery_06907
Mills E.L. Aldrich_74105
Mills Fannie (Everson) Aldrich_74105
Milnarich Nick J., Pfc. Ruff_23060
Mirgel Henry Rohr_53008
Miszewski John [?] Watertown, WI 1920-1930's Miszewski_49431
Mittelstadt Concord, Dodge Co,  1856-1900 Mittelstadt_97030
Mittelstadt Concord, WI 1855-1900 Mittelstadt_97030
Mneitzel Johachim Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1850s Clark_53066
Moelling Helen  Michniak_48185
Moericke Louise Schwarze_54494
Moericke William Schwarze_54494
Moffit Wm. H. Callaghan_43701
Moldenhauer Beard_53014
Moldenhauer Carl Jefferson County late 1800s Moldenhauer _XXXXX
Moldenhauer Minnie & Max Watertown,WI 1915-1950? Jorgensen_53094
Monoghan Catherine"Kate" Hustisford, WI 1859-1891 Gravely_25123
Montgomery Ida Perry_54208
Moore Mary Aldrich_22206
Moore Mary Aldrich_74105
Moore/Ralph/Stetson 1850- Poretti_55406
Morgan Friedlander_30606
Morgan George E. O'Connor_53190
Morilla Down Fort Atkinson, Jeff, WI 1820-1870 Cropsey_97306
Morisn David Fort Atkinson, Jeff Co, WI 1840-1900 Cropsey_47306
Morris Addie Michniak_48185
Morris Addie nee Schmidt Michniak_48185
Morris George M. Michniak_48185
Morrison Koshkonong/Ft.Atkinson 1842- MacGowan_01852
Morrison Carrie E. MacGowan_01852
Morrison David S + others Koshkonong, Jeff Co, WI 1870-1910 MacGowan_01852
Morrison Joseph Freeman Spence_95128
Morrison Phoebe Jane Glasser_98034
Mostine Pierce Co,WI Campbell_53551
Motl Hornby_54130
Motl Waterloo, Jeff. Co. Hornby_54130
Motl Frances nee Bergmann Zagorski_90065
Motl Richard J. Zagorski_90065
Muck Christian Jefferson, Jeff Co,WI 1827-1877 Scherwitz_53563
Mueller Schultz_53546
Mueller Amandus O. Zagorski_90065
Mueller Amelia Zagorski_90065
Mueller Arnold W. Zagorski_90065
Mueller August Holt_54403
Mueller Augusta Holt_54403
Mueller Carl Holt_54403
Mueller Carl Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1835-1908 Radtke_53098
Mueller Carl Lebanon,WI Radtke_53098
Mueller Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Watertown, Jeff. Co, WI 1854-1877 Schroeder_80537
Mueller Carl John Holt_54403
Mueller Charles J.H. Cota_54157
Mueller Charles J.H. Holt_54403
Mueller Christian Holt_54403
Mueller Christoph Holt_54403
Mueller Donna nee Rohloff Hamill_97322
Mueller Elsa Cota_54157
Mueller Emma Floerke_95616
Mueller F.W. Holt_54403
Mueller Ferdinand Holt_54403
Mueller Franz Zagorski_90065
Mueller Friedrich Wilhelm Holt_54403
Mueller George John Holt_54403
Mueller George M. Holt_54403
Mueller Gladiola E. "Granny" Zagorski_90065
Mueller Gustav, Mrs. Holt_54403
Mueller Henriette Holt_54403
Mueller Herman Holt_54403
Mueller Hubert Holt_54403
Mueller Johann Christian Holt_54403
Mueller Johann Frederick Holt_54403
Mueller Johann Gottfried Holt_54403
Mueller Johann Nikolaus Holt_54403
Mueller John Martin Holt_54403
Mueller Julius Holt_54403
Mueller Louisa Augusta Zagorski_90065
Mueller Louise Zagorski_90065
Mueller Martha E. Smith_22182
Mueller Martin Holt_54403
Mueller Martin W Holt_54403
Mueller Mathias Holt_54403
Mueller Melvin Hamill_97322
Mueller Peter Holt_54403
Mueller Sophia Holt_54403
Mueller Wilhelm Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1831-1905 Schoenike_53558
Mueller/Duhrmann Caroline Rgh.Potsdam,Brandenburg 1819-1854 Schroeder_80537
Muellers Walde Holt_54403
Mulick Bridget (Callahan) Carroll_77095
Mulick Marg. M. Ellen Carroll_77095
Mulick Michael Carroll_77095
Mulick Michael Tn Shields, Dodge Co, WI 1855-1866 Carroll_77095
Mulick Patrick Thomas Carroll_77095
Mulick Susan Watertown, Jefferson, Wisconsin 1825-1914 Casey_84025
Muller Barbara Holt_54403
Muller Christopher Holt_54403
Muller M. Holt_54403
Muller/Miller Dodge&Waupaca Co, WI 1800-? Hill_04103
Mulvaney Neuman_53932
Mundschau Anna Marie Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Catherine nee Fornecker Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Clarence Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Esther Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Frank Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Gerald Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Gertie Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Gladys Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Henry M Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Herbert Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Johann Zagorski_90065
Mundschau John Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Julia Daniels_53066
Mundschau Julia Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Julius F. Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Lawrence Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Leon "Moon" Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Maria Rohr_53008
Mundschau Mary Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Nickolaus Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Norbert F. Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Raymond J. Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Robert R. Zagorski_90065
Mundschau Walter Zagorski_90065
Mundshaw Josephine Rohr_53008
Mundt Christoph Vosen_53925
Mundt Elizabeth A. nee Schroeder Zagorski_90065
Mundt Emma Vosen_53925
Mundt Erna A. nee Kelling Zagorski_90065
Mundt Ervin H. Zagorski_90065
Mundt Fred Vosen_53925
Mundt Ida  Zagorski_90065
Mundt Margaret Palmer Vosen_53925
Mundt Walter Zagorski_90065
Murphy Catherine Theresa, Dodge, Wisconsin 1850-1890 Jorgensen_53094
Murphy Mary Elliott_48066
Muschgl Emma Aztalan, Jeff Co, WI 1870-1965 Dooge_53549
Mussehl Jefferson Co, Wis Schmitt_53590
Mussehl Amelia Michniak_48185
Mussehl Amelia nee Schmidt Michniak_48185
Mussehl Charles Michniak_48185
Mussehl Emma Michniak_48185
Mussehl Fred Michniak_48185
Mussehl Friedrich Jefferson & Fort Atkinson 1855-1916 Schmitt_53590
Mussehl George Michniak_48185
Mussehl Gladys Michniak_48185
Mussehl H.W., Mrs.(Gladys) Michniak_48185
Mussehl Harrison W. "Dad" Michniak_48185
Mussehl Hy, Mrs. Michniak_48185
Mussehl Isabella nee Quam Michniak_48185
Mussehl Matilda Michniak_48185
Mussehl Minnie nee McMillen Michniak_48185
Mussehl Stanley R. Michniak_48185
Mussehl Stillborn baby Michniak_48185
Mussehl Tillie Michniak_48185
Müller A.F. Holt_54403
Myers William Hesson, Germany 1823-1840 McKee_53186
Nack Sophia Mayville,WI 1854-1893 Kelly_53820
Nagel Ernst B. Thomas_53066
Nagel Frances M. Thomas_53066
Nagel Friedrich Thomas_53066
Nagle Charles Aillery_06907
Nagle Ida Krueger Aillery_06907
Nagler Matthew Tn Elba, Dodge Co,WI Suhling_36801
Nass Friederick Ft Atkinson, Jefferson. WI 1886-1900 Ewalt_27023
Nass Friederick Whitewater, WI 1900-1935 Ewalt_27023
Natwick Carrie Rooney_55331
Nebl Wendelin Beaver Dam, Dodge Co, WI 1904-1932 Andorfer_53018
Negetschweiler John Beaver Dam, WI 1800-? Beal_53916
Neipert Edna B Sievert Stiehm_80031
Neis Gravely_25123
Neis Pranke_53549
Neis Rudolph McGowan_96812
Neitzel Zasrow_53098
Neitzel Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI Krueger_92802
Neitzel Augusta Abel_68154
Neitzel Christian Friedrich Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1788-1868 Radtke_53098
Neitzel Elizabeth "Lizzie" Szymborski_46394
Neitzel Gotthilf Fredrich Lebanon, WI 1829-1902 Druml_53005
Nelson Josephine Ahlquist_73132
Nett Michael Jericho 1846- Miller_31820
Neubauer Gertrude A. Swatek_53589
Neuberger Georg Leonhard Jr Portland, Dodge Co, Wis 1856-1921 Neuberger_21771
Neuberger George Leonhard Sr Lowell, Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1850-1900 Neuberger_21771
Neuendorf Wheeler_78154
Neuman Neuman_53932
Neuman Neuman_53960
Neuman Schepp_46818
Neumann Neumann_53719
Neumann Neuman_53932
Neumann Albert Dodge/Jefferson, WI 1867- Hoff_97305
Neumann August Swatek_53589
Neumann Johanna Dodge/Jefferson, WI 1867- Hoff_97305
Neumann Louisa Hoff_97305
Neumeyer Ottilia Adlard_97038
Newcomb William A Zingler Milford, Jeff Co, WI 1841-1923 O'Brien_53210
Nichel Marjory Witzlib_53051
Nichols Elizabeth MacGowan_01852
Nickerson Anna Wenzel_53051
Niebler Joseph Berens_55082
Niebler Katherine Seitz Berens_55082
Niebler Leo Berens_55082
Niebler Leona (Battist) Berens_55082
Niebler Margaret (Lukas) Berens_55082
Niebler Margaretha Berens_55082
Niebler Meta (Held) Berens_55082
Niemann Barbara J. Beecher_20711
Niere August Beine_53227
Niere Ernst Beine_53227
Ninow/Nienow Carl, August, Johann and families Watertown, WI Schultz_53222
Ninow/Nienow Hanna Friederike Schultz_53222
Ninow/Nienow Joachim F. Schultz_53222
Nistler Aloisis Nistler_97225
Nistler Anna nee Jungmann Nistler_97225
Nistler Elisabeth nee Wittmann Nistler_97225
Nistler Joseph Nistler_97225
Nistler Michael Nistler_97225
Nistler Mikel Nistler_97225
Nitka  Florence Erickson_56215
Noffz Dodge/Jeff Cos, WI Webster_53098
Noffz Jefferson & Dodge Co, WI Webster_53098
Nolan Jefferson/Dodge , Wisc 1850- Nolan_55092
Nolan Bridget nee Riley Schaaf_55092
Nolan Catherine Schaaf_55092
Nolan Mary Schaaf_55092
Nolan Mary nee Burke Schaaf_55092
Nolan Thomas Schaaf_55092
Northey Lulu M. Gorder_53594
Norton Harriet R. Sieger_55060
Norton Mary A. nee O'Brien Kennard_50023
Norton Patrick Kennard_50023
Norton Peter Wild_18914
Notbohm Schultz_53546
Notbohm Arthur, Mrs. Michniak_48185
Notbohm Henry C. Michniak_48185
Notbohm Johann Heinrich August Sullivan 1848- Notbohm_99901
Notbohm Linda nee Lang Michniak_48185
Notbohm Lizzie nee Hake Michniak_48185
