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Divorce Cases (3 of 5)



The following divorce cases are from Jefferson County, Wisconsin (1843-1965). The list consists only of the husband and wife involved and the filing date. Some cases were cancelled, some ended in divorce, some involved guardianship. There are also some annulments. Sometimes the files have very many pages and some of those are duplicates depending on the number of times the people or their lawyers appeared in court.


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Plaintiff                          Defendant          Filing Date


Hickey, Ann                      Hickey, Thomas             6/20/1967

Higgins, Maretta                 Higgins, Frank             6/4/1935

Higgins, Maria                   Higgins, James             02/15/1878

Higgins, Patrick                 Higgins, Bridget           08/31/1858

Higgins, William                 Higgins, Sarah             02/16/1865

Hildebrand, Leon Brandt          Hildebrand, William        2/23/1937

Hilgendorf, Caroline Korth       Hilgendorf, Lavern         7/5/1961

Hill, Clarence                   Hill, Hattie               08/26/1887

Hill, Lilly                      Hill, Clifford             8/30/1961

Hill, Lilly                      Hill, Clifford             6/26/1963

Hill, Myron                      Hill, Flossie              10/4/1927

Hillebrand, Ethel                Hillebrand, Francis R.     6/25/1957

Hiller, Alice B.                 Hiller, Ira S.             7/18/1955

Hiller, Audrey Carol White       Hiller, John Kenneth       9/9/1942

Hillman, Alice                   Hillman, Hans              8/10/1940

Hills, Louisa                    Hills, David               08/18/1860

Hines, Mary Ann                  Hines, William             10/24/1866

Hinkel, Sharon L.                Hinkel, Robert Lynn        5/31/1960

Hinkel, Sharon Lee               Hinkel, Robert L.          4/30/1964

Hoag. Andrew S.                  Hoag, Gertrude             05/31/1881

Hobbs, Sarah                     Hoggs, William             04/04/1859

Hoefs, Arlene                    Hoefs, Raymond R.          8/16/1960

Hoeft, Gertrude                  Hoeft, Edgar               7/28/1951

Hoeft, Gertrude                  Hoeft, Edgar               7/23/1953

Hoeft, Martha                    Hoeft, Paul                8/22/1927

Hoeft, Martha                    Hoeft, Paul F.             11/22/1934

Hoene, Harley                    Hoene, Ruth                5/3/1963

Hoene, Mearl                     Hoene, Ione                1/9/1956

Hoene, Mearl                     Hoene, Minnie              7/7/1947

Hoene, Minnie                    Hoene, Mearl               2/13/1946

Hoene, Minnie                    Hoene, Mearl               1/27/1950

Hoeye, Eugene Lyle               Hoeye, Barbara Jean        10/25/1963

Hofer, Evelyn                    Hoefer, Alvin              4/7/1949

Hofer, Evelyn                    Hoefer, Alvin              11/30/1949

Hofer, Evelyn                    Hofer, Alvin               5/12/1953

Hofer, Evelyn                    Hofer, Alvin               7/13/1954

Hoffman, Edna                    Hoffman, Joseph            10/17/1944

Hoffman, Francis                 Hoffman, Shirley           12/18/1951

Hoffman, Jean                    Hoffman, Christopher       4/19/1963

Hoffman, Johann                  Hoffman, Caroline          02/06/1862

Hoffman, Joyce                   Hoffman, Gilbert           4/11/1944

Hoffman, Katherine S.            Hoffman, Charles N.        11/26/1946

Hoffman, Mary A                  Hoffman, Carl              12/5/1904

Hoffmann, Rosamon                Hoffmann, Fred C           11/13/1917

Hofner, William E.               Hofner, Esther             11/24/1931

Hohenwald, Dorothy               Hohenwald, Walter          8/12/1929

Hohl, Dorothy E.                 Hohl, Arthur B.            6/4/1951

Holbach, Martell                 Holbach, Sharon            9/12/1961

Hollatz, William                 Hollatz, Lizzie            8/19/1909

Holtz, Christian F               Holtz, Francisca           03/24/1866

Holzwarth, Gertrude N.           Holzwarth, Earl K.         4/27/1954

Homan, Harley Edward             Homan, Margot              2/26/1963

Homan, Mary                      Homan, Henry               05/05/1891

Hoof, Lillie                     Hoof, Herman               3/22/1928

Hooker, Hattie Morgan            Hooker, Irvin A.           3/10/1959

Hooper, Dorothy H.               Hooper, Allyn S.           7/16/1963

Hooper, Edward J.                Hooper, Edith              8/21/1924

Hoppe, Mary Gertrude             Hoppe, Edward August       7/11/1910

Hoppe, Minnie (BoP)              Sommerfeld, Charles        9/9/1912

Hopper, Helen M.                 Hopper, W.W.               06/29/1870

Hopson, Milan W.                 Hopson, Althea J.          02/17/1899

Hopson, Milan W.                 Hopson, Althea J.          04/25/1895

Horack, Mercedes                 Horack, Joseph             3/11/1960

Horkay, Stephen                  Horkay, Betty              10/12/1946

Hornbostel, Jane H.              Hornbostel, Rogers         2/14/1961

Hornbostel, Jane H.              Hornbostel, Rogers         9/7/1961

Horton, Hannah                   Horton, Nelson             09/02/1864

Horton, Jannette                 Horton, Alonzo             09/18/1858

Horton, Matilda                  Horton, Alonzo             04/15/1856

Hose, August                     Hose, Fred                 1/26/1923

Hose, Augusta                    Hose, Fred                 9/7/1911

Hose, Lillian                    Hose, William              3/5/1935

Hoskins, Osbert D.               Hoskins, E. Lucille        5/2/1958

House, Constance                 House, Raymond             2/24/1938

House, Freeman                   House, Sarah               06/13/1899

Howard, George W.                Howard, Rosina             02/12/1869

Howard, Helen                    Howard, Norman             4/7/1955

Howard, Karen Ann                Howard, Neil Richard       8/12/1958

Howard, Mary Ellen               Howard, Neil R.            4/6/1964

Howard, Neil                     Howard, Patricia           6/1/1960

Howard, Neil                     Howard, Patricia           12/28/1960

Howard, Neil                     Howard, Patricia           10/2/1961

Howden, Myrtle                   Howden, Edward             6/18/1940

Howe, Lottie T.                  Howe, Frank                01/04/1889

Howell, Beecher                  Howell, Eselle             4/15/1916

Howell, Irean A.                 Howell, Philip R.          5/27/1958

Howes, A.T.                      Howes, Lydia               03/18/1869

Howley, John T.                  Howley, Mary               7/1/1916

Howley, John T.                  Howley, Mary               9/18/1916

Howley, Mary                     Howley, John               11/18/1909

Hoyt, Julia H.                   Hoyt, Homer                07/10/1890

