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GAR Personal War Sketches, Copyright 1890
The following index is for a book that contains sketches of the Wisconsin soldiers of
O.D. Pease Post No. 94, during the Civil War. Some items will give a sketch written by the soldier himself.
Many contain the actual signature of the soldier. Many give additional information about his death.
Since this is a very large, old, but well-preserved book, it will not be possible to make copies
of these pages on the copy machine. The book will be kept in the librarianís office.††
Name Sketch Rank Co. Arm of Service Date Death Burial City
Ambrose, Andreas pg 30 Corporal E 20th Wi. Vol. Inf. 3682 St. Henry's Watertown, WI
Barttlet, Julius W. pg 25 Private B 29th Wis. Vol. Inf. 782 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Bassinger, Henry pg 8
Benke, Peter J. pg 90 Private H 59th Ill. Vol. Inf. 6265 St. Henry's Watertown, WI
Bergman, Christian pg 100
Boettcher, John pg 77 Private B 44th Wis. Vol. Inf. 1336 Village Cemetery Johnson Creek, WI
Borchardt, Chas. pg 73
Bottler, Fred pg 103
Boughton, Fred pg 104 Private B 47th Wis. Vol. Inf. 6652 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Boyne, M. pg 37 Band Leader D 1st Brig.Div 5/16/1890 St. Bernard's Watertown, WI
Bub, Geo. pg 23
Bushmann, William pg 85 Private K 32nd Wis.Vol. Inf. 6155 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Cebell, A. pg 96
Chamberlain, Melville pg 86
Damp, LaFayette pg 58 Private B 1st Wis. Vol. Cav. 11/9/1899 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Deimel, Aug. C. pg 20
Dervin, Wm. E. pg 40 Private F 16th NY Vol. Inf. 6209 St. Bernard's Watertown, WI
Dippel, Conrad pg 13 Private I 37th Wis. Vol. Inf. 6/--/1912 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Ditschler, Jacob pg 9 Corporal B 1st Wis. Vol. Inf. 3829 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Fisher, Bernhard pg 62 Private E 20th Wis. Vol. Inf. 1699 St. Henry's Watertown, WI
Fisher, William K. pg 38 Private E 20th Wis. Vol. Inf. 7/13/1896 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Forncrook, W.H. pg 99
Galloway, H. pg 51
Gasser, Benjamin pg 52 Private H 48th Wis. Vol. Inf. 4180 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Gegenheimer, M. pg 57 Private B 29th Wis. Vol. Inf. 7/14/1892 St. Bernard's Watertown, WI
Gingles, James pg 48 Private G 1st Ill. Light Artillary 12/28/1894 Waterloo, WI
Glassow, Chas. pg 75
Green, L.C. pg 29 Private K 14th Wis. Vol. Inf. 7/27/1895 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Gritzner, Armand J. pg 17 Musician 3rd U.S. Inf. 527 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Habhegger, John pg 7
Harnack, Christ pg 31
Hefty, John pg 72
Heil, Thomas pg 50 Private E 20th Wis. Vol. Inf. 2/19/1889 St. Henry's Watertown, WI
Heitz, Frank pg 63 Private K 3rd Wis. Vol. Cav. 4472 Village Cemetery Tn Atzalan, Jeff. Co.