Notbohm Viola nee Schmidt Michniak_48185
Novotny John Milwaukee, WI 1880-1905 Novotny_55337
Nowack Bertha Beck_40065
Noyes Hebron, Jeff Co, WI 1840- Sampley_91942
Noyes Hebron, Jefferson Co, WI 1846- Conner Sampley-91942
O'Brien Lizzie Boehm_54751
O'Brien Margaret Kasperski_98363
O'Brien Mary A. Kennard_50023
O'Brien Mary Agnes Boehm_54751
O'Brien Mary Ann Boehm_54751
O'Brien R.J., Mrs. Perry_54208
O'Brion Matt J. Swatek_53589
O'Brion Sarah J. nee Schultz Swatek_53589
O'Connell Jos., Dr. Kennard_50023
O'Connell Mary Kennard_50023
O'Connell Michael Kennard_50023
O'Connell Patrick Kennard_50023
O'Donnell Carroll/Carl Milw/Watertown, WI 1953-1932 VanTurnhout_18
O'Donnell Carroll/Carl Milwaukee & Watertown, WI1853-1932186 1853-1932 Van Turnhout_18
O'Donnell Christine R. West (Krahn) Van Turnhout_18
O'Donnell Eddie Van Turnhout_18
O'Donnell Mary Van Turnhout_18
O'Donnell Michael, Mrs. nee Doherty Erickson_56215
O'Donnell T., Mrs. Van Turnhout_18
O'Keefe Elizabeth Jefferson Co, WI 1840-1876 Schuenke_53150
O'Kelley Margaret Watertown 1823-1910 Quinn_93274
O'Kelly Dennis Quinn_93274
O'Leary Susan Coogan_90230
O'Mara Gravely_25123
O'Mara Michael Clyman, WI 1860-1943 Gravely_25123
O'Mara Patrick Clyman, WI 1818-1879 Gravely_25123
O'Mara Timothy Milford 1848 O'Mara_60457
O'Neil Anna Wild_18914
O'Neil Charles Wild_18914
O'Neil Francis Wild_18914
O'Neil James Wild_18914
O'Neil Jane Wild_18914
O'Neil John Wild_18914
O'Neil Maria nee Sullivan Wild_18914
O'Neil Matthew Wild_18914
O'Neil Thomas Wild_18914
O'Neill Jane Boehm_54751
OConnor Elizabeth Ann or Elisa Ann Lowell, Dodge County, WI 1860 -1864 OConnor_54155
Oestreich Kopas_53098
Oestreich August Bruins_62703
Oestreich Auguste Bruins_62703
Oestreich Carl Ixonia/Concord, WI 1845 Carter_53066
Oestreich Flora nee Seegert Dishman_48089
Oestreich Herbert Ixonia, Jeff Co,WI 1900- Oestreich_53036
Oestreich Herman C L Ixonia, WI 1822-1885 Lauersdorf_53558
Oestreich John Dishman_48089
Oestreich Wilhelm Ixonia, Jeff Co, WI 1825-1886 Oestreich_53036
Oestreich Wilhelmine Bruins_62703
Ogram Jane Phelps_53073
Ohrmundt Alvina Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1880 Oestreich_53036
Ohrmundt Clarence A. Otto_54947
oldenhauer Caroline Mayville, Dodge, WI Behlke_57350
Oleson Allie Boehm_54751
Oleson Amelia nee Anderson Boehm_54751
Oleson Chris Boehm_54751
Oleson Isaac Boehm_54751
Oleson Jacob Boehm_54751
Oleson Josephine Boehm_54751
Oleson Samuel Boehm_54751
Olias Margaret nee Kelly Raymond_33596
Olias Patrick Raymond_33596
Olis Mamie (Hurtubise) Raymond_33596
Olsen Assa Boehm_54751
Olsen Hollis H. Boehm_54751
Olsen Holver Boehm_54751
Olsen Nettie Christine Boehm_54751
Olson Wisconsin Buck_44118
Olson Matilda Boehm_54751
Olson Permillia Beaver Dam City 1890-1920 Wright_53551
Orttel Henry Harrison Ft Atkinson, Jefferson, Racine 1881 Orttel_97321
Oschmann Jefferson Co, WI Eckert_53549
Osen Mary Schulz_99223
Osterman Barbara Mary Tn Farmington,Jeff Co,WI  1795-1869 Dary_53532
Ostermann Barbara Mary Jefferson Co, WI 1795-1869 Dary_53536
Ott Lindborg_90808
Ott Clara Beck_40065
Otto Arnold Otto_54947
Otto Emma nee Wittnebel Otto_54947
Otto Helen A. nee Kienast Otto_54947
Otto Hildegard nee Maas Otto_54947
Otto Ida Metzdorf Otto_54947
Otto Jacob, Mathilda, Alvin, Alice, Lawortha Iron Ridge, Dodge Co, WI 1880-1920 VanVonderen_54301
Otto Lenaora nee Schultz Otto_54947
Otto Ralph Otto_54947
Owen Florence Perry_54208
Palmer Margaret Vosen_53925
Pankow Henry Tn Hubbard, WI Wild_17015
Panzer Voss_53048
Parpart Tworkowski_32903
Parpart Lonnie Swatek_53589
Parpart Shelly Kaye nee Zimmerman Swatek_53589
Parson Prude Boehm_54751
Pasternak-II Neuman_53932
Patroelj Gerbin A Dodge/Jeff Cos, WI 1930-1980s  Wallendal_53716
Paulson Strege_53094
Paustian Erna nee Bachhuber Arnott_53186
Payne Amanda Jo Swatek_53589
Payne Bobbie Jean nee Draper Swatek_53589
Payne Craig Donald Swatek_53589
Payne Donna Mae Swatek_53589
Payne Jaime Swatek_53589
Payne Jaime L. Swatek_53589
Peacock Fannie Repta_72653
Peacock R Repta_72653
Pearson Henry Phelps_53073
Pearson Jane nee Ogram Phelps_53073
Pease Minerva nee Griswold Phillips_63119
Pease Olive Anna Phillips_63119
Pease Walter Phillips_63119
Pease Walter Watertown,WI 1849-1885 Phillips_63119
Pease Walter, Jr. Phillips_63119
Peck Elkhorn, WI 1830- Debbert_54935
Peebles Vera Martin_98281
Peirick Schuett_53098
Peirick Farmington,WI Reese_53151
Percy David, Garrett LeRoy, Wisconsin 1850-1955 Jaax_64112
Perkins Adelaide Mehring_85374
Perkins Adelaine Concord, Jeff Co,WI 1852-1938 Mehring_53095
Perkins Adelaine Helenville, Jeff Co, WI 1852-1938 Mehring_53095
Perkins John Carl/Karl Hustisford, Dodge Co, WI 1864-1890 Perkins_01002
Perry Anna Perry_54208
Perry Anna E. (Christian) Perry_54208
Perry Anna nee Zimmerman Perry_54208
Perry Anne Perry_54208
Perry Bessie A. nee Thompson Perry_54208
Perry Betty L. (Sullivan) Perry_54208
Perry Byron Perry_54208
Perry C. Perry_54208
Perry Caleb Perry_54208
Perry Carol A. Perry_54208
Perry Caroline Perry_54208
Perry Caroline, Mrs. Perry_54208
Perry Catherine, Mrs. Perry_54208
Perry Catura E. Perry_54208
Perry Charles Perry_54208
Perry Charles A. Perry_54208
Perry Charles J. Perry_54208
Perry Charlotte Perry_54208
Perry Chas. Perry_54208
Perry Clark J. Perry_54208
Perry Cyru Perry_54208
Perry Daniel Perry_54208
Perry Daniel Jefferson County 1867 Perry_49038
Perry David Perry_54208
Perry E.T., Mrs. Perry_54208
Perry Ed Perry_54208
Perry Edith Perry_54208
Perry Elda nee Klingbeil Perry_54208
Perry Eli Perry_54208
Perry Eliza (Davy) Perry_54208
Perry Elizabeth (Wurtzler) Perry_54208
Perry Elizabeth T. Perry_54208
Perry Elizabeth Twining Perry_54208
Perry Ethel M. Perry_54208
Perry Ethel Maude (Kiepert) Perry_54208
Perry Evaline Campbell Perry_54208
Perry Evaline Rich Perry_54208
Perry Florence nee Owen Perry_54208
Perry G. Perry_54208
Perry George E. Perry_54208
Perry George F. Perry_54208
Perry George H. Perry_54208
Perry George W. Perry_54208
Perry Grace (Allred) Perry_54208
Perry Harriet (Ives) Perry_54208
Perry Hattie Jane Perry_54208
Perry Henry Perry_54208
Perry Ida nee Montgomery Perry_54208
Perry Jack W. Perry_54208
Perry James Joseph Perry_54208
Perry Jane Perry_54208
Perry Jane (Menges) Perry_54208
Perry Jay Perry_54208
Perry Jay A. Perry_54208
Perry Jennie Perry_54208
Perry Jessie Perry_54208
Perry Jessie (Harris) Perry_54208
Perry John Perry_54208
Perry John Town of Watertown, section 29, Pipersville 1845-1900 Perry_54208
Perry John Daniel Perry_54208
Perry John Thomas Perry_54208
Perry John W. Perry_54208
Perry John, Jr. Perry_54208
Perry Laura E. Perry_54208
Perry Leo Perry_54208
Perry Lucian Perry_54208
Perry Lucy Perry_54208
Perry Lucy (Henry) Perry_54208
Perry Lute N. (Rich) Perry_54208
Perry Lutie Perry_54208
Perry Mabel Perry_54208
Perry Mamie Perry_54208
Perry Marian Perry_54208
Perry Marian nee Johnson Perry_54208
Perry Mary Perry_54208
Perry Mary Ellen nee Humphrey Perry_54208
Perry Mary, Mrs. Perry_54208
Perry Mary, Mrs. (E.R.) Perry_54208
Perry Mattie A. Perry_54208
Perry May, Mrs. Perry_54208
Perry Polly A., Mrs. Perry_54208
Perry R.J., Mrs. Nee O'Brien Perry_54208
Perry Richard Perry_54208
Perry Samuel Perry_54208
Perry Sarah Perry_54208
Perry Seth Perry_54208
Perry Seth J. Perry_54208
Perry Thomas Perry_54208
Perry Thomas John Perry_54208
Perry Thomas, Mrs. (Burns) Perry_54208
Perry William O. Perry_54208
Perry William R. Perry_54208
Perry Wilson Perry_54208
Perry Wilson S. Perry_54208
Perry Wm. Perry_54208
Peschel Charles Waterloo, WI 1879-1954 Peschel_53590
Peschel Charles Waterloo, WI 1903-1954 Peschel_53590
Peschel Charles W. Waterloo, Jeff Co, WI 1887-1900 Peschel_53590
Peschel Frank Jr. Waterloo, WI 1881-1951 Peschel_53590
Peschel Frank Sr Waterloo, WI Jefferson Co 1881-1905 Peschel_53590
Peschel Peter Waterloo Croft 53925
Peschell(Kreuziger) Anna Waterloo Croft 53925
Peter Ernst Tn Shields, Dodge Co,WI 1855-1900 McKee_53186
Peter Ernst Watertown, WI 1860-1872 McKee_53186
Peter Ernst Heinrick Tn Shields, WI 18960-1900 McKee_53186
Peter Johann Ernst Richwood, Watertown, WI 1870-1900 McKee_53186
Peter Johann Ernst Watertown, Wis 1850-1871 McKee_53186
Petermann, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Gauerke_37043
Peters Chas Seim_53916
Peters Mayme Zagorski_90065
Peters Theresa Zagorski_90065
Petersdorf Johann Tn Oconomowoc,WI 1870-1880 Borth_53094
Peterson Betty Begovatz_43447
Peterson Christine nee Hanson Begovatz_43447
Peterson Edward Begovatz_43447
Peterson John and Andrea Jefferson Co 1853 Peterson_XXXXX
Peterson Nancy Mae nee Begovatz Begovatz_43447
Peterson Norman A. Begovatz_43447
Peterson Winifred E. Swatek_53589
Petri Kjohannes Watertown,WI 1850-1918 Kelly_53820
Petri Lydia Lake Mills,WI 1881-1969 Kelly_53820
Petrie Edward Kekoskee, WI 1835-1918 Kelly_53820
Petrie John Mayville, WI 1850-1910 Kelly_53820
Pfaller Laska_68640
Pfeffer Phillip Sachson, Germany 1780-1840 McKee_53186
Pfeifer Magdalene (Nass) Ft Atkinson, Jefferson, WI 1886-1900 Ewalt_27023
Pfeiffer Funk_97068
Pfeiffer Sullivan, Rome, Jeff Co 1847-1900 Gill_65401
Pfeil Carol Erickson_56215
Pfyl Laura nee Kelble Huelskamp_43567
Pfyl Martin Huelskamp_43567
Phelps Edmund/Edward Meyers_54966
Phelps Eligah Meyers_54966
Phelps Pearl A. Meyers_54966
Phillips Lurinda nee Atwater Miller_83245
Pickering Margaret Walker_82609
Pieper Peterson_32828