Hoyt, Martha F.                  Hoyt, David J.             10/15/1883

Hrobsky, Beatrice A.             Hrobsky, Dennis L.         3/19/1946

Hrobsky, Darlene                 Hrobsky, David             12/9/1959

Huber, Charles                   Huber, Regina              7/29/1947

Huber, Cheryl S.                 Huber, Leon                12/13/1963

Huber, Edith                     Huber, John                4/8/1937

Huber, Edith M.                  Huber, John J.             9/10/1948

Huber, Eliza                     Huber, John                1/16/1930

Huber, Gertrude                  Huber, George              1/31/1939

Huber, Leon D.                   Huber, Cheryl              3/31/1965

Huber, Regina                    Huber, Charles             7/11/1944

Huber, Regina                    Huber, Charles             6/17/1947

Hudson, Mary C.                  Hudson, Richard M.         12/15/1879

Huebner, Hertha                  Huebner, Harold            3/10/1936

Huebner, Ruth                    Huebner, Fred              7/3/1934

Huffington, John                 Huffington, Harriet        09/14/1863

Hughes, Caroline                 Hughes, John               11/23/1932

Hughes, Catherine                Hughes, Henry              04/16/1872

Hughes, Dorothy N.               Hughes, Gerald A.          3/28/1962

Hughlett, Helen                  Hughlett, Thomas           6/9/1945

Hulbert, Ruth                    Hulbert, Alexander         11/22/1938

Hull, Sandra L.                  Hull, Dean V.              5/20/1964

Hummel, Betty Jane               Hummel, John Robert        6/5/1956

Hummel, George                   Hummel, Mary               2/6/1920

Hummel, Hattie                   Hummel, George             10/16/1936

Hummel, Martha                   Hummel, Walter             9/14/1908

Humphrey, Dawn                   Humphrey, E. Gordon        12/19/1960

Humphrey, Rena                   Humphrey, Earl             12/19/1933

Hundley, Jeannette Florin (2 files)Hundley, Donald          12/19/1961 

Huppert, Oliver P.               Huppert, Crystal           10/23/1945

Hurlburt, Nelson                 Hurlburt, Helen A.         12/07/1857

Hurt, Dorothy                    Hurt, Clarence             6/28/1955

Hussey, Diana                    Hussey, Richard            06/21/1866

Hutchings, Donald E.             Hutchings, Elizabeth A.    1/3/1963

Hutchinson, Maude                Hutchinson, Sidney         1/3/1940

Hyde, Mary Jane                  Hyde, Robert F.            3/30/1954

Ingersoll, Ruth                  Ingersoll, Leslie          3/5/1955

Ingersoll, Ruth                  Ingersoll, Leslie          11/20/1956

Ivey, Zida C.                    Ivey, William R.           12/9/1929

Jackowitz, Laura                 Jackowitz, Joseph          6/23/1944

Jackson, Alice                   Jackson, Glenn             12/26/1963

Jackson, Bernice K.              Jackson, Corline           1/19/1926

Jacobs, Mary                     Jacobs, Benjamin           1/28/1949

Jacobson, Cornelia I.            Jacobson, Jacob E.         6/16/1936

Jacobson, Elmer                  Jacobson, Ruth             7/15/1929

Jacobson, Lorraine               Jacobson, Charles          4/13/1965

Jacoby, Norma                    Jacoby, Glenn V.           7/12/1949

Jacquith, Chas.                  Jacquith, Sarah            02/13/1858

Jacquith, Gladys                 Jacquith, George S.        6/14/1946

Jaeck, Ferdinand L.              Jaech, Wilhelmine A.L.     08/23/1888

Jaecke, Louisa                   Jaecke, Hermann            03/08/1888

Jaeckel, Edgar                   Jaeckel, Doloris           2/1/1952

Jaeger, Agatha M.                Jaeger, Corvin L.          9/8/1959

Jaeger, Elizabeth                Jaeger, Frank C.           5/29/1916

Jahnke, Mary L.                  Jahnke, Glenn R.           8/30/1962

Jahnke, Maude L.                 Jahnke, Raymond G.         6/13/1927

Jakubowski, Max (aka Scobey)     Jakubowski, Mary (aka Scobey) 08/09/1893

Janikowski, Lucille              Janikowski, Vincent        7/20/1946

Janisch, Hanna                   Janisch, John              09/18/1873

Janke, Melvin A.                 Janke, Virginia May        1/14/1960

Janz, Blanche                    Janz, Alex Jerome          4/12/1947

Jaquith, Herbert F.              Jaquith, Lucille           8/10/1927

Jarlsberg, Jean Elizabeth        Jarlsberg, Wesley Julian   9/8/1959

Jaycox, Ethel                    Jaycox, Orlo               9/9/1929

Jaycox, Jennie A.                Jaycox, S.M.               05/14/1883

Jenamann, Margaret               Jenamann, Alvin            4/22/1952

Jenkins, Florence Marie          Jenkins, Robert Edgar      7/31/1951

Jenkins, Mabel C.                Jenkins, Ira               7/1/1913

Jensen, Henry                    Jensen, Florence           8/30/1946

Jenson, Norman S.                Jenson, Caryl Joan         3/27/1964

Johnson, Eileen                  Johnson, Donald            12/10/1954

Johnson, Elizabeth               Johnson, Davis             11/11/1907

Johnson, Freda T.                Johnson, Chester           4/30/1964

Johnson, Frieda                  Johnson, George            2/12/1937

Johnson, Gudrum S.               Johnson, Luman A.          6/14/1943

Johnson, Helen                   Johnson, John Kenneth      8/1/1950

Johnson, Jacqueline              Johnson, James             5/13/1964

Johnson, Lewis                   Johnson, Ruby              5/3/1960

Johnson, Lynette                 Johnson, Clark             1/30/1957

Johnson, Olga                    Johnson, Leonard           4/26/1949

Johnson, Ruth Hulbert            Johnson, Charles           1/16/1940

Johnson, Ruth Marsden            Johnson, Neil              6/12/1950

Johnson, Susan                   Johnson, Francis           04/06/1868

Johnston, Joyce E.               Johnston, Edward T.        2/24/1965

Johnstone, Belle                 Johnstone, Fred D.         8/15/1927

Jolliffe, Hare                   Jolliffe, Leta             1/10/1933

Jolliffe, Rodah                  Jolliffe, Richard          02/08/1855

Jones, Alice H.                  Jones, Laverne             2/7/1950

Jones, Anna C.                   Jones, Arthur E.           02/31/1956

Jones, Eleanor                   Jones, Clifford            3/22/1945

Jones, Margot Noyes              Jones, Edward Cole Jr.     11/23/1964

Jones, Marjorie E.               Jones, William E.          4/15/1947

Jones, W.M.                      Jones, Marjorie            8/14/1946

Jordan, Albert                   Jordan, Caroline           6/19/1907

Jordan, Frederick                Jordan, Marcelle           12/15/1923

Jordan, Lucinda                  Jordan, Stanley            2/13/1962

Joy, Ira                         Joy, Clarissa              09/17/1847

Joyce, Helen                     Joyce, Edward              12/20/1924

Judkins, Cora B.                 Judkins, Earl B.           4/6/1911

Juhasz, Flora                    Juhasz, Alex               9/29/1959

