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Early Watertown City Directories, 1866-1899

[ PC-compatible only, no Macs ]


Set of 12 released in CDrom format


1866-67                     1889

1872                     1892-93

1875-76                     1893

1880                     1895-96

1885                     1896-97

1887-88            1899-1900


Ideal for those interested in local history and genealogy. 

A treasure chest of information.


Complete content of each directory has been published.  Total of 1,934 pages of the 12 directories on this CDrom.  Single navigational index designed for ease of use of CD.


Directories are e-books (electronic books) resulting from scans of the original pages and saved as pdf files, allowing for zoom (magnification) upon viewing.  Pdf files are viewable with free Adobe Reader software program, factory-loaded on newer pcs.  Also available, if need be, from Adobe.  


Page images can be printed with excellent resolution.


Typical single directory consists of over 100 pages and includes city officials, churches, schools, societies, street directory, business and residential directory, period advertisements.


Compiled and edited by Ken Riedl.


The CDrom is now available and is priced at $30. 



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