Pieper Wheeler_78154
Pierce S S Rock Co/Jefferson Co 1820s Randall_53545
Pierce Sarah Ann Aldrich_22206
Pierce Sarah Ann Aldrich_74105
Pinger Pinger_89510
Pinger Catharina Weber_08873
Pinger John , Charles, John Henry, etc Watertown, Wisconsin 1851-1890 Pinger_89510
Pinney Fanny Aldrich_74105
Pinney Priscella Aldrich_74105
Piper Francis J. Perry_54208
Piper Francis V. Perry_54208
Piper Frank Perry_54208
Piper Julia Ann nee Burns Perry_54208
Piper Julia nee Burns Perry_54208
Piper Lydia Vosen_53925
Pirkel Pranke_53549
Pitel Edward Benjamin Raimer_87108
Pitkin Oren Williamstown, Dodge Co. WI 1860 Pitkin_52772
Pitterle Schuett_53098
Pitzner Herinrich Abel_68154
Pitzner Sidonia Abel_68154
Plymesser John Harley United States 1943 Plymesser_54456
Podolske Anna Tienhaana_54521
Podolske August Tienhaana_54521
Podolske August, Mrs. Tienhaara_54521
Podolske Julius Tienhaana_54521
Poehlman Jefferson Co, WI area Biedermann_53717
Poetter Emil Affeldt_53511
Poetter Fred Affeldt_53511
Poetter Hattie Affeldt Affeldt_53511
Pohlman Franklin R. Swatek_53589
Pohlman Shirley Ann nee Hoffman Swatek_53589
Pohlmann Fred Aldrich_74105
Pohlmann Ida Aldrich_74105
Pohlmann Minnie (Splinter) Aldrich_74105
Polzin Johanna Karoline Emmet Twp, Dodge Co 1852-1865 Rogowski_54822
Polzin Johanna Karoline Farmington Twp, Jefferson Co, WI 1866-1904 Rogowski_54822
Ponath Hattie nee Zastrow Sauer_55033
Ponath William Sauer_55033
Popp A.O. Aird_52002
Popp Arthur O. Aird_52002
Popp Florence Abitz Aird_52002
Popp Wally Aird_52002
Popplow Antonie Prochnow_60409
Popplow Charles William Prochnow_60409
Popplow William Prochnow_60409
Porath Frederiche Affeldt Affeldt_53511
Porath Herman Affeldt_53511
Pothour Wendy Swatek_53589
Potter Swatek_53589
Potter Helenville/Jefferson 1850-2011 Swatek_53589
Potter Jefferson Co 1850-now Swatek_53589
Potter Jefferson County, Wisconsin Swatek_53589
Potter Maud (Aldrich) Aldrich_22206
Potter Maud Emily (Aldrich) Aldrich_74105
Potter Robert Wallace Aldrich_74105
Powers Catherine Milford 1848 Powers_60457
Powers David J. Geber_55414
Powers Ellen nee Horan Geber_55414
Powers Lawrence Geber_55414
Powers Mary Agnes nee Farley Geber_55414
Pozlin Otto, Johanna Farmington, Jeff Co, WI 1850-1904 Rogowski_54822
Prag Leona Rademan_33603
Pratt Abigail Warren Cartwright Eggli_93110
Pratt Truman Eggli_93110
Pratt (Warren) Abigail MA,NY,Wisconsin 1791-1872 Eggli_93110
Pratt     Truman MA,NY,Wisconsin 1792-1873 Eggli_93110
Preischl desLauriers_91711
Preischl Farmington, Jeff Co, WI 1850 des Lauriers_91711
Preischl Farmington, Wi 1850- DesLauriers_91711
Prendergast Peter Watertown, WI Late 1800s & early 1900s Rogers_61111
Press Jefferson Co, WI area Biedermann_53717
Prestige George Maki_98365
Preston Martha J. Ackerman_83328
Preuss Lucille Otto_54947
Price Joyce K. Gorder_53594
Price Tom Seim_53916
Priem Watertown, WI 1862-1950s Birrenkott_53597
Priem Michael Watertown WI/Germany 1839-1907 Birrenkot_53597
Priem Michael Watertown,Dodge Co, WI 1839-1907 Birrenkott_53597
Prindl Ann M. Fisher_53213
Prindl John Fisher_53213
Prindl Jos. Fisher_53213
Pritchard Laska_68640
Pritzlaff Emil Frederich Reinhard Watertown, WI 1870-1900 Hinnenthal_55447
Pritzlaff Emil Reinhard Watertown, WI 1852-1897 Hinnenthal_55447
Pritzlaff Emil Reinhard Watertown, WI 1875-1885 Hinnenthal_55447
Pritzlaff Henry Watertown, WI 1870-1880s Hinnenthal_55447
Probst John P. Swatek_53589
Prochnow Christian Watertown, WI 1884-1907 Prochnow_48651
Prochnow Fred C. Prochnow_60409
Prochnow Herman A. Prochnow_60409
Prochnow Millie Prochnow_60409
Prochnow Otto Prochnow_60409
Prochnow Rita Irene Prochnow_60409
Prochnow & Michel Prochnow_60409
Prochnow  Christian Prochnow_60409
Procknow Augusta Prochnow_60409
Procknow Chas. Prochnow_60409
Propp Frieda Ahlgren_11795
Prust Bertha (Bachus) Zagorski_90065
Pucci Carlotta "Lottie" Juliani_61032
Puerner Agnes Cota_54157
Puerner June Cota_54157
Puhle Carl Leonard Jefferson Co,WI 1888 Carlson_53534
Puhle Carl/Charles Lake Mills,WI 1882-1847 Carlson_53534
Purcell Purcell_11572
Purmort John Heiden_68504
Putney Emily E Milford, Jefferson Co, WI 1844 m in Aztalan Gerlach_53151
Puza Walter Zagorski_90065
Quade Henriette Affeldt_53511
Quale Robert Berens_55082
Quale Robert "Cactus" Berens_55082
Quam Isabella Michniak_48185
Quandt Julius Seim_53916
Quigley Colligan_49241
Quigley Marg. nee Colligan Colligan_49241
Quigley Thomas Colligan_49241
Quiner Jefferson Co, WI 1840-1900 Tam_Dorla
Quiner Jefferson Co, WI 1848-1890 Tam_98290
Quinn James Raymond_33596
Quinn Margaret Raymond_33596
Quinn Margarita nee Byrns Raymond_33596
Quinn Richard Feirtag_55110
Raasch Wilke_53183
Raasch Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1850s Raasch_53202
Raasch August M C Watertown, WI 1815-1868 Haase_68803
Raasch Christian Dodge Co, WI 1856- Wilke_53183
Rabbach Emma nee Schuenke Swatek_53589
Rabbach Gertrude A. Swatek_53589
Rabbach Henry E. Swatek_53589
Rabbach Henry G. Swatek_53589
Rabenhorst Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI Kuehl_53094
Rackemann Carolina Lewandowski_22060
Rader Addie nee Thelen Swatek_53589
Rader Charles Swatek_53589
Radis Karlstad_55376
Radke Augusta Kuntz_53039
Radloff Ernestine Davison_53590
Radtke L.M. Zagorski_90065
Radtke Wilhelm Friedrich Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1805-1876 Radtke_53098
Radtke Wm Friedrich Lebanon,WI 1805 Radtke_53098
Rady Carl Dodge, Fond du Lac, WI 1850- Schnepf_54459
Rady family Schnepf_54459
Raether Kuehl_53094
Raether 1850 Poretti_55406
Raether Arliene E. Hollatz Zagorski_90065
Raether Arliene nee Hollatz Zagorski_90065
Raether Carol Ann Swatek_53589
Rafferty Thorn_60002
Rafferty Joseph Seim_53916
Raiche Duane J., Jr. Raiche_53701
Raisler/Roesler Dodge&Waupaca Co, WI 1800-? Hill_04103
Rake Gottlieb Westford/Calamus/Trenton, Dodge Co 1850-80 Rake_53233
Rambow Alexander Dupont_53575
Rambow Ardis E. Dupont_53575
Rambow Bertha Wegener Dupont_53575
Rambow Charles W. Dupont_53575
Rambow Dolores Dupont_53575
Rambow Edgar Dupont_53575
Rambow Imelda "Mutzie" R. nee Labuwi Dupont_53575
Rambow Loretta B. Dupont_53575
Rambow Lorraine J. Dupont_53575
Rambow Mabel Dupont_53575
Rambow Mamie nee Voss Dupont_53575
Rambow May nee McCollom Dupont_53575
Rambow Myrtle Dupont_53575
Rambow Norman G. Dupont_53575
Rambow Vanessa G. Dupont_53575
Rambow Wilhelm/William Rubicon, WI 1870 Dupont_53575
Rambow Wilhelmine/Ernestine Rubicon, WI 1870 Dupont_53575
Ramsay Vehlow_60048
Ranis August H Watertown,WI Ranis_55987
Rathburn Elizabeth Aldrich_74105
Rathburn Ray William Waterville, WI 1900-1955 Rathburn_30646
Rausch Sabina Daniels_53066
Reason George Watertown, WI Filkins_62959
Reason Percy Watertown, WI Filkins_62959
Recklau Ernestine Schwarze_54494
Redlin Franz, Edward, Frank, Emil, Richard, Alma Iron Ridge, Dodge Co, WI 1869-1920 VanVonderen_54301
Redlin Phyllis & David Wisconsin? 1930- Loeffler_95350
Ree Jay Cota_54157
Ree Magdelena nee Schweiner Cota_54157
Reed William W Jefferson Co, WI c1840-1910 Perkins_01002
Reese Christian Farmington, Jefferson Co, WI 1857-1897 Reese_53151
Reese Christian Farmington,WI Reese_53151
Reeves Suzan Swatek_53589
Rehfeld Dodge Co, Wisconsin Peterson_32828
Reich Dorothy Michniak_48185
Reichert Heglund_55014
Reichert Bertha Brown_53038
Reichert Carl Brown_53038
Reichert Darlene Swatek_53589
Reichert John Brown_53038
Reigel/Riggle John William Concord/Madison 1850-1906 Reigle_53711
Reigle Henry Concord Twp 1850-1900 Reigle_53711
Reigle/Riggle Henry Concord, Jeff Co, WI 1845-1906 Reigle_53711
Reigle/Riggle John, Henry Concord, Jeff Co, WI 1870-1920 Reigle_53711
Reigle/Riggle John, William, Jesse, George Concord, Jeff Co, Wisconsion Late 1800-1900 Reigle_53711
Reinehr Joseph Watertown, Jefferson Co, WI 1864-1908 Reynolds_85382
Reineke Catherine Dorothea  Affeldt_53511
Reinhard Christian & Philippina Lowell c1917 Reinhard_03234
Reinke Barbara Swatek_53589
Reith Joseph Richwood, Dodge Co, WI Suhling_36801
Renard Frederick Leiser_84124
Rennhak Minnie Watertown, WI 1878-1898 Rennhak_60515
Renz Albert Vosen_53925
Renz Albert Jacob Vosen_53925
Renz maria Augusta nee Strop Vosen_53925
Rettig Ella nee Sternke Karlitad_55376
Rettig Oscar F. Karlitad_55376
Retzlaff Christian Aztalan 1885-1910 Maron_53594
Retzlaff Christian Aztalan, W 1882-1906 Maron_53594
Reynolds Purcell_11572
Reynolds Hebron, Jeff Co, WI 1840- Sampley_91942
Reynolds Family 1800s Barbasiewicz_53204
Rheineck Kenneth Boehm_54751
Rheineck Kenneth, Jr. Boehm_54751
Rheineck Marilyn nee Gess Boehm_54751
Rhodes Carl Arnott_53186
Rhodes Eda Williamstown 1875-1935 Kelly_53820
Rhodes Flora nee Wheeler Arnott_53186
Rhodes Lorenzo Kekoskee, WI 1849-1933 Kelly_53820
Rhodes Lorezzo Williamston, WI 1949-1933 Kelly_53820
Rhodes Marcella nee Guttenberg Arnott_53186
Rhodes Marie Urbin_72715
Rhodes Samuel Urbin_72715
Rhodes Samuiel Kekoskee, WI 1818-1888 Kelly_53820
Rice E.S. Johns_29681
Rice Laura nee Roberts Johns_29681
Rice Matilda Johns_29681
Rice Seth Jefferson, WI 1880-1910 Rice_81413
Rice Stephen A. Johns_29681
Rich Lute N. Perry_54208
Richardson Tennessee Buck_44118
Richardson Hattie L. Dahlstrom_99019
Richardson Henriette nee Lusk Dahlstrom_99019
Richardson Ralph O. Dahlstrom_99019
Richardt Ernst Juneau, WI 1850-1950 Beal_53916
Richardt Frederick Charles John Tworkowski_32903
Richardt Friedericke Oak Grove, WI 1828-1895 Gardner_54814