Julen, Anna                      Julen, Charles Edward      10/28/1918

Jung, Catherine                  Jung, Ralph Louis          3/14/1956

Jung, Gordon                     Jung, Mary                 6/14/1960

Jung, Gordon                     Jung, Mary                 6/18/1964

Jung, Ralph                      Jung, Rose                 10/23/1951

Kaczor, Jean                     Kaczor, Heinz              9/10/1938

Kaiser, Irma A.                  Kaiser, Harry M.           5/25/1903

Kakuschky, Deloris Marie         Kakuschky, Merle William   7/13/1960

Kammer, Arthur E.                Kammer, Meda C.            2/3/1927

Kammer, Edward G.                Kammer, Bessie             2/26/1942

Kampschroer, Manetta             Kampschroer, William L.    2/8/1923

Karge, Ernestine                 Karge, Fred                11/4/1911

Karnopp, Elsa                    Karnopp, Arno              3/27/1911

Kassner, Darline                 Kassner, Richard           4/30/1964

Kasten, Meta                     Kasten, Clarence F.        10/4/1960

Kausch, Hilbert W.               Hausch, Marion             7/28/1953

Kauth, Mary                      Kauth, Peter               10/22/1926

Keating, Irene                   Keating, Warren            5/4/1955

Keating, Irene                   Keating, Warren            12/27/1955

Keating, Irene                   Keating, Warren            3/9/1956

Keeler, Lucille                  Keeler, Lawrence C.        5/31/1961

Keen, Louis                      Keen, Louise               05/05/1891

Keeser, Daniel James             Keeser, Ruth Rachel        11/7/1963

Keeser, Ervin                    Keeser, Mary               9/9/1964

Keeser, Ruth Rachel              Keeser, Daniel James       7/1/1963

Kehoe, Elsie                     Kehoe, Walter              9/19/1923

Keig, Sarah A.                   Keig, Henry L.             12/07/1885

Keith, James H.                  Keith, Lillian             10/8/1936

Keller, Anna                     Keeler, Woodward           1/21/1902

Kelly, Catherine                 Kelly, John                12/22/1908

Kelly, Edna L.                   Kelly, Curtis H.           5/28/1946

Keminski, Florence J.            Kaminski, Charles S.       10/17/1963

Kemmeter, Ruth                   Kemmeter, Bernard          4/22/1949

Kendrick, Lydia Ann              Kendrick, Jonathan         06/17/1846

Kennedy, Elsena                  Kennedy, Raymond           8/11/1960

Kennedy, Robert N.               Kennedy, Ann               08/06/1886

Kennedy, Stella N.               Kennedy, Louis J.          0819/1958

Kerbis, Margory N.               Kerbis, Harold A.          12/2/1947

Kerr, Paul G.                    Kerr, Mae Gertrude         4/11/1944

Kersey, Lovina                   Kersey, James              10/06/1857

Ketchum, James M.                Ketchum, Hattie E.         08/17/1895

Keuper, Vivian                   Keuper, Ray D.             3/2/1944

Kexel, Janet                     Kexel, Ralph               1/7/1947

Keyes, Kate Shevelin             Keyes, Jay                 7/15/1924

Kidd, Elijah F.                  Kidd, Hellen M.            02/02/1867

Kienast, Johann Christian        Kienast, Caroline          09/09/1862

Kieson, Bevis Elaine             Kieson, Elmer Arthur       4/27/1964

Kiesow, Donald F.                Kiesow, Irene J.           9/13/1963

Kilian, Alice E.                 Kilian, Norman D           1/24/1944

Kilian, Martha                   Kilian, William            11/19/1946

Kilts, Leona                     Kilts, George              2/4/1946

Kiltz, Laura (2 files)           Kiltz, John G.             1/27/1923

Kiltz, Mathilda                  Kiltz, Valantine           6/4/1902

Kiltz, Rose                      Kiltz, George J.           10/31/1917

Kiltz, Rose                      Kiltz, George J.           11/2/1917

Kimble, Annah                    Kimble, Nelson             02/14/1860

Kingsley, Esther                 Kingsley, William          6/7/1949

Kinney, Alice                    Kinney, Edward             4/12/1913

Kirby, Mae                       Kirby, William             7/24/1940

Kirchberg, Ruth A.               Kirchberg, Raymond E.      4/9/1964

Kirscher, Oliver H.              Kirscher, Barbara          3/21/1958

Kisow, Shelby J.                 Kisow, Kenneth K.          9/20/1960

Kissinger, Abigail               Kissinger, Gerald          3/27/1962

Kittel, Laura Mae                Kittle, Edward H.          6/4/1949

Kittel, Mae                      Kittel, Raymond            5/29/1963

Kitzman, Anna                    Kitzman, Roy               6/19/1917

Kitzman, George                  Kitzman, Lizzie            10/19/1909

Kitzman, Herman                  Kitzman, Mary              2/17/1926

Kitzman, Mabel                   Kitzman, Edward            8/13/1925

Klauer, Ellen Dowd               Klauer, Melvin             1/11/1965

Klausen, Marina                  Klausen, George            10/17/1905

Klausen, Rosina                  Klausen, Roman             08/23/1872

Kleck, Bertha                    Kleck, Wm. J.              01/21/1892

Klecker, John                    Klecker, Barbara           09/25/1876

Klecker, Mary                    Klecker, Ernest            11/8/1911

Klemann, Gertrude                Klemann, John H.           4/21/1942

Klemann, Gertrude                Klemann, John H.           11/24/1942

Klement, Carol                   Klement, Lyle E.           10/14/1952

Klement, Caroline                Klement, Samuel            08/26/1876

Klemke, Beverly Clara            Klemke, Kenneth Gale       10/10/1963

Klimke, Kenneth                  Klimke, Amy                1/18/1961

Kline, Harriet                   Kline, William             9/9/1943

Klingbeil, Lavinia               Klingbeil, LeRoy           5/25/1954

Klingbeil, Lavinia               Klingbeil, LeRoy           4/13/1964

Klingman, Alice J.               Klingman, Henry Jr.        1/18/1963

Klinkosh, Anna                   Klinkosh, August           5/20/1942

Klitzke, Charlotte               Klitzke, George            6/4/1926

Klitzke, Ethel K.                Klitzke, Lawrence E.       1/26/1959

Klockow, Isabell                 Klockow, Walter            5/6/1946

Klug, Anita                      Klug, Louis                9/6/1949

Klug, Elvira                     Klug, Delbert              8/3/1940

Klug, Maria                      Klug, Wilhelm              06/09/1891

Kluge, Fredericka                Kluge, John                02/01/1892

Knaack, Helen A.                 Knaack, Alvin              3/23/1948

Knierim, Octavia                 Knierim, Arthur J.         10/29/1931

Kniestadt, Barbara               Kniestadt, William         02/07/1894

Knight, Virginia                 Knight, Ralph H.           6/25/1946

Knilans, Esther                  Knilans, William           04//29/1947

Knilans, Joan E.                 Knilans, Ronald S.         1/6/1961

Knock, Lillian                   Knock, Frederick J.        9/22/1931

