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      One-Room School Houses of Dodge County.  An online eBook



District # 2

Williamstown Township


Yr End



Logan Crawford & Mary Ann Taylor


Mary Ann Taylor, Ezra B. Bowen,

and Mary C. Clemans


H.W. Penim & Josephine E. Niles


A.J. Rankin, Jessica Heiblane,     

and Margaret Reeves


William Ande & Alida Meid


Albert Lawrence & Elisa Lundgreen


Ernst Muzzy & Mary Dunning


R.M. Reed & Helen H. Brown


T.D. McKee & Mary Brayman


Ernst Muzzy, Edward J. Foster,  

R.S. Chapman, Adra M. Reynolds


R.S. Chapman, August Herman,

Edward J. Foster, E.H. Benton,

and John A. Barney


L. B. Purmont, Miss Purmont,

Adra M. Reynolds, A.M. Rankin,

Edward J. Foster, John A. Barney


We have no pictures of the two original schools for this district.  The first log cabin school was built in 1847 and was used until 1848.  The second one room school was built in 1849 and was used until the larger school in the picture was opened in 1857.   Mayville’s White Limestone School was used from 1857-1981, with a total of 121 years of public education.


If anyone has pictures of the two previous schools, we would love to add them to our collection.


The Mayville School District began operating as a departmentalized school in 1857-1858, with the building of the White Limestone School.  At least four teachers were hired each year. When an addition was completed in 1877, twice as many teachers were needed. In 1880, when high school was included in the building, additional staff was required again. We did not continue to record the faculty lists, since the district was no longer operating like a rural school.