Richardt Henry Tworkowski_32903
Richardt John Beal_53916
Richardt John Tworkowski_32903
Richardt John, Mrs. Tworkowski_32903
Richardt M Brown_53038
Richardt William Tworkowski_32903
Richart Beard_53014
Richart Luella Lange_55060
Richert Ernestine Watertown,WI 1832-1921 Oestreich_53036
Richter Johanna Tomlinson_97051
Richter Lucille Derlein_52406
Rickdashel Magdalena Aztalan, Jefferson Co, WI 1847-1911 Gifford_53213
Rickerman/Wess George/Catherine Sullivan/Rome 1848-1900 MacGowan_01852
Riebe Clarence Henry Erickson_56215
Riebe Dorothy M. nee Meske Erickson_56215
Riebe Harry R Erickson_56215
Riebe Shirley Erickson_56215
Riebe Steven C. Erickson_56215
Rieck Karen Pearl Erickson_56215
Riedel Anna Margaretha Michniak_48185
Riedelbauch Ernest J. Berens_55082
Riedl Wright_85202
Riedl Stanley C. Davison_53590
Riege Carl Ludwig Waterloo, Jeff Co, WI 1931-1887 Wallin_85614
Riege Emilie Dodge Co/Germany b1866 Block_53098
Riege Ferdienand Waterloo, Jeff Co, WI 1892- Boos_53137
Riemer Edward Concord, Jeff Co, WI 1881 Jacobsen_53132
Riemer Louise Watertown, Jeff Co, WI 1868- Jacobsen_53132
Riemer Wilhelm    Watertown, Jeff Co, WI 1868- Jacobsen_53132
Riesop Augusta Vosen_53925
Riess George Aztalan, Jeff Co, WI 1870-1952 Dooge_53549
Riggle Jesse Concord Twp 1850-1863 Reigle_53711
Riley Bridget Schaaf_55092
Rinka Daniel D. Phillips_98367
Rinka Mary J. nee Gaugert Phillips_98367
Roach Ruth Dahlstrom_78251
Robbins Hebron, Jeff Co, WI 1840- Sampley_91942
Roberts Annie Laurie Slagg Affeldt_53511
Roberts Earl Affeldt_53511
Roberts Evelyn Affeldt_53511
Roberts Laura Johns_29681
Roberts Mary A. Ackerman_83328
Roberts Sandra Swatek_53589
Robinson Anne Vollrath_54481
Robinson Lydia Sherdeman Spillane_90720
Robisch Schwartz_54603
Robisch Anna Catherina Michniak_48185
Robisch Antonia nee Yahn Michniak_48185
Robisch Family Michniak_48185
Robisch George Holt_54403
Robisch George Michniak_48185
Robisch John J. Holt_54403
Robisch Lydia nee Walther Michniak_48185
Robisch Magdalena Michniak_48185
Robish Adam Holt_54403
Robish Anna Catherina Michniak_48185
Robish Barbara Michniak_48185
Robish Elizabeth Michniak_48185
Robish Eva Michniak_48185
Robish Eva E. Holt_54403
Robish Eva Margaret nee Rucktaeshel Michniak_48185
Robish Family Holt_54403
Robish William Michniak_48185
Rodgers Annie C. Quinn_93274
Rodgers John Wild_18914
Roeder John Rusch_53094
Roehl Kathleen Witzlib_53051
Roessler Barbara Cota_54157
Roessler Chris Cota_54157
Roessler Chris, Mrs. Cota_54157
Roessler Christopher Holt_54403
Roessler John C. Holt_54403
Roessler Simson Holt_54403
Rogan James Dodge County, Ashippun and Lebanon 1852-1880 Rogan_55345
Rogers James Shirland, Winnebago, IL 1840-1900 Rogers_61111
Rohloff Schultz_53546
Rohloff Concord, Ixonia, WI 1890-1950 Schmidt_53094
Rohloff Adolph F. Zagorski_90065
Rohloff Augusta Zagorski_90065
Rohloff Donna Hamill_97322
Rohloff Elizabeth nee Eichmann Zagorski_90065
Rohloff Ferdinand Zagorski_90065
Roisch Jefferson County, Wisconsin 1846-1920 Goetz_16803
Roligheden Peder Olsen Jefferson Co 1853 Roligheden_XXXXX
Roloff Caroline nee Shallert Davison_53590
Roloff Friedricka (Fredericke Rika) Davison_53590
Romunder Wilhelm Watertown, WI 1881-193- Pugh_72021
Rood Sophia A. Karraker_64801
Rooney Bridget Rooney_55331
Rooney Carrie (Natwick) Rooney_55331
Rooney Catherine (Casey) Rooney_55331
Rooney Colleen (Lins) Rooney_55331
Rooney Ed Rooney_55331
Rooney Elizabeth Rooney_55331
Rooney Gordon A. Rooney_55331
Rooney Hugh M. Rooney_55331
Rooney James Rooney_55331
Rooney James Elba Twp, Dodge Co, WI 1847-1905 Rooney_55331
Rooney James Elba. Wl 1850ish Rooney_55408
Rooney Jane Rooney_55331
Rooney John Horan-Grambsch_55346
Rooney John Rooney_55331
Rooney John C. Rooney_55331
Rooney John Thomas Rooney_55331
Rooney Julia Rooney_55331
Rooney Kate Rooney_55331
Rooney Katie Rooney_55331
Rooney Lisa Rooney_55331
Rooney Louis (Maria Crorinse) Rooney_55331
Rooney Luke Rooney_55331
Rooney M.J. Rooney_55331
Rooney Maria Rooney_55331
Rooney Mary Rooney_55331
Rooney Mary Ann Rooney_55331
Rooney Michael Rooney_55331
Rooney P. Horan-Grambsch_55346
Rooney P. Rooney_55331
Rooney Stella (Cowan) Rooney_55331
Rooney Thomas Rooney_55331
Rooney Winnifred S. Rooney_55331
Rooney's (All) Elba Twp, Dodge Co, WI 1847-1950 Rooney_55331
Rooney  Anastasia Powers Elba Twp, Dodge Co, WI 1847 Rooney_55331
Roony Catherine Rooney_55331
Roony Luke (Maria C.?) Rooney_55331
Roou Eda F. Boehm_54751
Rose Rose_49931
Rose christian Reeseville, WI 1881-1900 Peschel_53590
Roseland Sarah Abel_68154
Rosseba Josephine nee Broviack Bunker_52761
Rosseba O.C.M. Bunker_52761
Rossebo Genevieve nee Thomas Bunker_52761
Rossebo Louis Bunker_52761
Roth Deborah J. Swatek_53589
Roth Emma (Sauck) Allen_16025
Roth Peter Allen_16025
Rothe Peter Allen_16025
Rowoldt Christian A. Vosen_53925
Rowoldt Edna Gertrude May Vosen_53925
Rowoldt Henry Vosen_53925
Rowoldt Henry Watertown,WI Vosen_53925
Rowoldt Henry J. Vosen_53925
Rowoldt Marie nee Gamm Swatek_53589
Rowoldt Marie nee Gamm Vosen_53925
Rowoldt Martha Hamann Vosen_53925
Rowoldt/Rowaldt Vosen_53925
Ruckdeshel Elizabeth nee Robish Michniak_48185
Ruckdeshel Eva nee Robish Michniak_48185
Rucktaeshel Eva margaret Michniak_48185
Rucktaschel Jefferson County, Wisconsin 1846-1920 Goetz_16803
Rudolf Alexander Ashippun, WI 1844-1897 Axtell_60440
Rudolf Alexander Ashippun, Wisconsin 1844-1897 Axtell_60440
Rudolf/Rudolph Alexander Ashippun, Dodge, Wisconsin 1858-1920 Axtell_60440
Rueckert Flora nee Michaelis Land_79701
Rueckert Henry Land_79701
Ruehl Chester Edwin Swatek_53589
Rueth Coletta Berens_55082
Rueth Flora Berens_55082
Rule Susan (Salick) Quinn_93274
Rule William J Quinn_93274
Rummel Ley_53538
Runge Hill_60950
Runyard Kenneth John  Zagorski_90065
Runyard Marilyn Annette nee Mallow Zagorski_90065
Ruosch Gaudenz Watertown, WI 1860s-1870s Ruosch_53545
Rupnow Edna Watertown, WI Dec. 10, 1925 Rupnow_ 53178
Rupnow Ida Watertown, WI Achtor_53072
Rupnow n/a n/a n/a Hesse_53178
Rupprecht Alma  Bublitz_53066
Rupprecht Christian Bublitz_53066
Rupprecht Johann Herman Bublitz_53066
Rupprecht Otto Hustisford or Watertown, WI 1860-1960 Rupprecht_90755
Ruprech Jefferson County, Wisconsin 1846-1920 Goetz_16803
Rusch Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Wisconsin 1900-1970 Hamer_53538
Rusch Wilhelmina Fort Atkinson, Jeff Co, WI 1846-1930 Hamer_53558
Rusch William Fort Atkinson, Jeff Co, WI 1904-1958 Hamer_53538
Rusch William Fort Atkinson,Jeff Co,Wis 1906-1957 Hamer_53538
Rusch William Hebron, Jefferson Co,WI 1893-1958 Hamer_53538
Rusch William - Martha Fort Atkinson, Jefferson Co, Wis 1893-1990 Hamer_53538
Rusche Dodge Co, Wisconsin Peterson_32828
Russell Andrew Concord, Jefferson Co, Wisconsin Christian_53066
Russell Garrett Watertown, WI 1882-1915 Russell_55439
Sabien John Abram_55760
Sabien Lydia (Streich) Abram_55760
Sabien Otillia Erickson_56215
Sabien Otillia Giese Abram_55760
Sachs Edward Leo Graham_20176
Sachs Mabel nee Knutson Graham_20176
Sachs Mabel nee Knutson Kadavy_68070
Saeger Donna M. Swatek_53589
Sake Sake_53538
Sake Willard,William,Fred Palmyra,Whitewater,WI 1850-1909 Sake_53538
Sake Willard,William,Fred Waukesha,WI 1850-1909 Sake_53538
Salick Adeline (Cody) Quinn_93274
Salick Anna Marie (Callahan) Quinn_93274
Salick August B. Quinn_93274
Salick Ben Quinn_93274
Salick Cecelia Quinn_93274
Salick Charles J Quinn_93274
Salick Charles J. Quinn_93274
Salick E.A. Quinn_93274
Salick Elizabeth Quinn_93274
Salick Geraldine (Dessel) Quinn_93274
Salick John A. Quinn_93274
Salick John E. Quinn_93274
Salick Joseph Quinn_93274
Salick Joseph A. Quinn_93274
Salick Leanore Watertown 1900-1924 Quinn_93274
Salick Leanore "Slicky" Quinn_93274
Salick Margaret Quinn_93274
Salick Margaret (Butler) Quinn_93274
Salick Susan Quinn_93274
Salon James Reeseville WI 1906-07 Lewis_57791
Salon Mary Reeseville WI 1906-07 Lewis_57791
Salon Thomas Salon Springs WI Lewis_57791
Sampson B E Lomira 1860-1900 Bird_53515
Sampson Elisha Lomira 1850-1890 Bird_53515
Samuels Anna nee Perry Perry_54208
Samuels William Perry_54208
Sander Milwaukee, Lake Mills, Wisconsin Mueller_53094
Sandft Carl Lake Mills, Jeff Co,WI 1863-1943 O'Brien_53210
Sargent James Hebron, Jefferson Co., WI 1846 to after 1930 Sargent_53115
Sauck Emma Allen_16025
Sauer Albertina nee Behling Sauer_55033
Sauer Emma (West) Sauer_55033
Sauer Emma nee Borchardt Sauer_55033
Sauer Gabriel Sauer_55033
Schaal Langdon_97103
Schaal Godfroy Mayville, Dodge Co, WI 1848-1870 Langdon_97103
Schaberlee Watertown, Jefferson County, WI Shaberly_43402
Schack Storch_53532
Schack Joachim Swatek_53589
Schack Joseph, Mrs. Swatek_53589
Schack Raymond Swatek_53589
Schack Theckla nee Kessler Swatek_53589
Schack Thekin Kessler Swatek_53589
Schack William Swatek_53589
Schack William Julius Swatek_53589
Schadow Marie Louise Watertown, Wisconsin 1810-1891 Sormrud_53029
Schaefer Wilahemenia Vriezen_53594
Schaffer Milwaukee; Eagle; JeffersonCo Mueller_53094
Schakelmann Flora Berens_55082
Schaller Anna Johanne  Sullivan_54703
Schaller Augusta Riesop Vosen_53925
Schaller Wilhelmina Watertown, Jefferson Co, Wis 1875-1967 Kuntz_54115
Scharp Herman Watertown, WI 1890-1920 Scharp_32907
Scharping Frank Schrader_57006
Scharping Ottilie Schrader_57006
Scheberl Barbara A.  Adlard_97038
Scheberl Margaret H. Adlard_97038