Knospe, Felix                    Knospe, Hulda              2/2/1920

Knotek, Gerald                   Knotek, Marie              8/14/1946

Knuth, Roberta                   Knuth, Robert              10/14/1960

Koch, Eugene L.                  Koch, Betty                8/11/1961

Koch, Helen                      Koch, Arthur               7/23/1940

Koegl, Carrie C.                 Koegl, August F.           05/01/1865

Koenig, Martha                   Koenig, Rudolph P.         10/10/1918

Koepsell, Irene                  Koepsell, Leonhardt        7/7/1933

Koerner, Harry C.T.A.            Koerner, Gertrude          11/30/1909

Koerner, Harry C.T.A.            Koerner, Gertrude          2/7/1910

Kohl, Marvel L.                  Kohl, Willmer J.           9/5/1947

Kohler, Violet M.                Kohler, Elmer J.           10/21/1952

Kohlhoff, Onidia A.              Kohlhoff, Frank L.         10/31/1957

Kohli, Arthur                    Kohli, Lydia               12/23/1918

Kohlmeyer, Olive D.              Kohlmeyer, Harold V.       5/22/1946

Kohn, Hazel                      Kohn, Martin Jr.           6/3/1946

Kolash, Virginia                 Kolash, Francis            6/15/1959

Kolash, Virginia                 Kolash, Francis            9/15/1959

Kolinsky, Frank B.               Kolinsky, Minnie           11/10/1925

Koller, Frederick W.             Koller, Loretta P.         5/15/1947

Komorosky, Beonda                Komorosky, John            8/23/1930

Kopiness, Evelyn A.              Kopiness, Theodore         2/19/1959

Koplin, Evelyn                   Koplin, Ewald              7/6/1944

Koppen, Velma                    Koppen, Earl A.            3/29/1955

Kopplin, Dorothy Mae             Kopplin, Robert G.         5/10/1965

Kornstedt, Augusta               Kornstedt, Henry           9/29/1942

Kornstedt, Nancy Jo              Kornstedt, Calvin W.       11/25/1964

Korst, Jessie P.                 Korst, Philip B.           9/29/1936

Korth, Betty Jane                Korth, Leslie Gilbert      3/28/1962

Koser, Leo A.                    Koser, Mildred             1/26/1933

Koser, Melita                    Koser, Mark                2/16/1938

Kosina, Lorraine S.              Kosina, Charles            10/5/1942

Kosterman, Elmer                 Kosterman, Rose            2/26/1945

Kottke, Gudrun                   Kottke, August             8/22/1938

Kottwitz, Elizabeth              Kottwitz, Richard          7/13/1954

Kottwitz, Gladys (transf to cir.ct)Kottwitz, Leonard        9/14/1961  

Kozlowski, Rose                  Kozlowski, John            4/23/1946

Kraby, Herman                    Kraby, Lydia               9/26/1944

Kraby, Lorraine M.               Kraby, Thorval             8/8/1962

Kraehnke, Esther                 Kraehnke, Leslie           1/21/1937

Krahmer, Doris                   Krahmer, Howard            9/12/1939

Krakow, Amanda (br/promise)      Rutherford, Morris         7/6/1901

Krakow, Nellie                   Krakow, Herman             9/16/1913

Kramer, Ruth                     Kramer, Alva               8/9/1957

Kramp, Barbara                   Kramp, Howard              11/28/1944

Kramschuster, Mary               Kramschuster, Xavier       03/02/1871

Kramschuster, Xavier             Kramschuster, Maria        02/09/1870

Kranz, Pearl L.                  Kranz, Adolph O.           8/26/1918

Kraus, Edith                     Kraus, Herman              12/14/1955

Kraus, Elaine                    Kraus, Richard             6/17/1947

Kraus, Irene                     Kraus, Herman              7/31/1963

Krause, Esther                   Krause, Andrew             11/5/1951

Krause, Ethel                    Krause, Hugo C.            9/22/1945

Krause, Frieda H.                Krause, Harry              11/5/1946

Krause, Jerry                    Krause, Karen              5/31/1960

Krause, Robert J.                Krause, Ellen M.           6/13/1950

Krebs, Hugo C.                   Krebs, Jennie              7/7/1921

Krecke, Caroline                 Krecke, William            08/27/1856

Krecklow, Rose T.                Krecklow, William C.       09/10/1896

Kreglow, Bertha                  Kreglow, Henry             09/26/1888

Kreiziger, Judith                Kreiziger, Zeno            8/16/1962

Kreklow, Alvina                  Kreklow, John              8/5/1926

Kreklow, Alvina                  Kreklow, John              10/15/1934

Kreklow, Lura                    Kreklow, John              07/27/1820

Kreklow, Robert                  Kreklow, Miranda           4/12/1960

Kremer, Irene                    Kremer, Raymond A.         6/26/1951

Krening, Arthur                  Krening, Jeannie           8/8/1950

Kreuger, Wilbur                  Kreuger, Barbara           10/2/1951

Kreuziger, Jo Ann                Kreuziger, Thomas W.       6/27/1962

Kriederman, Ralph                Kriederman, Caroline       1/9/1945

Kriedermann, Getthra             Kriedermann, Ralph         10/26/1954

Kriedermann, Getthra A.          Kriedermann, Ralph J.      11/26/1957

Krieser, Marion C.               Krieser, Lawrence          5/2/1950

Krieser, Marion C.               Krieser, Lawrence          10/3/1950

Krizsan, John E.                 Krizsan, Jeanne Stackle    11/7/1955

Krizsan, William G.              Krizsan, Rosalie C.        9/28/1962

Kronmueller, Hazel               Kronmueller, Leonard       5/10/1943

Kronmueller, June                Kronmueller, Gerald L.     5/4/1959

Krueger, August                  Krueger, Martha            01/28/1895

Krueger, Cordelia                Krueger, Nordin W.         12/9/1957

Krueger, Frederick               Krueger, Anna              10/01/1883

Krueger, Lizette                 Krueger, Bernhard          9/29/1902

Krueger, Margaret Ann            Krueger, Douglas           1/23/1964

Krug, Ella Louise                Krug, Louis H.             10/16/1934

Krug, Joyce D.                   Krug, Leonard J.           7/21/1960

Krumsee, Ada F.                  Krumsee, Albert            10/14/1942

Kube, Genevieve                  Kube, Leonard              8/13/1954

Kube, Leone                      Kube, Henry W.             4/26/1946

Kubina, Richard A.               Kubina, Mary Ann           3/11/1965

Kucken, Esther                   Kucken, Fred               6/13/1931

Kucken, Marie                    Kucken, Robert W.          3/18/1958

Kucken, Robert                   Kucken, Marie              7/24/1956

Kucken, Robert W.                Kucken, Barbara            9/21/1964

Kuehn, Mary                      Kuehn, Louis               5/15/1947

Kuehn, Minnie Marie              Kuehn, George Arthur       9/12/1947

Kuehner, Clara                   Kuehner, Francis           6/9/1923

Kuenzi, Irma                     Kuenzi, Edgar              11/12/1952

Kuenzi, Martha                   Kuenzi, Harry              10/6/1933

Kugler, Beulah                   Kugler, Walter E.          8/13/1927

Kuhl, Ruby M.                    Kuhl, Wallace C.           8/11/1944