Hence, Carl pg 46
Henke, Fred pg 69 Private K 11th Wis. Vol. Inf. 10/20/1893 N/A
Henze, Geo. pg 14 2nd Lt. E 20th Wis. Vol. Inf. 4132 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Hildeman, Henry pg 36
Hilker, Frederick pg 55 Private D 24th Wis. Vol. Inf. 5839 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Hoeffner, Chas. pg 33 Private E 20th Wis. Vol. Inf. 1/3/1889 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Holcomb, Albert pg 101
Hose, Henry pg 35 Private E 20th Wis. Vol. Inf. 4874 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Humphrey, Norman pg 16 1st Lt. B 29th Wis. Vol. Inf. 434 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Jaehrling, Leonard pg 93 Captain K 5th NYS Militia 2/17/1897 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Jones, E.H. pg 44 Private G 1st Wis. Heavy Artillery 11/16/1890 N/A
Kabet, Leopold pg 11 Private K 28th Wis. Vol. Inf. 12/25/1889 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Keese, Stewart pg 21
Keimig, Gabriel pg 24 Private A 23rd Wis. Vol. Inf. 5878 St. Henry's Watertown, WI
Kercher, John M. pg 97
Kleinsteiber, J.T. pg 78
Kopp, Andreas pg 26 Private G 49th Wis. Vol. Inf. 5228 Village Cemetery Johnson Creek, WI
Krasinsky, John pg 76
Kusel, Aug. F. pg 79
Kusel, Fred pg 5 Captain E 20th Wis. Vol. Inf. 6063 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Lehman, John T. pg 74
Lembke, John pg 102 Private K 104th Wis. Vol. Inf. 5563 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Martin, Thomas pg 43 Corporal B 29th Wis. Vol. Inf. 2330 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Martin, John pg 70 Private F 111th NY Vol. Inf. 2292 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Martsch, Wm. F. pg 56 Sgt G 49th Wis. Vol. Inf. 5133 St. Henry's Watertown, WI
McMahon, Patrick pg 49 Sgt I 40th Mass. Vol. Inf. 11/03/1891 St. Bernard's Watertown, WI
Mueller, Henry pg 19 Private E 20th Wis. Vol. Inf. 11/5/1895 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Meuster, Adolph pg 54 Sgt K 3rd Wis. Vol. Cav. 978 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Muth, John pg 91
Needham, Aug. E. pg 67 1st Sgt. B 29th Wis. Vol. Inf. 3072 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Ott, Ferd pg 64 Private F 5th Wis. Vol. Inf. 11/27/1894 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Paul, William pg 53
Priem, Michael pg 32 Private A 3rd Wis. Vol. Inf. 2786 Immanuel Watertown, WI
Quies, Wenzel pg 65 Sgt. K 3rd Wis. Vol. Cav. 4862 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Reinhardt, Geo. pg 45 Private B 22nd Wis. Vol. Inf. 621 St. Bernard's Watertown, WI
Reinke, John pg 84 Private B 45th Wis. Vol. Inf. 12/1/1899 Village Cemetery Tn Atzalan, Jeff. Co.
Rhode, Chas. pg 66
Robinson, John pg 68
Schilling, Caspar pg 18 Private D Wis. H. Artillery 10/31/1885 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Schmidt, William pg 28 Private G 49th Wis. Vol. Inf. 5/24/1898 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Schuelermann, Adolph pg 12 Private E 20th Wis. Vol. Inf. 11/26/1885 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Schumacher, William pg 82
Schwieger, David pg 89 (159) Private F 1st MN Vol. Inf. 4644 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Scott, Donald D. pg 98 Lt. Col. 17th Wis. Vol. Inf. 4059 St. Bernard's Watertown, WI
Schallert, William pg 47 Private C 16th Wis. Vol. Inf. 6592 Village Cemetery Johnson Creek, WI
Solliday, Albert pg 6
Spalding, Wm. C. pg 10 Maj. Surgeon 29th Wis. Vol. Inf. 1203 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Spangenberg, Geo. pg 92 Private G 49th Wis. Vol. Inf. 741 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Sproesser, W.D. pg 34
Steinberg, Richard pg 83 Sgt A 1st D.C.Cav. Vol. 1840 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Stempel, Geo. pg 81 Private D 15th Conn. Vol. Inv. 4/26/1896 Moravian Watertown, WI
Strauss, Christian F. pg 27 Private G 49th Wis. Vol. Inf. 4999 Ebenezer Tn Watertown, Jeff Co.
Thorndyke, Chas. pg 77 Sgt D 3rd Wis. Vol. Cav. 1171 Village Cemetery Pipersville, Jeff.Co.
Treaumer, Geo. P. pg 88 lst Lt.Adj. 26th Wis. Vol. Inf. 4813 Union Milwaukee, WI
Urtubees, L. pg 60 Private B 29th Wis. Vol. Inf. 5/2/1893 St. Bernard's Watertown, WI
Volkmann, Henry L. pg 41
Wachholtz, William pg 61
Ward, Hugh B. pg 87 Private F 4th U.S. Artillery 1194 Forest Hill Cem. Madison, WI
Waterhouse, David pg 80
Wedemeyer, William G. pg 22 Major U.S. Army Ret. 763 Los Angeles, CA
Weissert, John E. pg 39 Private.Mus B 29th Wis. Vol Inf. 7/11/1888 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Wenck, Chas. J. pg 15 Musician 2nd NY Artillery 6300 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Wettwer, Herman pg 95 Private E 20th Wis. Vol. Inf. 8/2/1888 Oak Hill Watertown, WI
Wilson, Wm. pg 94 1st Lt. H 29th Wis. Vol. Inv. 5379 St. Bernard's Watertown, WI
Wollensack, Chas. W. pg 59 Private F 51st Wis. Vol. Inf. 799 St. Bernard's Watertown, WI
Zoelle, Benjamin pg 42