Scheberle Watertown, Jefferson County, WI 1850s - 1900 Shaberly_43402
Scheel Scheel_20770
Scheel Scheel_70119
Scheel Schultz_53546
Scheel Farmington,WI Reese_53151
Scheel Wilhalm Watertown 1881-1905 Scheel_20770
Scheels Adelheit Zagorski_90065
Scheer Bertha Affeldt_53511
Scheer Carl Affeldt_53511
Scheer Louise Affeldt_53511
Scheer Louise Zellne Affeldt_53511
Scheer Wilhelm Affeldt_53511
Schempf George S. Calhoun_94523
Schempf Johanna Calhoun_94523
Schepp Schepp_46818
Scheppa Frank Croft 53925
Scheppa (Blaschka) Barbara Camp Douglas Croft 53925
Scherer Peter, Edward, Otto Watertown, Palmyra, WI 1800-1950 Scherer_53190
Schermerhorn Elvira Perry_54208
Schermerhorn Margaret Perry_54208
Schermerhorn Maria (McCoy) Perry_54208
Schermerhorn William L. Perry_54208
Scherwitz Fort Atkinson, WI 1850-1950 Scherwitz_53563
Scherwitz Johann George Fort Atkinson, WI 1850-1920 Scherwitz_53563
Schiefelbein Carl Affeldt_53511
Schiefelbein Carl Schiefelbein_53154
Schiefelbein Ellen M. nee Schmidt Schiefelbein_53154
Schiefelbein Emma A. nee Biefeld Schiefelbein_53154
Schiefelbein Emma Martha Linder Affeldt_53511
Schiefelbein Ferdinand Wm. Schiefelbein_53154
Schiefelbein Herman, Mrs., nee Bublitz Schiefelbein_53154
Schiefelbein Jetta Schiefelbein_53154
Schiefelbein Johanna Affeldt Affeldt_53511
Schiefelbein Karl Schiefelbein_53154
Schiefelbein Marguerite-Grossmann, H.A.F., Mrs. Schiefelbein_53154
Schiefelbein Mary A. Hurd (Ames) Schiefelbein_53154
Schilberg Clarence, Cpl. Zagorski_90065
Schilberg Ferdinand Ixonia, WI 1900- Zasrow_53098
Schilberg Ida Zagorski_90065
Schilberg Leo F. Zagorski_90065
Schilberg Leona S. Zagorski_90065
Schilberg Malinda M. nee Schuett Zagorski_90065
Schilberg Rudolph Zagorski_90065
Schilberg Wallace A. Zagorski_90065
Schildbach Farmington,WI Reese_53151
Schildbach Emma Farmington, Jefferson County, WI 1873-1900 Schildbach_53227
Schildt John H. Swatek_53589
Schilling Diane J. Swatek_53589
Schilling Eleanor nee Bartel Swatek_53589
Schilling Ferdinand Seim_53916
Schilling Herman George Swatek_53589
Schilling Olga nee Maurer Swatek_53589
Schilling Stewart; Olga Helenville, Wttn, WI Glassel_53714
Schilling Stuart M. Swatek_53589
Schimmel Elizabeth "Betty" York_54733
Schimmel Joan McGrath_53549
Schimming Susan Kaye Swatek_53589
Schink Stacie Not given 2003 Schink_53549
Schlagel Schepp_46818
Schleicher Johann Watertown, Jefferson Co 1840 - 1911 Schleicher_XXXXX
Schleisner August Waterloo, Jefferson Co, WI 1870-1900 Wille_54646
Schlender Hill_60950
Schlesner Beard_53014
Schlesner Genz_53137
Schlesner August Concord, Jeff Co, WI 1880-1930 Schmidt_53094
Schlesner Carol (Heller) Olvera_53213
Schlesner Carol Anne Olvera_53212
Schlesner Eugene Frank Olvera_53212
Schlesner Johann Jefferson Co, WI 1866-1900 Schmitt_53094
Schlesner John A Olvera_53213
Schlesner John Frederich Farmington/Ixonia, Jefferson Co, Wisconsin 1866-1881 Schmidt_53094
Schlesner Viola B (Weber) Olvera_53213
Schlichting Caroline Frederica (Wolter) Naber_43017
Schliewe Alma nee Giese Erickson_56215
Schliewe Carol nee Pfeil Erickson_56215
Schliewe Edwin Theodor August Erickson_56215
Schliewe Edwin  Erickson_56215
Schliewe Floyd A. Erickson_56215
Schliewe Machelle Faye nee Lauersdorf Erickson_56215
Schliewe Nancy nee Damrow Erickson_56215
Schliewe Richard, Rev. Erickson_56215
Schliewe Wayne Erickson_56215
Schloesser Walter Jefferson, WI Block_53098
Schlueter Wade_87031
Schlueter Frank Wade_87031
Schlueter Marie, Mrs. (Frank) Wade_87031
Schlueter William Watertown, WI 1880-pres. Leischer_53086
Schmechel Alma nee Bittner Beck_40065
Schmechel George Beck_40065
Schmeling n/a n/a n/a Hesse_53178
Schmidt Arnold_86303
Schmidt Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Wisconsin Hamer_53538
Schmidt Ixonia, Jefferson Co,WI 1860-now Kraut_53066
Schmidt Jefferson County, Wisconsin 1846-1920 Goetz_16803
Schmidt Watertown, Clyman, WI Gill_65401
Schmidt Addie Michniak_48185
Schmidt Addie (Morris) Michniak_48185
Schmidt Adelia Hubbard, Dodge Co/Milwaukee, WI 1895-? Schmidt_53094
Schmidt Amelia Michniak_48185
Schmidt Amelia (Mussehl) Michniak_48185
Schmidt Amelia Mussehl Michniak_48185
Schmidt Amelia nee Mussehl Michniak_48185
Schmidt Christian Lake Mills, Jeff Co, WI 1860-1890 Smith_54601
Schmidt Elizabeth Jefferson, Jeff Co,WI 1834-1887 Vanderhei_53923
Schmidt Ellen M. Schiefelbein_53154
Schmidt Emilie Louisa Oak Grove, Dodge, WI 1887-1907 Schmidt _53094
Schmidt Emilie Lousia Oak Grove/Juneau/Dodge Co, WI 1873-? Schmidt_53094
Schmidt George Schiefelbein_53154
Schmidt George G. Daniels_53066
Schmidt Gotlieb Hubbard, WI 1850-1910 Carlson_53534
Schmidt Gottlieb Adams_98407
Schmidt Gottlieb Hubbard, Dodge Co, WI 1820-1902 Carlson_53534
Schmidt Gottlieb Iron Ridge,Dodge Co, WI ?-1880 Carlson_53534
Schmidt Hattie Adams_98407
Schmidt Hattie Daniels_53066
Schmidt Heinrich Fort Atkinson,Jeff Co,Wis 1856-1920 Hamer_53538
Schmidt Heinrich - Bertha Fort Atkinson, Jefferson Co, Wis 1856-1956 Hamer_53538
Schmidt Helen nee Moelling Michniak_48185
Schmidt Henry Fort Atkinson, Jeff Co, WI 1846-1900 Hamer_53558
Schmidt Henry Fort Atkinson, Jeff Co, WI 1867-1910 Hamer_53538
Schmidt Henry August Hebron, Jefferson Co,WI 1856-1935 Hamer_53538
Schmidt Jacob Waterloo, WI 1836-1890 Gaddy_52057
Schmidt John Michniak_48185
Schmidt John George Michniak_48185
Schmidt Katherine Michniak_48185
Schmidt Lillian Michniak_48185
Schmidt Maggie Michniak_48185
Schmidt Margaret Michniak_48185
Schmidt Margaretha Michniak_48185
Schmidt Samuel Michniak_48185
Schmidt Viola Michniak_48185
Schmidt Wilhelm Oak Grove, Dodge Co, WI 1881-1907 Schmidt_53094
Schmidt Wilhelm Friederick Juneau, Dodge Co, WI 1838-1912 Schmidt_53094
Schmidt William Hubbard, Dodge Co, WI Carlson_53534
Schmidt William Juneau, Dodge Co, WI 1881-1920 Schmitt_53094
Schmidt Buth Louisa M Gaddy_52057
Schmidt/Smith Carl/Charles Lake Mills, WI 1853-1930 Gaddy_52057
Schmiedeman Hill_60950
Schmiedemann Bush_90024
Schmipf Theresa Scollon_80233
Schmitl Beaver Dam, Wis Schmitt_53590
Schmitt Neuman_53932
Schmitt George Daniels_53066
Schmitt Georgia Daniels_53066
Schmitt Gloria Wallin_85614
Schmitt Helen (Boll) Daniels_53066
Schmitt John C/Barbara Betz Jefferson, WI 1832- Daniels_53066
Schmitt Valerie Dawn Erickson_56215
Schmitz Albertine Ebert Ahlquist_73132
Schmitz Edith nee Perry Perry_54208
Schmitz Fritz Ahlquist_73132
Schmitz Johanna Ahlquist_73132
Schmitz Peter Perry_54208
Schmodt Shannon Marie Swatek_53589
Schneider George Adam Strege_53094
Schoechert F.J. Stiehm_80031
Schoeffel John Swatek_53589
Schoen Amanda Zagorski_90065
Schoen Armand Zagorski_90065
Schoen Emma (Froemming) Zagorski_90065
Schoen Evelyn M. (Diamond) Zagorski_90065
Schoen Fred Zagorski_90065
Schoen Gustav Zagorski_90065
Schoen Johanna F. (Winkler) Zagorski_90065
Schoen Jos. Zagorski_90065
Schoen Julia (Stern) Zagorski_90065
Schoen Myrtle (Thorn) Zagorski_90065
Schoen Otto Zagorski_90065
Schoen Theodore Zagorski_90065
Schoenhals Johann P Watertown, WI 1875-1885 Hinnenthal_55447
Schoenhals Johann Philip Watertown, WI 1870-1894 Hinnenthal_55447
Schoenhals Johann Philip Watertown,WI 1870-1880s Hinnenthal_55447
Schoenhals John Phillip Watertown, WI 1825-1894 Hinnenthal_55447
Schoenike Lois C. nee Streng Swatek_53589
Schoenike Merlin E. Swatek_53589
Schoenike Wilhelmine & Ludwig Lebanon Township 1820s-1899 Schoenike_66049
Schombor -- Horicon, Dodge Co., Wis 1940's Schombor_53916
Schott Annie Koch_22203
Schrader Caroline Jefferson, Jeff Co,WI 1848-1870 Erickson_62401
Schrader William George Prussia B/4 1850 Erickson_62401
Schrader Willian Jefferson, Jeff Co,WI 1848-1870 Erickson_62401
Schram Wenzel Jefferson Co, WI 1878-1930s Peschel_53590
Schram Wenzel Jefferson/Waterloo, WI 1850-1900 Peschel_53590
Schramm Herman John Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1884-1964 Schramm_87047
Schramm Joachim Friedrick Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1806-1851 Radtke_53098
Schraufnagel Leroy, WI Schauf_53546
Schroder(Schroeder) Christopher Ixonia, Jeff. Co, WI 1817-1905 Williams_32118
Schroeder Vosen_53925
Schroeder Anna K. Sauer_55033
Schroeder August Adams_98407
Schroeder Augusta Zagorski_90065
Schroeder Charles Michniak_48185
Schroeder Christopher Williams_32118
Schroeder Edna Gertrude May nee Rowoldt Vosen_53925
Schroeder Elizabeth A. Zagorski_90065
Schroeder Ernest, Mrs. Vosen_53925
Schroeder Ernestina Oakland, Jeff Co, WI 1859-1925 Hoover_53204
Schroeder Ernestine Lake Mills, Oakland area 1859-1925 Schroeder_53204
Schroeder Ernst Watertown/Farmington,WI Vosen_53925
Schroeder Ervin Vosen_53925
Schroeder Erwin Leonard Vosen_53925
Schroeder Ferdinand C. Vosen_53925
Schroeder Florence Vosen_53925
Schroeder Frank Vosen_53925
Schroeder Fredericka Holt_54403
Schroeder Ida Delafield, Waukesha Co, WI 1890-1924 Mehring_53095
Schroeder Inf. Dau. Of M/M Erwin Schroeder Vosen_53925
Schroeder John Waukesha, WI 1875-1942 Mehring_53095
Schroeder Karl Fredrick Vosen_53925
Schroeder Leonard Marvin Vosen_53925
Schroeder Loretta Vosen_53925
Schroeder Lorraine Michniak_48185
Schroeder Lorretta Vosen_53925
Schroeder Louise (Kling) Vosen_53925
Schroeder Margaret Evelyn Vosen_53925
Schroeder Martha Williams_32118
Schroeder Mary (Stroebel) Michniak_48185
Schroeder Wilhelm J Loganville, Sauk, WI 1847-1920 Wallin_85614
Schroeder William John Watertown, Wisconsin 1865-1912 Lauersdorf_53558