Kuhlmann, Flora                  Kuhlmann, Wallace          7/11/1927

Kuhn, Esther E.                  Kuhn, Frederick Wm.        9/13/1937

Kuhrt, Stanley                   Kuhrt, Frances             11/11/1939

Kumlien, Ella                    Kumlien, Charles F.        3/13/1908

Kunert, Leona                    Kunert, Wenzel             4/30/1948

Kunitz, Margaret                 Kunitz, Clarence           2/8/1934

Kunkel, Herman                   Kunkel, Margaret           4/16/1931

Kunkle, Sadie                    Kunkle, Julius             3/11/1910

Kurczewski, Mary                 Kurczewski, Leonard        5/5/1951

Kurtz, Elizabeth Jean            Kurtz, George Thomas       8/14/1953

Kurtz, Lester                    Kurtz, Marion B.           10/7/1958

Kurushima, Thomas W.             Kurushima, Signe           8/8/1921

Kuszewski, Dawn                  Kuszewski, John            11/14/1945

Kutz, Evelyn                     Kutz, Clifford F.          6/27/1949

Kyle, Clarice                    Kyle, Cecil                1/6/1947

Kyle, James                      Kyle, Ellen                01/27/1882

Kyle, Linda                      Kyle, Robert L. Jr.        12/8/1964

Laas, Barbara                    Laas, George               02/09/1870

Lacey, Budd J.                   Lacey, Alma                11/16/1918

Lade, Diane Dehnert              Lade, James Arthur         11/20/1961

Laehr, Viola                     Laehr, Fred                7/14/1933

LaFayette, Sarah E.              LaFayette, John J.         03/19/1887

Lafler, Violet                   Lafler, Harold             3/15/1946

Lair, Margaret                   Lair, Lewis W.             1/4/1918

Lambert, Alice                   Lambert, Robert            10/25/1947

LaMont, Martha A.                LaMont, Benjamin F.        4/25/1950

Lampe, Otto                      Lampe, Mary                2/12/1925

Lan ge, Percival                 Lange, Violet              3/7/1936

Lander, Mary                     Lander, Fredrick W. Jr.    8/25/1954

Landers, Mabel A.                Landers, James F.          3/14/1913

Landfare, Willard                Landfare, Catharine        1/7/1902

Lane, Laird L.                   Lane, Mabel N.             12/15/1947

Langbecker, Mattie               Langbecker Gustav          1928

Lange, Elsie                     Lange, Herbert             9/5/1928

Lange, Karl F.                   Lange, Emma                12/1/1937

Lange, LaVerne                   Lange, Otto                7/29/1947

Lange, Louise                    Lange, Charles F.          7/13/1917

Lange, Sherwood                  Lange, Iris                5/26/1953

Langer, Elizabeth M.             Langer, August             12/22/1903

Langer, Marie                    Langer, Chas. R.           09/21/1899

Langholff, Marjorie N.           Langholff, Harry           4/17/1945

Leary, Kate                      Leary, James               07/19/1876

LeCoque, Mary                    LeCoque, Robert            5/20/1964

Lederer, Anna C.                 Lederer, John              08/22/1885

Lee, Rachel                      Lee, Job T.                12/20/1860

Leeder, Margaret                 Leeder, Raymond L.         12/15/1934

Leedle, Joan                     Leedle, Joseph             11/20/1956

LeGeune, Betty Jean              LeGeune, Clifford          1/22/1952

Lehmann, Carol Ann               Lehmann, Wayne Russell     5/26/1964

Lehmann, Frieda                  Lehmann, Bernhard          8/27/1917

Lehmann, Irean                   Lehmann, John              4/17/1951

Lehmann, Ruth                    Lehmann, Freddie           10/22/1942

Leibel, William J.               Liebel, Dorothea           6/15/1948

Leiknes, Elaine M.               Leiknes, Laurence A.       9/14/1960

Leiknes, Lila                    Leiknes, Lawrence          12/7/1957

Leikness, Jean A.                Leikness, Glen L.          1/7/1960

Lein, Harvey J.                  Lein, Marion L.            9/8/1960

Leiske, Ella                     Leiske, Dorothy            10/13/1954

LeMacher, Helen F.               LeMacher, Frank L.         12/27/1950

Lembrich, George L.              Lembrich, Joyce            12/9/1941

Lembrich, George L.              Lembrich, Joyce M.         9/10/1940

Lembrich, Sara Frances           Lembrich, Elmer Valentine  7/5/1961

Lemke, Amelia                    Lemke, Carl                6/10/1904

Lemke, Amelia                    Lemke, Carl                10/18/1910

Lemke, Clara M.                  Lemke, George B.           1/6/1925

Lemke, Emelie                    Lemke, Hermann             1/26/1901

Lemke, Emilie                    Lemke, Herman              5/22/1907

Lemke, Helen                     Lemke, Harlow J.           3/15/1962

Lemke, Lorraine C.               Lemke, Merlin              7/29/1958

Lemke, Martin G. Jr.             Lemke, Florence E.         12/16/1958

Lemon, Barbara A.                Lemon, William             01/24/1876

Lemon, Barbara A.                Lemon, William             06/08/1876

Leonhard, Louise                 Leonhard, Jacob            11/9/1911

Lepsch, Sidonia                  Lepsch, Alois              9/5/1933

Leschinger, Emilie               Leschinger, Bernard        06/09/1891

Lesniak, Elizabeth               Lesniak, Adam              4/28/1960

Letz, Barbara (2 files)          Letz, Michael              07/25/1856

Levy, Ulrike                     Levy, Abraham              12/17/1891

Lewellin, George                 Lewellin, Margaret         4/19/1924

Lewis, Esther S.                 Lewis, Guy Y.              6/24/1954

Lewis, Rosemary                  Lewis, Dale                4/9/1964

Lewis, Rosemary                  Lewis, Dale                8/7/1964

Liberty, Urban                   Liberty, Crystal           1/23/1962

Liebel, Simon                    Liebel, Barbara            4/16/1921

Liebman, Betsy A.                Liebman, Lewis             11/17/1895

Liesterman, Minnie               Liesterman, August         04/09/1883

Likes, P. Kirkwood               Likes, Verla M.            10/8/1946

Limp, Grace                      Limp, Conrad A.            9/29/1953

Limp, Grace                      Limp, Conrad A.            5/21/1954

Linde, Alfred                    Linde, Anna C.             9/5/1953

Lindemann, Bernadette            Lindemann, Clarence R.     6/18/1947

Lindemann, Frank A.              Lindemann, Joyce D.        4/18/1962

Lindemann, Jessie                Lindemann, William         3/19/1946

Linder, Gertrude M.              Linder, Jay J.             6/17/1957

Lindholm, Robert S.              Lindholm, Ruth Brandt      9/10/1964

Lindon, Joseph                   Lindon, Sarah              06/03/1889

Lindsay, Constance Harper        Lindsay, Gordon Rowley     10/26/1943

Lingard, Margaret Cornelia       Lingard, Lester, Edmund    5/6/1941

Linger, Helen M.                 Linger, Kenneth C.         6/3/1952

Lipinski, Andrew L.              Lipinski, Muriel L.        3/26/1963

Lipke, Margaret                  Lipke, Gust                09/01/1873

