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Unnamed cemetery Dodge County, Herman Township

(The only location we have is that it borders County U on the east and County S on the north, with the driveway on County U.)

Cemetery Names

The Cemetery in Twp Herman, Dodge Co. on the corner of Co Hwy U & Co Hwy S is a Methodist Cemetery.  The church used to be located on the N side of S and W of the small creek that runs through, near the Fueiten farm. No visible sign of any foundation anymore.

Delores Zastrow the Twp clerk stated the Twp takes care of three Methodist Cemeteries. in the Twp.  The other Methodist Cemetery are located on; Iowa Rd. about 1/4 mile E of Co Hwy AY and what was mostly known as the Cole Cemetery located on the corner of Co Hwy S & Astor Rd. (many Catholics are also buried there)

Row 1
Number, Name , Dates, Notes
1, Margaretha Fuiten , Dec. 14, 1814-June 21, 1896
2, Friedrich Fuiten , Oct. 15, 1815-Jan. 22, 1884
3, Unreadable
4, Unreadable
5, Unreadable
6, Elizabeth Bazlen , Nov. 20, 1861-Mar. 27, 1889
7a, Conrad Bazlen, 1818-1900
7b, Elizabeth Bazlen , 1823-1914
9, Katharine Bazlen, Feb. 25, 1858-Jan. 23, 1926
10, Elizabeth Warnecke, April 14, 1819-Jan. 21, 1904, wife of G. Warnecke

Row 2
Number , Name, Dates, Notes
1, Unreadable
2, Anna Frieden, 1817-1905, wife of Wilhelm Frieden
3, Unreadable
4a, Albertina Kolell, 1805-1864
4b, Gottfried Kolell, 1801-1863
5, Casper O., died April 15, 1858

Row 3
Number, Name, Dates, Notes
1, Unreadable
2, Emilie H.L. Beilke, Nov.21,1845-Oct.20,1872

Row 4
Number, Name, Dates, Notes
1a, son Beilke, no dates, Beilke couple son, no name or dates
1b, daughter Beilke, no dates, Beilke couple daughter, no names or dates