Schroeder(Schmidt) Dorothea Ixonia, Jeff. Co, WI 1828-1899 Williams_32118
Schuenemann Grabko_27539
Schuenemann Grabko_27539
Schuenke Aztalan, WI 1880-1910 Braunschweig_53711
Schuenke Alvina Juneau/Watertown, WI 1899-1984 Lauersdorf_53558
Schuenke August Johnson Creek, WI 1880-1930 Braunschweig_53711
Schuenke Charles Ferd August Pommerania/Watertown 1871-? Lauersdorf_53558
Schuenke Emma Swatek_53589
Schuenke Ida, Tillie, Selma, Alvina Juneau, WI 1850-1920 Sukow_53098
Schuett Schuett_53098
Schuett Audrey C. nee Horstmeier Swatek_53589
Schuett Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Lebanon, WI 1815-1883 Druml_53005
Schuett Carol Ann nee Raether Swatek_53589
Schuett Harold Zagorski_90065
Schuett John Martin Stout_53038
Schuett Karl Ixonia, WI 1843-1910 Krueger_92802
Schuett Leona (Maass) Zagorski_90065
Schuett Lester R. Swatek_53589
Schuett Malinda M. Zagorski_90065
Schuett Shirley L. nee Bredlow Swatek_53589
Schuett Wilbert Swatek_53589
Schuette Auguste Bertha Borgwardt Affeldt_53511
Schuette Catherine Dorothea Reineke Affeldt_53511
Schuette Johannes Heinrich William Affeldt_53511
Schuette Johannes Jürgen Wilhelm Affeldt_53511
Schuhmacher Minna S. Zagorski_90065
Schuhmann Fredricka Schwarze_54494
Schuld Johan Farmington, Jeff Co, WI 1944-1900 Sutter_49783
Schultz Bogie_
Schultz Hoover_53204
Schultz Smithson_53557
Schultz Albert, August Watertown,Dodge,WI 1890-2010 Braunschweig_53711
Schultz Alvina Ace_53589
Schultz Annie Dishman_48089
Schultz Augusta Floerke_95616
Schultz Carl Fredrick Davison_53590
Schultz Christoph Thomas_53066
Schultz Elizabeth Tengowski_61048
Schultz Emelia Abel_68154
Schultz Herman Lake Mills, Jeff Co, WI 1861-1953 Hoover_53204
Schultz Jessica Jean Swatek_53589
Schultz Julia Henning_53546
Schultz Laura L. Davison_53590
Schultz Lenora Otto_54947
Schultz Mabel Davison_53590
Schultz Martin Eden, Erie Co, NY 1807-1893 Wolk_54941
Schultz Martin Tn Herman, Dodge Co,WI 1807-1893 Wolk_54941
Schultz Michael Earl Swatek_53589
Schultz Pearl E. nee Haag Swatek_53589
Schultz Sarah A. Swatek_53589
Schultz Sarah J. Swatek_53589
Schultz Susan A. nee Harrington Swatek_53589
Schultz Various Sullivan, Jeff Co, WI 1885- Baneck_53559
Schultz Wilbur E. Tengowski_61048
Schultz Wilhelmina Concord, Jeff Co, WI 1850's + Fritsch_53094
Schulz Wheeler_78154
Schulz August Waterloo, WI 1860-1900 Braunschweig_53711
Schulz Home Gottlieb Schulz  Watertown 1870s Schulz_53098
Schulz/Schultz Albert, August Watertown, Waterloo, WI 1870-1900 Braunschweig_53711
Schulze Friederich/Wilhelm Watertown, WI 1862-1897 Schulze_98284
Schulze George Columbus, WI 1883-1920 McKee_53186
Schulze Matilda Aillery_06907
Schulze/Schultz George Carl Columbus, WI 1883-1900 McKee_53186
Schumacher Ixonia Twp, Watertown, etc 1850-1920 Schumacher_53150
Schumacher Watertown, WI 1852- Schumacher_53150
Schumacher (several) 1850 to now Schumacher_53150
Schumacher Albertina Mrs. Wade_87031
Schumacher Frederick Ixonia or Watertown, Wisconsin 1850- Schumacher_53150
Schumacher Frederick Ixonia, Jeff Co, WI 1852-1898 Parker_85743
Schumacher Freidrich Ixonia, Jefferson, WI 1852 Parker_85743
Schumacher Friedrich Ixonia, Jeff Co, WI 1852-1898 Parker_85743
Schumacher Friedrick Parker_85743
Schumacher Heinrich Watertown, WI 1862-1937 Hinnenthal_55447
Schumacher Louis F Ixonia or Watertown, Wisconsin 1850- Schumacher_53150
Schumacher William M Watertown, WI 1875-1885 Hinnenthal_55447
Schumacher William W Watertown, WI 1859-1949 Hinnenthal_55447
Schumacher William, Henry Ixonia, WI 1870-1890s Hinnenthal_55447
Schumacher Wm Martin Emil Ixonia,WI 1859-1949 Hinnenthal_55447
Schwager Frank, Mrs. nee Hanson Schulz_99223
Schwan Marie Schmidt_54914
Schwanke Jennifer Ruth nee Lehmann Erickson_56215
Schwanke Michael Lynn Erickson_56215
Schwantz Wilke_53183
Schwantz Fred, Sr., Mrs. Phelps_53073
Schwantz Frederick Phelps_53073
Schwantz Frederick Dodge Co, WI 1860-1920 Wilke_53183
Schwantz Martha nee Steinhorst Phelps_53073
Schwanz Caroline Parker_85743
Schwanz Caroline Dodge/Jeff Counties, WI 1858-1916 Parker_85743
Schwanz Caroline Lebanon, Dodge Co, Wisconsin 1858 Parker_85743
Schwanz Caroline Lebanon, Watertown 1858-1916 Parker_85743
Schwanz Frederick Dodge Co, WI 1860-1920 Wilke_53183
Schwartz Albert Jaeger_53081
Schwartz Carl Jaeger_53081
Schwartz Joseph Jaeger_53081
Schwarzmueller Adolf Mayville, Dodge Co, WI 1920s-1940s Glassel_53714
Schwefel Carol A. nee Perry Perry_54208
Schwefel Otto A. Perry_54208
Schweiger Jefferson, Hebron,WI 1850-pres. Jones_92028
Schweiger Frances Elizabeth Fox Lake, Dodge County, WI 1856-1906 Schweiger_49456
Schweiger Louis Jones_92028
Schweiner Hattie Cota_54157
Schweiner Magdelena Cota_54157
Schweiner Mary C. nee Davis Cota_54157
Schweitzer desLauriers_91711
Schweitzer Farmington 1850 des
Schweitzer Farmington, Wi 1850- DesLauriers_91711
Schweitzer Ludwig or Louis Beaver Dam 1867 to 1900 Schweitzer_55426
Schwenk William Jefferson County, WI 1866-1878 Schwenk_57350
Schwenkner August Watertown, Dodge Co, WI Sterwald_53094
Schwenkner Elizabeth Lange_55060
Schwerdtfeger Franz Seim_53916
Scjofferoe desLauriers_91711
Scott Grace Kraft_55128
Scott Jean Kraft_55128
Scott Kenneth Kraft_55128
Scott Marion Kraft_55128
Scott William Oakland/Ft Atkinson, Jefferson Co, Wis 1807-1881 Christie_53538
Sears Bertha Aldrich_74105
Sears Betsy (Seely) Aldrich_74105
Sears Catherine (Bornheimer) Aldrich_74105
Sears Lowell Clark Aldrich_74105
Sears Silas Aldrich_74105
Seavert Roger F. Stiehm_80031
Seeber Adella Demling_49503
Seeber F. A. Demling_49503
Seeber Fred Demling_49503
Seefeldt 1850s up Koepsell_53098
Seefeldt Alice Erickson_56215
Seefeldt Benjamin Erickson_56215
Seefeldt Dorothy Erickson_56215
Seefeldt Frank Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1880 Oestreich_53036
Seefeldt Friedrich Hustisford, Dodge,WI 1804-1871 Oestreich_53036
Seefeldt Gertrude Patten_13215
Seefeldt Herbert Ulbricht_95662
Seefeldt Herman, Mrs., nee Bublitz Ulbricht_95662
Seefeldt Laura Patten_13215
Seefeldt Laura Lou Kuehn Patten_13215
Seefeldt Leona Ulbricht_95662
Seefeldt Mike Ulbricht_95662
Seefeldt Ruth Erickson_56215
Seefeldt Shirley Erickson_56215
Seefeldt William Patten_13215
Seeger Craft_95355
Seegert August Dishman_48089
Seegert Bernard Dishman_48089
Seegert Bertha nee Brunn Dishman_48089
Seegert Flora Dishman_48089
Seegert Friedricke Dishman_48089
Seegert Helmuth Dishman_48089
Seegert Herman Dishman_48089
Seegert Hugo Dishman_48089
Seegert Otto Dishman_48089
Seeley Benjamin, William Lake Mills, Wisconsin McDonald_53916
Seely Betsy Aldrich_74105
Seering Jane nee Koch Swatek_53589
Seering Jeffrey L. Swatek_53589
Seering Walter R. Swatek_53589
Seidel Henrietta Watertown, WI 1892-1937 Andreas_53121
Seidel John Watertown, WI 1892-1911 Andreas_53121
Seidler/Seider/Zeidler Augusta Adams_98407
Seidlinger George Randolph, WI 1869-1905 McKee_53186
Seidlinger George Tn Randolph, Wisconsin 1870-1910 McKee_53186
Seifert Emil Ulbricht_95662
Seifert Fred Ulbricht_95662
Seifert Irvin Ulbricht_95662
Seifert Lorenz Ulbricht_95662
Seifert Brothers Lumber Ulbricht_95662
Seitz Carl Daniels_53066
Seitz Carl Zagorski_90065
Seitz Julia (Mundschau) Daniels_53066
Seitz Julia nee Mundschau Zagorski_90065
Seitz Martin Daniels_53066
Seitz Martin/Eliz.Muller(en) Jefferson, WI 1855- Daniels_53066
Sell Concord, Dodge Co,  1843 Mittelstadt_97030
Sell Emmett/Lebanon/Concord 1843 Mittelstadt_97030
Sell Bernice  Zagorski_90065
Sell Caroline Concord, Jeff Co, WI ? Jacobsen_53132
Sell Tillie nee Cramer Swatek_53589
Sell William Swatek_53589
Selle Hornby_54130
Seward Honara Blankenau_68516
Seward John Blankenau_68516
Shaack Adelia M. Swatek_53589
Shaberly Watertown, Jefferson County, WI Shaberly_43402
Shallert Caroline Davison_53590
Shannon Anna Jefferson, Jefferson Co,WI 1872-1928 Shannon_53538
Shannon Bridget Jefferson, Jefferson Co,WI 1834-1903 Shannon_53538
Shannon James     Jefferson, Jefferson Co,WI 1859-1946 Shannon_53538
Shannon Margaret Jefferson, Jefferson Co,WI 1855-1888 Shannon_53538
Shannon Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson Co,WI 1856-1910 Shannon_53538
Shaw Barbara J. nee Wintermute Wallin_85614
Sheehan Morris_53072
Sheeley William Watertown, WI born 1879 Sheeley_95662
Shekey Frank Abel_68154
Shekey Frank none given 1851 Shekey_53590
Shelton Emmalee Kay nee Fischer Swatek_53589
Shelton Lois Shawn Swatek_53589
Shelton Matthew Alan Swatek_53589
Shepard Caroline Helenville, Jeff Co, WI 1880-1949 Mehring_53095
Shepard Caroline Helenville, Jeff Co, WI 1880-1963 Mehring_53095
Shephard Caroline Concord, Jeff Co,WI 1880-1963 Mehring_53095
Shephard Francis Concord, Jefferson Co,WI 1860-1909 Mehring_53095
Sherdeman Lydia Spillane_90720
Sherman Emma Aldrich_74105
Shireman Ammi Virginia/Richland Center,WI 1825-1893 Wiechmann_56028
Shireman Arami Richland Center, WI 1825-1893 Wiechmann_56028
Shireman/Sherman Thomas-Ami Richland Co, WI / VA 1800-1825 Wiechmann_56028
Shook Schultz_53546
Shot Anna Koch_22203
Shraub Grosenick_34119
Shriner Arthur Aillery_06907
Shriner Maude Wiggenhorn Aillery_06907
Shriner Pauline Katherine Aillery_06907
Shuman Sake_53538
Shuman Chas,Franklin,Jacob New London, WI 1821-1887 Sake_53538
Shuman Chas,Franklin,Jacob Steuben Co, NY; Germany 1821-1887 Sake_53538
Shuman Franklin, Jacob Sake_53538
Sickels Gary Vernon Erickson_56215