Lipkie, Mary                     Lipkie, August             4/15/1907

Lippert, Margaretha              Lippert, Henry             12/20/1899

Liskum, Polly                    Liskum, William            03/28/1870

Litts, Esther E.                 Litts, Carl                5/23/1958

Livingston, Arthur J.            Livingston, Garnet Mabel   7/7/1919

Lloyd, Blanche Elizabeth         Lloyd, Lewellyn            3/22/1962

Lloyd, Josephine Camille         Lloyd, Robert Monty        8/27/1964

Lloyd, Lewellyn                  Lloyd, Blanche E.          5/3/1963

Lloyd, Susan                     Lloyd, Wm. W.              09/29/1855

Logan, Lucille                   Logan, Robert              10/1/1947

Logan, Lucille                   Logan, Robert R.           2/9/1948

Lohmaier, Cora                   Lohmaier, William G.       2/27/1945

Lohmiller, Theresa               Lohmiller, Earl            5/19/1947

Lokken, Roma                     Lokken, Edmund             2/19/1931

Longley, Lillian Barbara         Longley, Harley            11/29/1941

Loomis, Gwendolyn D.             Loomis, William F.         4/2/1963

Lorch, O.W.                      Lorch, Stella              5/26/1941

Lorenzen, Roberta                Lorenzen, Charles          6/13/1960

Lorman, Louis                    Lorman, Esther             5/15/1923

Loughlin, Charles M.             Laughlin, Harriet W.       12/31/1864

Louis, Esther D.                 Louis, John H.             4/27/1943

Louis, John H.                   Louis, Esther D.           4/25/1944

Loukota, Esther H.               Loukota, Arthur J.         1/25/1949

Love, Maria T.                   Love, Albert D.            06/25/1873

Lowell, Avis                     Lowell, Harry              6/20/1908

Lowell, Frank M.                 Lowell, Kate A.            03/25/1895

Lucas, Phillip                   Lucas, Elizabeth           8/15/1946

Luebke, Addie                    Luebke, Arthur             10/24/1912

Luebke, Carrie                   Luebke, William            7/2/1948

Luebke, Helen                    Luebke, Arthur             3/9/1965

Lueck, Beverly                   Lueck, Louis               6/12/1951

Lueck, Hattie                    Lueck, Robert H.           7/22/1919

Lueck, Margaret J.               Lueck, William E.          5/17/1956

Lueck, Minnie (br/prom)          Punzel, Herman             7/26/1904

Lueder, Emma                     Lueder, Arnold             7/25/1944

Lueder, LaVerne G.               Lueder, Lorraine           2/23/1965

Lueder, Nancy L.                 Lueder, Marvin M           7/21/1953

Luedtke, Anna                    Luedtke, Alvin             6/3/1946

Lujedtke, Avis                   Luedtke, Howard John       10/29/1940

Lund, Jennie C.                  Lund, Andrew R.            5/15/1900

Lusted, George W.                Lusted, Belle C.           01/29/1894

Luther, Margaret                 Luther, Fred               11/5/1931

Lutovsky, Anna                   Lutovsky, Frank            10/7/1916

Lutovsky, Anna                   Lutovsky, Frank            9/26/1917

Lutz, Delores Ione               Lutz, Rollynn Leland       8/8/1950

Lyman, Eliza M.                  Lyman, Edward B.           12/17/1851

Lyons, Margaret                  Lyons, William E.          11/13/1912

Maas, Ardine Young               Maas, Richard              7/25/1944

Maas, Ardine Young               Maas, Richard              6/17/1947

Maas, Helen                      Maas, William              8/9/1938

Maass, Harriet                   Maass, Harold              7/8/1964

MacClenthen, Thomas Ayers        MacClenthen, Martha Helen Mae 4/29/1948

Machgan, Bernhard                Machgan, Marie Van Nostrand  2/17/1930

Mack, Imogene                    Mack, Wilbur               12/23/1955

Mackovich, Marlene               Mackovich, John            5/17/1955

Madlung, William                 Madlung, Wilhelmina        06/26/1860

Maede, Anna                      Maede, Edwad               9/2/1916

Magnussen, Susan                 Magnussen, Roger Allan     3/16/1965

Mahlik, Alvina                   Mahlik, Robert H.          10/9/1949

Mahon, Nancy Dell                Mahon, Donald Robert       12/22/1954

Mainz, Stella                    Mainz, Philip              2/4/1935

Make, Raymond                    Manke, Lucille             4/9/1946

Maker, Anna Mae                  Maker, Thomas E.           3/27/1962

Manford, Gladys                  Manford, Harold            9/8/1947

Mann, Sue                        Mann, Roger                9/18/1962

Mannigel, Viola                  Mannigel, Orville          6/17/1941

Manning, Nancy                   Manning, Green             04/08/1880

Mansfield, Addie L.              Mansfield, Fred C.         8/8/1912

Mansfield, Henrietta             Mansfield, H.C.            09/20/1897

Mansfield, Henrietta             Mansfield, Henry C.        03/11/1881

Mansfield, Mae Ella              Mansfield, Fred C.         05/13/1897

Manske, Dorothy                  Manske, Carl               2/8/1945

Manske, Judith                   Manske, Douglas            8/12/1964

Manske, Judith Ann               Manske, Douglas N.         6/8/1962

Manthey, Lylah                   Manthey, Elmer             5/4/1965

Mantowski, Clarice M.            Mantowski, George T.       4/5/1965

Maple, Charles G.                Maple, Adelheide           4/10/1948

Maples, Carol Birkholz           Maples, Larry J.           11/20/1961

Marble, Cynthia                  Marble, James              07/07/1868

Marble, Jane M.                  Marble, Daniel             01/21/1862

Marek, Ottilie                   Marek, Vincenz             1/29/1910

Maresh, Gordon                   Maresh, Inez               8/8/1940

Marjoran, John W.                Marjoran, Ruth             4/18/1950

Marjoran, Susan                  Marjoran, John             8/12/1947

Markle, Madelyn R.               Markle, Lyle K.            9/19/1962

Markley, Caroline                Markley, Merritt J.        11/10/1914

Markley, Caroline                Markley, Merritt J.        8/16/1915

Marks, Rhea J.                   Marks, Edward P.           8/2/1937

Marquard, Dora Irene             Marquard, Chester Henry    9/6/1963

Marquart, Wyncie                 Marquart, Florence         7/2/1946

Marsch, Donna                    Marsch, Donald             6/25/1957

Marsch, Donna                    Marsch, Donald             11/9/1960

Marsch, Emma B.                  Marsch, Elmer F.           1/15/1963

Marsh, Eliza B.                  Marsh, Leonard             08/16/1855

Marsh, Eliza B.                  Marsh, Leonard             08/16/1855

Marsh, Irma K.                   Marsh, Raymond C.          9/24/1945

Marsh, Mary                      Marsh, Joseph              9/7/1934

Marshall, Cora R.                Marshall, Fred H.          08/29/1891

Marshall, Jane                   Marshall, Alfred           03/17/1879

Marshall, Leora                  Marshall, Robert           6/11/1946

Marshall, Lorraine               Marshall, George S.        8/5/1952

Marshall, Patricia               Marshall, James            6/12/1958

Marshall, Patricia               Marshall, James            12/10/1958

Martens, Walter                  Martens, Florence          3/1/1937

Martie, Dora                     Martie, Henry              12/12/1939

Martin, Maria B.                 Martin, Henry              03/03/1871

Martin, Mary                     Martin, Floyd              10/24/1950

Martin, Susan M.                 Martin, Baron P.           9/13/1870

Martini, Auguste                 Martini, Herman            08/14/1897

Marvin, Amy J.                   Marvin, Seth               10/26/1853

Mason, Anna Marie                Mason, John H.             1/23/1923

Mason, Billie B.                 Mason, Ava Lynette         5/25/1954

Mason, Genia                     Mason, Riley  E.           07/05/1881

Massie, Linda L.                 Massie, Richard            2/28/1958

Masters, Rosetta                 Masters, Daniel J.         01/17/1876

Materna, Walter R.               Materna, Janet Novotny     10/31/1960

Mathews, Josephine               Mathews, Barry F.          03/03/1871

Mathisen, Sharon                 Mathisen, Roy E.           7/3/1962

Mathisen, Sharon                 Mathisen, Roy R.           9/14/1960

Matters, Tiney S.                Matters, William Henrhy    7/10/1903

Matthews, Ruth S.                Matthews, Joseph B.        5/13/1947

Matzke, Mildred                  Matzke, Robert             6/21/1937

Maxson, Catharine                Maxson, Wm. B.             08/28/1899

May, Algunda                     May, Gerald                11/24/1937

May, Bertha                      May, Edwin                 9/13/1912

May, Marlene E.                  May, Paul E.               9/4/1964

Mayers, Anna L.                  Mayers, Charles M.         1/15/1900

Maynard, Eleanor                 Maynard, Harry L.          10/8/1956

McCarn, Flora J.                 McCarn, Alfred J.          3/15/1933

McCarty, Evelyn A.               McCarty, Laurence C.       7/26/1950

McClary, Norma Jean              McClary, Roger L.          11/29/1960

McClenahan, George T.            McClenahan, Martha         10/24/1940

McCluskey, Mary Jane             McCluskey, Daniel W.       10/29/1952

McConnie, Julia                  McConnie, Charles          09/17/1860

McCoy, Adelia                    McCoy, Hershel W.          9/6/1945

McCulloch, Joseph                McCulloch, Lydia           10/16/1937

McCune, Delores E.               McCune, Joseph E.          12/28/1948

McDermott, Eleanor               McDermott, John W.         2/27/1940

McDermott, Gladys                McDermott, Gerald J.       9/22/1959

McDermott, Lillian               McDermott, Charles James   5/27/1919

McDonald, Cordelia               McDonald, Michael          05/27/1857

McDonald, Cordelia               McDonald, Michael          09/13/1859

McDonough, Agnes                 McDonough, John            6/6/1913

McDonough, Mary C.               McDonough, Patrick         09/05/1881

McDonough, Vera Stearns          McDonough, Earl            5/8/1940

McFarlane, George S.             McFarlane, Mildred         10/19/1944

McGinnis, Virginia               McGinnis, Francis          7/19/1950

McGovern, Margaret               McGovern, Frank            5/17/1908

McGrath, Rose                    McGrath, E.J.              1/17/1955

McGrath, Rose                    McGrath, E.J.              8/30/1956

McKee, Olive                     McKee, James R.            8/2/1941

McLery, Evelyn                   McLery, Ralph              6/6/1925

McManus, Berice Margaret         McManus, Robert Emmett     1/4/1946

McNitt, Emma A                   McNitt, Grant F.           4/16/1915

McNitt, Grant F.                 McNitt, May                10/24/1905

McNitt, Mary G.                  McNitt, William H.         3/7/1901

McQuillin, Ada                   McQuillin, Donald          4/9/1927

Means, Edith Luella              Means, William James       10/4/1912

Meckes, Louis                    Meckes, Valentine          11/6/1914

Medbury, Bryon                   Medbury, Evangeline        10/17/1923

Medbury, John                    Medbury, Charlotte         07/24/1870

Mede, Emma                       Mede, Herman               3/28/1933

Medick, Esther                   Medick, Edwin              7/16/1952

Medved, Paul                     Medved, Mary               9/8/1934

Meitzner, Effie Krythrine        Meitzner, Arthur John      3/28/1922

Meitzner, Emil C.                Meitzner, Gertrude         3/17/1943

Melster, Harvey A.               Melster, Mildred           12/14/1939

Mengeling, Mary A.               Mengeling, Ferdinand       10/13/1961

Menke, Henry C. Jr.              Menke, Anna Carlson        2/13/1923

Menke, Lillian                   Menke, Louis               7/31/1935

Mentzer, Elsie                   Mentzer, Lefever R.        2/15/1940

Menzel, Arlene                   Menzel, Oscar              10/27/1938

Menzel, Beverly                  Menzel, Raymond            1/11/1954

Menzel, Magdelena                Menzel, Joseph             08/18/1891

Mepham, Ann                      Mepham, Fred               7/16/1953

Meracle, Burton                  Meracle, Nora              1/16/1950

Meracle, Mae                     Meracle, Jesse             7/19/1920

Merritt, Mary                    Merritt, Glenn             9/30/1964

Merson, Gertrude                 Merson, Sidney             3/1/1945

Mertsching, Esther               Mertsching, Wm.            9/24/1946

Mertz, Beverly J.                Mertz, Harvey E.           8/3/1951

Meske, Barbara                   Meske, Lauren              9/23/1960

Messerschmidt, Forest            Messerschmidt, Helen       9/5/1947

Messmer, Alice                   Messmer, Donald            11/18/1949

Messmer, Gloria                  Messmer, James             5/28/1957

Metcalf, Wm. C.                  Metcalf, Hattie S.         06/08/1880

Metzger, Henriett B.             Metzger, Earl G.           1/8/1945

Metzker, Melvin George (2 files) Metzker, Doris Ann         12/14/1954

Metzker, Naomi                   Metzker, Arnold            9/10/1954

Mewis, Milo C.                   Mewis, Dorothy I.          9/16/1946

Meyer, Elizabeth Imig            Meyer, John                8/10/1915

Meyer, Isabell                   Meyer, Herman              10/1/1946

Meyer, Lorna                     Meyer, Ralph               8/9/1941

Meyer, Theresa                   Meyer, Charles             9/21/1912

Meyers, Hannah M.                Meyers, Henry              06/28/1870

Meyers, Julia                    Meyers, Harvey             01/26/1874

Meyers, Laura                    Meyers, Harry              6/13/1917

Michael, Bessie Z.               Michael, Warren R.         4/1/1965

Michel, Eugene A.                Michel, Myrtle E.          1/14/1952

Middleton, Caroline              Middleton, William         06/07/1852