Sickels Karen Pearl nee Rieck Erickson_56215
Siefeld Julius Patten_13215
Sievert Sievert_91902
Sievert Alice E Atkin Stiehm_80031
Sievert Edna B. Stiehm_80031
Simantzic Lovis Chicago IL/N Fond du lac WI 1860-1900 Grosenick_34119
Simantzig Grosenick_34119
Simmons Betty nee Peterson Begovatz_43447
Simon Purcell_11572
Simon Schuett_53098
Simon Anna M. Gardner_54814
Simon Hendrina Gardner_54814
Simon Johann Gardner_54814
Simon Johanna Clyman, Watertown,WI 1837-1901 Gardner_54814
Simon Maritus Henrinae Gardner_54814
Simon Theodore Gardner_54814
Simpson Jane Sullivan_53595
Simpson Mary Sullivan_53595
Simpson Mary Jane Sullivan_53595
Skindzelewski Shelly Rene Swatek_53589
Slagg Annie Laurie Affeldt_53511
Slagle Jeanette Sauer_55033
Smale Rose Ann Walworth Co,WI Vanderhei_53923
Smillie Patrick Stiehm_80031
Smith New York Buck_44118
Smith Wisconsin Buck_44118
Smith Anwa Hedwig Portland, WI 1872-1900 Gaddy_52057
Smith Charles Lake Mills, WI 1880-1925 Gaddy_52057
Smith Cora Beaver Dam, Dodge County 1868-1874 Smith_55117
Smith Cora Janette Beaver Dam 1868-1874 Smith_55117
Smith Donald L. Michniak_48185
Smith Emma nee Strauss Gaddy_52057
Smith Euphrasia Demling_49503
Smith Eva Penelope Heinrich Aillery_06907
Smith Floyd Michniak_48185
Smith Fred Pipersville, WI 1847-1901 Hanke_53538
Smith George Aldrich_74105
Smith Hattie Gaddy_52057
Smith Helen Aldrich_22206
Smith Helen Aldrich_74105
Smith Jacob Gaddy_52057
Smith Jacob (Jake) Lake Mills, Wis 1870-1940 Gaddy_52057
Smith John Gaddy_52057
Smith Larry C. Gorder_53594
Smith Laura Gaddy_52057
Smith Laura Lake Mills, Wis 1886-1920 Gaddy_52057
Smith Leo Charles Aillery_06907
Smith Lottie M. (Millard) Aldrich_22206
Smith Lottie M. (Millard) Aldrich_74105
Smith Louise Maria Emilie Portland, WI 1870-1900 Gaddy_52057
Smith Lucy Albert_85014
Smith Mabel C. Gaddy_52057
Smith Mary Lou nee Strasburg Gorder_53594
Smith Nancy Albert_85014
Smith Nina Michniak_48185
Smith Samuel Tn Ashippun, Dodge Co, WI 1820-1890 Coughlin_53098
Smith Walter D. Aldrich_22206
Smith William W. Baird_53538
Smith  Floyd Michniak_48185
Smith  Nina Michniak_48185
Snow A.M. Wenzel_53051
Snowden Septimus Beaver Dam, WI 1860-1870 Breyner_89074
Snowden-Weeks Matilda Beaver Dam, Dodge Co, WI 1862-1943 Bryner_89074
Snyder Ruby M. Floerke_95616
Sohrweide Emilie Stein Watertown/Jeff Co, WI 1873-1882 Luther_54915
Solinger Phillip Bailey_80504
Solon James J Reeseville/Juneau, WI 1850-1910 Gibson_57791
Solon Martin Richwood, Dodge Co,Wis 1848-1900 Rogers_61111
Solon Martin Richwood,Dodge Com WI 1847- Rogers_61111
Solon/Solan Martin Watertown & Richwood, Wisconsin 1848- Rogers_61111
Solon/Solan Martin-Peter Richwood/Wttn/WI 1847-1940s Rogers_61111
Sommer Agnes Hustisford, Dodge Co, WI 1877-1910 Peyer_53156
Sommer Christian Friedrich Hustisford, Dodge Co, WI 1877-1920 Peyer_53156
Sommer Christian/Agnes Hustisford, Dodge, WI 1880-1910 Peyer_53156
Sommer Emil Ahlquist_73132
Sommer Johanna Schmitz Ahlquist_73132
Sommer Roland Alfred Ahlquist_73132
Sommerfeld Irma Wagner_78028
Sommerfeldt Anna Christina Boehm_54751
Sommers Andrew Sommers_53217
Sommers Elizabeth E. (Holste Kading) Ahlquist_73132
Sommers Frederiche Maibauer Ahlquist_73132
Sommers Julius Ahlquist_73132
Soots/Suits/Sutz New York Buck_44118
Spaeth 1870 Wetzel_52601
Spaetm Wetzel_52601
Spangler Zollar_53045
Spangler Catherine Berens_55082
Spangler Catherine (Vogel) Berens_55082
Spangler George Farmington, WI 1850-1900 Wille_53546
Spangler George Jefferson, Jefferson Co, Wisconsin 1860-1880 Wille_54646
Spangler George Jefferson, WI Wille_54646
Spangler Goodhard Berens_55082
Spangler Kate Berens_55082
Spangler Kate (Vogel) Berens_55082
Spangler Kristin Jean Gorder_53594
Spangler Paul S. Swatek_53589
Spangler Pauline (Berens) Berens_55082
Spangler Rose Berens_55082
Spatholz Peterson_32828
Speer Lindborg_90808
Speer Ferdinand Lindborg_90808
Sperling Harvey A. Dishman_48089
Spiegelhoff Bernard Gardner_54814
Spiegelhoff Bernard (Ignatz) Clyman, WI 1827-1908 Gardner_54814
Spiegelhoff John Gardner_54814
Spiegelhoff Martha Gardner_54814
Splinter Minnie Aldrich_74105
Splittgerber Barbara nee Weissenburger Swatek_53589
Spoehr Alvina (Schultz) Ace_53589
Spoehr Ernest Ace_53589
Spoehr Lillian A. Ace_53589
Spooner New York Buck_44118
Spooner Pennsylvania Buck_44118
Spooner Wisconsin Buck_44118
Sprengel John Watertown,WI 1855-1907 McCutchin_53590
Sprout Leonard Dodge County, WI Abt 1850-1894 Gifford_53213
St George Paschal, Emily Sake_53538
St. John Jacob Dodge or Green Co, WI 1850-1880 StJohn_72023
Stacy Joseph Tienhaara_54521
Stacy Mamie/Mammie Tienhaana_54521
Stacy Margaret Tienhaana_54521
Staedter Marsha D. Swatek_53589
Stafford Rose_49931
Stafford John W LeRoy Dodge Co WI 1855-1883 Stafford_32503
Stangler Joseph Watertown/Johnson Creek WI 1850-1931 Dobke_53098
Star Elsie M (Harrington) Knuth_54904
Stark Matilda Juneau, WI 1850-1950 Beal_53916
Stauffer Amy Erickson_56215
Stauffer Delores nee Giese Erickson_56215
Stauffer Heidi A. Erickson_56215
Stauffer Peter Erickson_56215
Stauffer Shirley nee Jacobs Erickson_56215
Stauffer Werner Erickson_56215
Steege Christian/Henry Farbezin, Germany Savage_55422
Steerwald Anna nee Henningsen Sterwald_72714
Steerwald Claus Sterwald_72714
Steger Henry Watertown, WI 1858-1870 Steger_72631
Steigman Robinson_32114
Steindorf Hughlett_53189
Steindorf Steindorf_53094
Steindorf Elsa Beine_53227
Steinel Nellie Wallin_85614
Steiner Tn Herman, WI 1850-1880 Kenitzer_53511
Steinhorst Albertina Phelps_53073
Steinhorst Edward Phelps_53073
Steinhorst Martha Phelps_53073
Steinhorst/Gaunke 1850- Poretti_55406
Steinhour Elizabeth Stannard_95051
Steinhour Frank Stannard_95051
Steinhour Gertrude Blanche Stannard_95051
Stellenberg Grace nee Gessner Barker_55102
Stellenberg H.W. Barker_55102
Stelse Ernestine (Radloff) Davison_53590
Stelse Esther (Dobberstein) Davison_53590
Stelse Lorraine B. (Wahl) Davison_53590
Stempel Aurora Wilhelemina Swatek_53589
Stern Ethel M. Abel_68154
Stern Julia Zagorski_90065
Sternke Ella Karlitad_55376
Sternke Minnie Karlitad_55376
Sterwald Claus Watertown 1924-1940 Sterwald_72714
Sterwald Raymond 219 East Water St, Watertown 1916-1967 Sterwald_72714
Stevens Orlando Koshkonong, WI, Jefferson Cty 1840's 1860's Stevens_51104
Stewart Celia Albright_21742
Stewart Emma Martha Linder Albright_21742
Stewart Helen Mae Brown Albright_21742
Stewart Uzziel Albright_21742
Stickler Thomas Ft Atkinson 1871 Notbohm_99901
Stiemke Jefferson & Dodge Co, WI 1849-2011 Luethy_53227
Stier Joseph Watertown, WI 1855-1885 Tratz_83702
Stier Joseph Watertown, WI 1856-1885 Tratz_83702
Stier Joseph Watertown,WI 1855-1880 Tratz_83702
Stier Joseph Watertown,Wis 1855-1880 Tratz_83714
Stiles Benjamin GardnerPhillips_60045
Stiles Cynthia GardnerPhillips_60045
Stimm Charles Barnes_55410
Stockfisch Charlotte Johanna Witzlib_53051
Stokes Frank Aldrich_74105
Stortz Pinger_89510
Stout George Cornelius Stout_53038
Strange Milton Beaver Dam, Dodge Co, WI Vanderhei_53923
Strasburg Jefferson Co, Wis Webster_53098
Strasburg Elinora nee Dunn Gorder_53594
Strasburg Heather nee Strohbusch Gorder_53594
Strasburg James H. Gorder_53594
Strasburg John Paul Gorder_53594
Strasburg Lulu M. nee Northey Gorder_53594
Strasburg Mary Lou Gorder_53594
Strasburg Michael Gorder_53594
Strasburg Roger A. Gorder_53594
Strasburg Ruby nee Wollin Witzlib_53051
Strasburg Steven Gorder_53594
Strasburg Tania Mae nee Grisham Gorder_53594
Strasburg Vernon Witzlib_53051
Straume Ingebjorg Haala_56001
Strauss Christian August Lake Mills/Waterloo, WI 1818-1858 Wallin_85614
Strauss Edna Engler_84325
Strauss Emma Engler_84325
Strauss Emma Gaddy_52057
Strauss Ester Engler_84325
Strauss Esther Wallin_85614
Strauss Evelyn Engler_84325
Strauss Fred Engler_84325
Strauss Fredericke Engler_84325
Strauss Frieda Engler_84325
Strauss Gerhard A. Wallin_85614
Strauss Ida Engler_84325
Strauss Jacob Engler_84325
Strauss Johann Engler_84325
Strauss Johanna Engler_84325
Strauss John Engler_84325
Strauss Leonard Engler_84325
Strauss Louise Engler_84325
Strauss Louise Emma nee Jecklin Wallin_85614
Strauss Mable Engler_84325
Strauss Maria Engler_84325
Strauss Mattie Engler_84325
Strauss Nellie nee Steinel Wallin_85614
Strauss Olive Engler_84325
Strauss Robert F. Engler_84325
Strauss Wilhelimina Engler_84325
Streeter David R. Hunter_97404
Streeter David, Deacon Hunter_97404
Streeter Minerva Hunter_97404
Streeter Rachel Lee Hunter_97404
Streeter Russell J. Alexander_76016
Streeter Sara nee Holton Hunter_97404
Strege Jannke_53098
Strege Strege_53094
Streich Genz_53137
Streich August Affeldt_53511
Streich August Farmington, Jeff Co, WI 1856-1876 Sreich_53933
Streich Carl Wilhem Johnson Creek, Jeff Co, WI 1885-1890 Affeldt_53511
Streich Carl William R. Affeldt_53511
Streich Clara Michniak_48185
Streich Clara P. nee Lang Michniak_48185
Streich Friederiche S.C. Borgwardt Affeldt_53511
Streich Henriette Quade Affeldt_53511
Streich Irene E. Swatek_53589
Streich Jeffrey Swatek_53589
Streich Lydia Abram_55760
Streich Morris E. Michniak_48185
Streich Pamela Ann Swatek_53589
Streich Sandra nee Roberts Swatek_53589
Streich's Watertown, WI Genz_53137
Streng Alice Swatek_53589
Streng Alice (Bender) Swatek_53589
Streng Floyd G. "Sweet Pea" Sr. Swatek_53589
Streng Floyd  Swatek_53589
Streng Georg Michael Swatek_53589
Streng George R. Swatek_53589
Streng Katharina Margaretha Swatek_53589
Streng Lewis George Swatek_53589
Streng Lois C. Swatek_53589
Streng Ruth Burkert Swatek_53589
Streng Thelma nee Manford Swatek_53589
Streng Verle Duell Swatek_53589
Strese Neumann_53719
Strese Amelia Tompkins_13021
Strese Amelia Jefferson, Jeff Co,WI 1848-1870 Erickson_62401
Strese August Jefferson, Jeff Co,WI 1848-1870 Erickson_62401
Strese Barbara K Tompkins_13021
Strese Carl Jefferson, WI 1825-1899 McDonald_53916
Strese Carl Ludwig Tompkins_13021
Strese Caroline Henrietta Jefferson, WI 1838-1906 McDonald_53916
Strese Christina Wilhelmine Tompkins_13021
Strese Gottlieb Jefferson, WI 1823-1895 McDonald_53916
Strese Henrietta Amelia Tompkins_13021
Strese Henrietta Amelia (Haag) Swatek_53589
Strese Lena Tompkins_13021
Strese Ludwig Tompkins_13021
Strese Ludwig, Mrs. Tompkins_13021
Strese Madeline Ernestine Tompkins_13021
Strese Roy Tompkins_13021
Strese Theodore Tompkins_13021
Strike Jane Boehm_54751
Strobel Vosen_53925
Strobel Christine Vosen_53925
Strobel Elias & Elizabeth Lomira, Dodge County 1861-1930 Strobel_48098
Strobel Johann B. Vosen_53925
Strobel John L. Vosen_53925
Strobel Lydia Piper Vosen_53925
Strobel Mary Vosen_53925
Strobel Otto Vosen_53925
Strobel Otto Reeseville,WI Vosen_53925
Stroebel Anna M. Michniak_48185
Stroebel Any Helenville, Jefferson Cty, WI 1854-1900 Stroebel_55345
Stroebel David G. Michniak_48185
Stroebel Eva Michniak_48185
Stroebel F., Rev. Michniak_48185
Stroebel Geo. Simon Michniak_48185
Stroebel George Simon Michniak_48185
Stroebel Gertrude E. (Foster) Michniak_48185
Stroebel Margaretha Michniak_48185
Stroebel Mary Michniak_48185
Stroeble Lake Mills Van Galder54669
Stroede Friederich Dodge Co., Mayville 1850-1910 Stroede_53005
Stroetz Anna Barbara Farmington Wi 1822 Doster_03431
Stroetz Barbara Jefferson, Jefferson County, WI 1822-1863 Stroetz_55311
Strohbusch Heather Gorder_53594
Strong Mollie Swatek_53589
Strop Vosen_53925
Strop Alvin Vosen_53925
Strop Florence (Schroeder) Vosen_53925
Strop Ira Watertown,WI Vosen_53925
Strop Ira L. Vosen_53925
Strop Maria Augusta Vosen_53925
Strop Ottilia Hoof Vosen_53925
Strunk Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Wisconsin Hamer_53538
Strunk Anna Floerke_95616
Strunk Henrietta Mathweg Fort Atkinson, Jefferson Co, Wis 1829-1906 Hamer_53538
Stubb Benzel_53094
Stueber August Abel_68154
Stueber Ida J. Alvina Abel_68154
Stuelke Edward Milford, Jeff Co, WI 1870-1947 O'Brien_53210
Stutz Heinrich Lomira, Dodge Co, WI Suhling_36801
Suhr Johann Lebanon, Dodge,WI 1817-1905 Oestreich_53036
Sullivan Anne Van Turnhout_18
Sullivan Betty L. Perry_54208
Sullivan Bridget unknown b. 1826/d. Nov 4, 1892 Sullivan_54937
Sullivan Dennis Oak Grove 1870-1893-1885 Sullivan_20155
Sullivan Ellen Van Turnhout_18
Sullivan Maria Wild_18914
Sullivan Mary A. Van Turnhout_18
Sullivan Mary Anne Van Turnhout_18
Sullivan Thomas P. Van Turnhout_18
Summerfield Clara Calhoun_94523
Suter Illinois Buck_44118
Svimbol Rogaland, Telemark, Norwy Buck_44118
Svinbill Rogaland, Telemark, Norwy Buck_44118
Swarthout Isaac Krier_55902
Swatel Jefferson Co 1850-now Swatek_53589
Syring Augusta Abel_68154
Szymborski Frank Zagorski_90065
Szymborski Gladys nee Mundschau Zagorski_90065
Tabat Dorothy E. Glenn_75701
Tabat Eunice Glenn_75701
Tallmadge Frank, Mrs. Maki_98365
Tancre William (Wilhelm) Frederik Fort Atkinson, WI 1860 Tancre_60093
Tappe Alma 1925 Archie_22314
Taylor Loren Taylor and Louisa Jefferson, Jefferson County, WI 1850-1900 Taylor_54868
Telfer George D. Spence_95128
Ten Hulzen Gertrude Boehm_54751
Tengesdal Rogaland, Telemark, Norwy Buck_44118
Tesch Johann Carl Theodor Watertown WI 1831-1880 Tesch_54941
Tesch Theodor Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1830-1915 Schoenike_53558
Tesmer Paul & Rosina Jefferson & Dodge Co, WI 1860-1870 Tesmer_54449
Tessen Sophie Affeldt_53511
Tessman(n) Noll-53185
Tessman(n) Paul Jefferson, Jefferson Co, WI Landowski_53538
Tetzlaff Nancy L. Swatek_53589
Tews Christian Theresa, Dodge Co, WI 1874-1880 Carlson_53534
Tews Christian Theresa,WI 1873-1880 Carlson_53534
Thauer John Kovaleski_54235
Thayer Emery/Emory 1879 Balistreri_53217
Thayer Genevieve Witzlib_53051
Thelen Addie Swatek_53589
Thiede Gustav Hebron, Jefferson Co, WI Abt 1863- ? Bodden_54311
Thiede Gustave (Gustav/Gust) Hebron, Jefferson Co,WI 1863-? Bodden_54311
Thiede John Albert Pumpkin Hollow, Jefferson, Wisconsin 1885-1971 Bodden_54311
Thiede, nee Eggert Minna Watertown, Dodge/Jeff, Wisconsin 1866-1940 Bodden_54311
Thielke Erwin W. Erickson_56215
Thielke Henry F. Erickson_56215
Thom William Concord & Sullivan, WI 1837-1919 Thom_53538
Thoma Schuett_53098
Thomas Genevieve Bunker_52761
Thompson Illinois Buck_44118
Thompson Tennessee Buck_44118
Thompson Andrew Hubbleton, Dodge Co, WI 1870-1915 Middleton_53186
Thompson Bessie A. Perry_54208
Thorn Myrtle Zagorski_90065
Thrasher Columbia nee Caldwell Ela_53167
Thrasher Stephen Ela_53167
Thren Gertrude C. Raymond_33596
Thrun Elsie Gorder_53594
Tiedka Fredinand, Frank Juneau, Dodge County 1880-1900 Tiedka_53704
Tiefholz Farley_70124
Tietz Jannke_53098
Tietz Thorn_60002
Tietz Lebanon, Dodge Co, Wisconsin Thorn_60002
Tietz Lebanon, WI, Dodge Co 1840-1950s Thorn_60002
Tietz Shirley McGrath_53549
Tilden Martha M. Haines_40243
Tillman Ed Tillmans_60174
Tillman F. Tillmans_60174
Timmel August Lebanon, Ixonia, Oconomowoc 1834-1913 wade_53098
Timmel August F.G. Zagorski_90065
Timmel Edna Zagorski_90065
Timmel Emma Louise (Hartmann) Zagorski_90065
Timmel Friedericke Zagorski_90065
Timmel Helmuth "Augie" Zagorski_90065
Timmel Rudy E Zagorski_90065
Timmel Walter G Zagorski_90065
Timmer Dorothea Aldrich_22206
Timmer Dorothea Aldrich_74105
Tischer Johan Ferdinand Watertown c1870 Tischer_XXXXX
Toben Maria Tobin_60538
Tobian Neumann_53719
Tobin Kasten_54166
Tobin Edward Milford, Jeff Co, WI 1850-1908 Kasten_54166
Tobin James P. Tobin_60538
Tobin Patrick Tobin_60538
Tobin Patrick and Mary Emmet Township, Dodge County 1846 - 1867 Tobin_60538
Toellner Alvin Dupont_53575
Toellner Lorraine J. nee Rambow Dupont_53575
Tolofson Elline Schulz_99223
Tolofson Tolof Schulz_99223
Tomlinson Hill_60950
Tomnitz Caroline Abram_55760
Topp Fred Elba, Wisconsin 1851-1879 Rupnow_53036
Topp Mary/Marie Elba, Wisconsin 1851-? Rupnow_53036
Topp/Linck Anna Elba, Wisconsin 1851-1920 Rupnow_53036
Tornow (Zache) Krueger Hustisford, Dodge Co, WI 1852-1915 Krueger_55013
Torpy Ann Raymond_33596
Torrey Alvira Ann nee Burnham Eggli_93110
Torrey (Pratt) Eliza Cordelia New York; Wisconsin 1826-1862 Eggli_93110
Torrey       Chauncey New York; Wisconsin 1819-1878 Eggli_93110
Tousley Harriet Fogarty_80112
Tousley Robert S. Fogarty_80112
Touton family Ft. Atkinson, Jefferson Cty Felbel_2620
Towne Claude Derlein_52406
Towne L.A. Derlein_52406
Towne L.A. & Son Derlein_52406
Towne L.A., Mrs. Derlein_52406
Towne Lenore nee Lasher Derlein_52406
Townsend J.O., Mrs. Ackerman_83328
Trachte Lena Zagorski_90065
Tracy Michael Watertown, WI Filkins_62959
Traeder Augusta Jefferson County, Wis 1850-1900 Sampson_99517
Traeger Elsie Craig_53809
Traeger Richard Craig_53809
Traeger Robert Craig_53809
Tratt Harriet Boehm_54751
Tratz Joseph Jefferson, WI 1856-1902 Tratz_83702
Tratz Joseph Jefferson, WI 1857-1902 Tratz_83702
Tratz Joseph Jefferson,WI 1857-1900 Tratz_83714
Treu E.A.L., Rev. Bluhm_53548
Triana Linda nee Kuehn Erickson_56215
Triana Terry L. Erickson_56215
Trieloff Jefferson Co, Wis Schmitt_53590
Trieloff Carl Lake Mills, WI Schmitt_53590
Trieloff Caroline Lake Mills, WI 1875? Henning_53538
Tubbs West_57006
Tubbs Jefferson Co, WI West_57006
Tunison Mildred Colligan_49241
Turben Milford, Jefferson Co, Wisconsin 1850 - Eisenga_53933
Turck Hewnry Beaver Dam, WI 1840-1950 Beal_53916
Turck/Turk Hegetschweiler Beal_53916
Turke Druml_53005
Turke August Fredrick Gottlieb Ixonia, Lebanon, WI 1815-1900 Druml_53005
Turke Fred.&Julius Ixonia & Lebanon, WI 1850-1920 Krueger_92802
Turke Friedrich Gotlieb Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1806-1851 Radtke_53098
Tuttle Chandler Hustisford, WI Koch_22203
Tuttle Edward Kellogg Lanciano_48182
Tuttle Harriet Hustisford, Dodge Co, WI Koch_22203
Tuttle May Eliz nee Larrabee Lanciano_48182
Tyson Willaim Tn Shields, Dodge Co,WI 1850-1894 Schaaf_55092
Ucker/Uecker Wilhelmina Wausau, Milwaukee, WI 1859-1896 Wiechmann_56028
Uecker Fred Milford, Jeff Co, WI 1822-1900 Schweitzer_53094
Uecker Raymond Dupont_53575
Uecker Vanessa G. nee Rambow Dupont_53575
Uecker/Ucker/Aoecher Wilhelmina Milwaukee; Wausau, WI 1880-1896 Wiechmann_56028
Unfug Anna margaretha Swatek_53589
Urtubees A.J. Hurtubise_95401
Urtubees Any Watertown, Janesville&Jeff Co 1800s 1900s Hurtubise_95401
Urtubees Delia Hurtubise_95401
Urtubees John Hurtubise_95401
Urtubees Louis Hurtubise_95401
Uttech Jannke_53098
Uttech Emma Louise Lebanon, Dodge Co, WI 1881-1968 Kuntz_54115
Uttech Irene Marg Swatek_53589
Uttech Jeremy Swatek_53589
Uttech Jill Delores Erickson_56215
Uttech Lorraine Chase-Yngsdahl_53704
Uttech Maas Relation Lebanon, Dodge Co,WI 1800-1950 Klug_53594
Uttech Raymond Swatek_53589
Uttech Suzan nee Reeves Swatek_53589
Valaskey Reeseville Carter_53066
Van Brunt Cornelia B. Ackerman_83328
Van Lone Westphal_55116
Van Schoonover Pierce Co,WI Campbell_53551
Vancil Illinois Buck_44118
Vehlow Vehlow_60048
Veight Laura Gorder_53594