Middleton, Emogene E.            Middleton, Frank J.        1/27/1959

Milbee, Butilda                  Milbee, R.S.               4/30/1942

Milbee, Thelma                   Milbee, R.S.               11/16/1949

Milestone, Nellie                Milestone, Herbert V.      3/15/1937

Millard, Clarinda                Millard, Nathaniel         01/17/1858

Millard, Clarinda                Millard, Nathaniel         07/23/1856

Millard, Jackson                 Millard, Lucy Ann          03/01/1861

Miller, Adeline                  Miller, Wayne              3/2/1951

Miller, Augusta                  Miller, August             9/6/1927

Miller, Beverly Joan             Miller, David Howard       9/22/1960

Miller, Edna May                 Miller, Warren S.          5/4/1944

Miller, Elma                     Miller, Henry R.           7/16/1935

Miller, Elta                     Miller, Vernand            2/13/1945

Miller, Elta                     Miller,Vernand             1/26/1935

Miller, Hilda                    Miller, Edward S.          5/16/1933

Miller, Kathrina                 Miller, John               04/13/1875

Miller, Loraine                  Miller, Lawrence           9/29/1942

Miller, Mary Jane                Miller, Jerome Robert      5/10/1938

Miller, Muriel J.                Miller, Verlin C.          9/24/1957

Miller, Rose                     Miller, Walter C.          11/10/1948

Miller, Rosella                  Miller, Norbert            11/22/1938

Miller, Shirley Elizabeth        Miller, William Albert     12/4/1941

Miller, Valborg                  Miller, Glenn              7/24/1963

Miller, Valborg L.               Miller, Glenn E.           10/3/1962

Millett, Donald Charles          Millett, Bernice Larkin    8/25/1943

Millis, Anna                     Millis, Floyd              3/19/1914

Mills, Marcia P.                 Mills, Charles F.          6/28/1955

Mishleau, Gladys A.              Mishleau, Harley L.        10/30/1964

Mitchell, Marjorie               Mitchell, William J.       6/25/1964

Mitchell, Mary L.                Mitchell, William L.       12/15/1877

Mix, Ruth Nellins                Mix, Edward George         1/16/1915

Moffatt, Dorothy E.              Moffatt, Wiley R.          6/4/1947

Mohr, Albert                     Mohr, Anna                 5/3/1932

Moldenhauer, Ben                 Moldenhauer, Ruth          10/11/1920

Moldenhauer, Frieda              Moldenhauer, Louis W.      10/29/1937

Moldenhauer, Henry R.            Moldenhauer, Marion        8/31/1946

Mollenhauer, Louise              Mollenhauer, Wilhelm F.    07/31/1861

Monahan, Viola H.                Monahan, John H.           3/18/1947

Monogue, Gladys                  Monogue, Oscar             6/10/1952

Monroe, H.J.                     Monroe, Myra               01/20/1885

Monroe, Mary A.                  Monroe, Charles Leslie     7/30/1943

Monson, Jo Ann                   Monson, Wilbur             2/27/1959

Moody, Caroline                  Moody, Napoleon B.         09/26/1866

Moore, Albert F.                 Moore, Harry               6/5/1962

Moore, Florence A.               Moore, Merlin C.           6/24/1937

Moore, Grace                     Moore, John M.             6/7/1944

Moore, Mary Ann                  Moore, William Wallis      5/20/1901

Moran, June E.                   Moran, Donald E.           4/10/1963

Moran, June E.                   Moran, Donald E.           4/28/1964

Moran, Marian Roethel            Moran, David Harry         9/9/1964

Moreno, Fern                     Moreno, Joe                2/13/1928

Morgan, Dale D.                  Morgan, Shirley A.         2/17/1961

Morgan, Diana                    Morgan, Kenneth R.         9/10/1957

Morgan, Harold C.                Morgan, Laura J.           7/31/1951

Morig, Laura                     Morig, Robert              2/11/1932

Morin, Anna E.                   Morin, Joseph              8/28/1936

Moritz, Wilfred                  Moritz, Rosheen            7/17/1933

Morley, Virgene R.               Morley, Raymond L.         10/24/1951

Morris, Fannie Stewart           Morris, Remus Cook         5/14/1936

Morris, Lillian                  Morris, Russell S.         12/18/1934

Mortensen, Evelyn                Mortensen, Harloff         7/13/1954

Mortier, Louis                   Mortier, Elizabeth         09/04/1871

Morton, Earl                     Morton, Lilliam            1/26/1943

Moser, Christina                 Moser, Peter               12/18/1902

Moser, Peter                     Moser, Tino Mary           9/17/1901

Moulton, Marguerite              Moulton, Ralph I.          8/18/1941

Muckey, Emma                     Muckey, Jacob              08/08/1856

Mueller, Catherine Clara         Mueller, Henry             2/15/1949

Mueller, Edith Elizabeth         Mueller, Edward Anthony    5/1/1923

Mueller, Ernest F.               Mueller, Clara E.          12/1/1910

Mueller, Marie                   Mueller, Edgar             5/31/1955

Mueller, Neil R.                 Miller, Hubert J.          7/13/1931

Mueller, Patricia                Mueller, Leroy             6/4/1964

Mueller, Patricia Lynn           Mueller, Leroy Raymond     5/12/1961

Mueller, Wilhelmina              Mueller, August            10/8/1913

Muhs, Imogene                    Muhs, Richert T.           7/14/1948

Mulick, Gertrude                 Mulick, Ralph              5/24/1935

Mullen, James F.                 Mullen, Margaret Sohrweide 9/1/1953

Mullen, Michael                  Mullen, Catharine          02/07/1884

Mulvaney, Betty J.               Mulvaney, Duane B.         6/13/1960

Mundschau, Meta                  Mundschau, Joseph          10/30/1951

Mundt, Emil                      Mundt, Grace               2/28/1950

Mundt, Marilyn                   Mundt, Duane               5/6/1963

Mundt, Phyllis June              Mundt, Leslie              11/21/1961

Munson, Eugenia                  Munson, Francis            07/23/1860

Munson, Eugenia                  Munson, Francis            12/12/1859

Munzel, Otto                     Munzet, Emma               9/3/1923

Murphy, Norma A.                 Murphy, Eddie              6/1/1940

Murphy, Theresa                  Murphy, Michael A.         7/28/1925

Murray, Elizabeth                Murray, William T.         8/18/1914

Murray, Jerry                    Murray, Adala              9/15/1955

Murtaugh, William J.             Murtaugh, Frances          2/27/1932

Musselman, Luella                Musselman, Ernst           09/26/1899

Myer, Sylvia                     Myer, G.M.                 5/4/1943

Myers, Addie                     Myhers, Frank              7/13/1912

Myers, Hazel                     Myers, Merle               8/9/1949

Myers, Julia                     Myers, Harry               01/31/1881

Myers, Viola J.                  Myers, Grover T.           12/12/1942

Myra, Marie                      Myra, Orlo                 9/9/1943

Mytton, Beatrice                 Mytton, Harvey             2/13/1946